Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Most Loyal Canine Companions

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Walking the cat part was awesome. My nephew tried to do the same thing and got the exact result.

As for the list, I like the love for Megaman. One of my favorite games from my childhood.

I think my cat would kill me if I tried to put a leash on him. He's a crazy adolescent kitty at the moment, and far too independent for me to even attempt to "walk" him. Great intro :)

OT: Dogmeat is awesome! Haven't played any of Fallout 3 yet, but he's great in Fallout 2. Another week of interesting topic and fun choices. Keep up the good work Miss Foiles.

nice cat Lisa haha

I thought dog from HL2 would be on it, but then I realised he is'nt a dog.

hahaa that made me lol, good call

I think that controllers broken...let me check. NO! BAD!

anywho, i think the dog from dragon age shoulda been in there. its my favorite.

lol @ walking the cat

cats never cooperate.

what about the mabari hound, i guess she never played dragon age.

Was I the only one who while listening intently, missed a lot of the photo jokes because I couldn't seem to draw my eyes away from the controller on her shirt. Don't know why but I think they should design controls to be as accommodating in form as that one looks to be.

On a separate note I miss my dog, I moved from home to grad school and don't get to see Pete hardly at all.

No love for the dog from the Bard's Tale remake? It comes back from the dead under its own power just to get back to the Bard.

Spoilers are void after 5 years. Handle it.

The Dog from Bard's Tale was awesome, such a great character. Surprised that DOG from HL didnt make it in, he was pretty damn loyal too.

Another great episode. My vote for loyal canine companion goes to Dog from Arcanum.


Not a bad list, but my vote for far and away the most loyal canine companion in gaming is Lupus from Jet Force Gemini.
How many of those dogs battled their way through an enemy spaceship, journeyed across two planets (and on one of them had to navigate the innards of a giant space worm-thing) and fought against the main boss of the game, in order to be reunited with his companions Juno and Vela, as well as to save the Tribals from the evil Mizar? ... That's what I thought.

Your cat was unamused. I could never pull that off with my little tiger because he would gnaw my ear off :S

I guess this list goes to show that there just aren't really any good canine companions in videogames.

Nice episode nontheless.

I really missed D0G from the Half-Life series,
He is funny, smart, loyal, and manages to hold its ground in combat.

Besides, he can throw cars around, what dog can do that trick??

Dog from half-life 2 (not realy a dog) but they dont get any more loyal

Damn she is beautiful. I'm so envious. Wish I was a woman with such beauty. I would wear such amazing outfits ^_^ PERIOD DRESS FTW! Sadly I am neither female nor do I have lots of money to make myself such. Ah well. Thats life I guess.

Anyway ON TOPIC! My parents dog is a scottish sheep dog. He was a newborn pup on a farm when the farmer was going to drown him as he was born with a spinal problem. He needs painkillers and other medication everyday. But my parents took him in instead. Good thing to. I have never seen such an intelligent dog... and hyper ^_^ He certainly does love life. You seriously cant get away with anything when hes around. He knows exactly what your doing and will be ready for you. ^_^ LOL

Sorry but Repede from Tales of Vesperia gets NO LOVE AT ALL.

C'mon, he fights in battle with a knife and he smokes a pipe and he always sticks with Yuri no matter what happens in addition to that he's loyal to Flynn too, how is he loyal to both the hero and the anti-hero, well just cause he's amazing!

wish I had a dog :(

mmmmmm.... NES controller.

Does that say "loyalist"?!

Also, something about that tanktop just seems wildly inappropriate.

I liked the skit at the beginning.

Then the funny and charming Lisa Foiles got replaced by that evil skank twin of hers.......what does that girl want? attention?
Can we please have another video hosted by the funny and charming Lisa Foiles (like that Top 5 songs episode) and not her evil skank twin?

completely agreed for the Fable 2 dog :D (I mean, c'mon, who Didn't choose 'The Few' on their first playthrough, huh?)
also, Hewie IS cool :)

I'm really getting into these top 5 lists.
It must be wierd to have that many guys perving on you all the time though. It'd creep me out anyway.

No love for the dog from the Bard's Tale remake? It comes back from the dead under its own power just to get back to the Bard.

Spoilers are void after 5 years. Handle it.

Wow, someone else remembers that dog in Bards Tale. Kudos!

As for me, I like dogs. Never got Dog meat in fallout 3. I didn't want him to die.

and the number 0.5 spot goes to that cat, because cats are awesome

Meow to the people X3

No love for the Mabari War Hound?

Luigi gag was awesome. I'll be very disappointed if there isn't a similar top five for cats at some point in the future. Although probably not the five most loyal videogame cats cause, you know, cats don't do loyalty.

I thought dog from HL2 would be on it, but then I realised he is'nt a dog.


Kinda expecting Link to show up there. Oh well, I suppose he is the protagonist.

Also, stupid haircut.

Man I never thought of rush, so true, he's such a great dog.
I tried teaching my dog to become a submersible, hmm, yeah, not a good idea.
Anyone have a shovel and/or knows where I can get a new dog?

I require more Lisa Foiles.

The Mabari warhound from Dragon Age Origins is an awesome dog companion too. He's given me countless entertainment as I watch him pin badguys down on he ground while he proceeds to eat their faces off.

This is my candidate for best dog ever: Missile from Ghost Trick.



Seriously, I know the game just came out, but Missile should be number one. No one can say he's not the most loyal dog ever after beating that game.

Good list, but needed waaaaaay more Koromaru from Persona 3.

Hahaha, at 1:37 the heading says "Top 5 Loyalist Canine Companions".

Didn't know dogs figured so prominently in the Spanish Civil War.

Aw I felt bad for that cat.

I laughed so hard at you trying to walk the cat. The moment I saw the cat, I started laughing. You already know why, but I'll say it anyway.

YOU CANNOT WALK A CAT. It will not allow itself to be walked.

I think the mabari from dragon age deserved to be there. Loved the convosations with him, and loved the fact you could play as him too,I called mine forlan. Shadow from Dead to Rights would win most badass dog anyday

Loved the cat walking bit, i tried it with my cat, Zar Zar, once and he started headbutting my leg O_o

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