Unskippable: Red Dead Redemption

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YEEEEeaaaaah....the intro is crap, but at least is sets the scene of the final era of the wild frontier.

Also, spoiler alert, the girl dies from her own ambition of faith. And stupidity.

Unskippable: Pre-video Commercials....

that's what they need to do next.

I was really expecting a "and yet, the armadillo" joke, but whatever. Awesome episode as always.

Nick Stackware:

Zachary Amaranth:

You can too buy a Rainbow Unicorn. It comes with Undead Nightmare.

Nuh uh! you have to tame it!

To the video: Of course there's a lot of killing. The trope is "Redemption equals death." If they wanted it to be self-sacrifice, they should have been more specific!

You have to do a lot of things to get it. Including kill a Chupathingy.

Which demonstrates that you can't buy it.


The video was funny, but I faded in and out of the jokes due to the nagging feeling that the woman playing the stupid girl talking to the priest sounded alot like Hynden Walch (Starfire). She even over-enunciates her words the same.

Aside from my weird VA spotting enthusiasm, I seem to be alone in thinking the cutscene was decent if a little long. Ah well.

"What have you been smoking young lady" at the lady's implication of man flying had me laughing hard. I've always liked jokes like that.

That's the intro to RDR?? How lack-luster.
Nice vid, but could have probably used 2 parts.

yeah it does need a part 2 because it starts to get really interesting after that. The game itself is very good

omg i laughed to tears at the armadillo bit

"Here. We build here, on this armadillo"

I did as well. I actually had a hard time stopping laughing because it kept making me think of sillier and sillier problems that would be caused by such a plan.

Also, Really good one guys! I think your best ones are usually either the intensely boring cutscenes where you have to improv off of the tiniest things to be funny or ones that take themselves too seriously when they are actually ridiculous like Dirge of Cerberus.

Anyone else not think these guys are funny? If anyone can get a show just talking lame jokes at a TV then shit-- let some other people have a shot. Preferably not the cast of Superbad, like these dudes.


Alpha Centaurai reference. Graham you rock!!!

And yet ...the armadillo.


That cutscene doesn't tell you anything, does it?

What does you mean it doesn't tell you anything?
It tells you that, as Graham pointed out, the main character likes to eavesdrop and air out his armpits. ^_^

True, true. Maybe his main attack is 'pit smell of death'.

(Hey, where's my March Mayhem box?)

Cannot wait for Rockstar's Three Men Walking lol

This is lame, not funny.


that made me laugh so hard!

YEEEEeaaaaah....the intro is crap, but at least is sets the scene of the final era of the wild frontier.

Also, spoiler alert, the girl dies from her own ambition of faith. And stupidity.

stupidity is common around religion, (i am a atheist who hates over religious people that lost all common sense)

sorry i hope i dont get banned for saying that (i also hate the people that "saved" the world from "Witches",)


i blame the racist priest,

poor girl

Errr...this is a bit late, but I just thought I'd point out, the description for the video says the game was developed by Rockstar North, when it was made by Rockstar San Diego.

I find it sad that we seem to still be as backward and terrible as these people in this cutscene for a game that takes place 100+ years ago.

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