Trailers: Duke Nukem Forever Trailer

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What the hell is wrong is his face?!

GearBox should have bought the rights for the game and then waited another 10 years and make a whole new game. They could call it "Duke Nukem: Resurrection" or something like that. However this one will probably sell twice as many as it should just because of Duke and pandering to the lowest demographic.

It reminds me of when i was nine.
so 90's
I do not have high hopes for this.

I wonder what'll be more infantile - Bulletstorm or this.

Aliens look like they are been copy n' pasted from Resistance.
Though you can always bet on Duke!

The best thing about this is the music

Blehh all over

Error 200: cannot find clip.
Ah Duke's hillarious legacy of failure :P

gee I haven't seen this one before haa
should cross out 3d realms and replace with gearbox...

ah well pump out a new trailer soon!
and man Duke actually looks older in this rendering...fitting

can't wait tho!

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