Daily Drop: Xbox 360

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where was the crowbar?
oh well it was a good drop, I have been waiting for this since day!
It did a flip!

Should have hit it with the crowbar once or twice, just to be sure

Yeah! I wanted to see the crowbar hit!

I feel bad for the poor thing. Quite aware that it's an inanimate object, but it looked so forlorn, being treated like that after however long it spent in service [I'm aware that this is a highly variable timeframe, but at the same time, out of warranty..].

This is why I hate having possessions.

After taking apart and putting together Xbox360s hundreds of times, it kinda feels good to see one get the "drop treatment". No crowbar needed.

hallejulah the sony gods have spoken!

Oh wow. This was brutal.

I really enjoyed this one because my xbox just recently got a red ring of death

Is anyone else getting a 404 from the high-quality version of this? I had to watch this in standard quality, oh the humanity... [edit] Never mind, looks like it's working now. [/edit]

Also, I was half-expecting the 360 to be the finale... looks like the VHS tape is the only drop from the trailer we haven't seen yet...

oh man... I was hoping for a crowbar

Why?....Why?....WHY COULDN'T IT BE A PS3?

Yeah I mean Paul, after all, has three, PS3s.

Reminds me of the GameDamage opening.

*deep voice* WOOOO

Ohhhh.....you KNEW this would incite the fanboys.

On a more fanboyish note, you must now drop a PS3 and dent your floor. >:D

Or at least a Wii. That thing would burst into 1000 Legos.

I'm surprised they didn't bust out the crowbar.

Needs more crowbar.
This is a nice video to post in a fanboy forum.

Just goes to show how durable and tightly packed modern electronics are.

Wow this really shows how flimsy modern consoles are. I've dropped my NES a couple time (mostly unintentionally) that thing doesn't looked damaged at all.

Still This drop was awesome.

Yeah but you probably didn't drop it from that high, id be suprised if you dropped it even from chest height. They drop from somewhere over 7-8ft (depending on the ladder maybe higher)

Even though I knew it didn't work anymore, I felt despair when I heard the sound of it hitting the floor...

Kinda sad, given I don't have any current-gen hardware x_x

AWWWWWWWW, I was waiting for the crowbar the whole time! Let down!!! xD

Well, there's your problem- if you were dropping a Wii, it would still be fighting fit. Then you could even sell "The Wii Console Used in The Daily Drop!"

I'd buy it.

Anyway, I enjoyed this public execution, as I always do.

Why?....Why?....WHY COULDN'T IT BE A PS3?

Because they don't have hardware failures as often as 360's....

I wanted to see the crowbar...aw...

Why?....Why?....WHY COULDN'T IT BE A PS3?

As if enough people havent commented on this already, im going to add one more.
Because, PS3's hardly ever break.
Also it could probably crack the floor. The table I use is groaning under the wieght of my old Black Leviathan. EDIT: Which still works.

Should have hit it with the crowbar once or twice, just to be sure

That or dropped it 360 times.

Why?....Why?....WHY COULDN'T IT BE A PS3?

because ps3s wont break?

Good move LRR... create some controversy and they will flock to you. Well played!

I always wondered how you get off the front cover... ;-)


I will be going to bed disappoint. This was optimum crowbar time. I was praying for it the whole way through, especially when I saw the video was 3 minutes :(

I dropped my famicom once,10 years ago,its case break apart and left only with the circuit board stuffs......and the it still working!


Why?....Why?....WHY COULDN'T IT BE A PS3?

Cause the PS3 is so solid it probably would have cracked the floor.

Also, cause I suspect it was a dead x-box, and PS3's didn't piss on themselves and die.

no they just dont have games :D
jokes please dont flame me

drop a pc

I have to admit, I actually screamed the first time it hit the ground.

Looks like XBox 360 is a pretty sturdy console. Now do PS3!

Wii! Wii! Wii!

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