The Big Picture: PC Gaming Is Dead - Long Live PC Gaming!

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ive owned 5-6 diff. gaming consoles and now i only use/want my pc. i may be part of a diclining demographic, but im all pc and i loves it. Me and my friends get on DDO to hang out and catch up( we all live far apart now) so i say it may be dying, but it sure aint dead.

I think tablets will be incorporated into laptops more and more as we go into the future. Hell, I see them around already. Laptops will replace the PC, while also incorporating tablets. The future will blur lines, rather than take stuff away.

You really should have quit this series 3 or 4 videos ago.

For once, I actually disagree with you, MovieBob. For one thing, I have had no issues recently getting great games on my PC. The vast majority of the games I am interested in playing have been or will be released on PC. Now, I will admit (although you didn't bring it up) it is a little inconvenient for us PC gamers to not have any form of used market, but other than that one issue.

Now, you mentioned that Shooters have migrated over to consoles, and I definitely disagree there. Shooters are one of those genres that is far superior using a mouse and keyboard than a controller. Off the top of my head, I can't think of any shooters that weren't released for PC, but I can certainly think of a few that were released exclusively for PC. (but I won't embarrass myself by trying to name a few.)

As for the desktop going away, that may be a possibility as laptops are becoming capable of handling high end gaming. I still consider a laptop a type of PC, however. Keeping this in mind, I don't see laptops fading out in favor of a tablet, as a mouse and keyboard is a far superior interface method than anything a tablet has come up with yet.

Finally, when you say that motion controls will take off, I don't know if that's necessarily true: I still say it's too soon to tell. While PC doesn't have motion controls now, that doesn't mean Windows won't have some kind of waving/pointy device in the future. So, even the existence of motion controls in mainstream gaming doesn't necessitate a movement away from the PC.

I love your shows, but I can't help but feel you dropped the ball on this one, to be honest.

Something I noticed at 4:55. He says you can do this on that and that on this etc etc. If you have a PC guess what, you can do all of it on ONE don't need several expensive things to do each task...

I don't get why Bob differentiates a PC and Laptop.
By Bob's definition I haven't played a PC game since early 2000.

My laptop packs more power than most consoles and has the ability to use it better too.
And it isn't even a top of the line "Gaming" Laptop.

Why in the world does my inferior brain interprets this as an overly elaborate iPad commertial I do not know.

What I do know is that untill we enter the age when consoles will have a reliable support for FPS'es IE motion control will be good. Untill the time that people will be able to create games by simply waving their hands in the air. The PC's in their own right will not go into decline anytime soon.

And when consoles will aquire the FPS support. The easy way to type and chat with friends, Store your data, create things and such. We will be able to gladly throw away our boxes of shiny steel and replace them with consoles. Which from now on be donned "Personalized Consoles".


Or we will just invent the Holodeck and that would be fucking awesome.

I don't care what anyone says. Number Munchers is the shit. Long Live Munchers!

I dont think pcs are going anywere, mostly because of the kind of people that use them, you can do pretty much anything you want with a pc, for the rest of them unless you have really advanced knowledge you can only do what the manufacturer lets you and if you do something they dont like they wont hesitate to kill your thingamajig
same with the cloud, really the cloud is a fancy way of saying "I dont like owning anything, I just want to rent" Im not convinced it will really take off that hard, business is gonna push the fuck out of it but Im unconvinced that the public will really support it that much, especially those of us in the know

2011 PC Exclusives.


Shogun II: Total War

Might and Magic Heroes VI
New entry in one of the most beloved turn based strategy series of all time.

Age of Empires Online
The rebirth of one of the biggest RTS franchises of all time.

The mod that started the whole genre is now getting a commercial sequel from Valve Software.

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy
After disappointing affair with modern combat Battlefront returns to what they do best: WWII tactical wargames

King Arthur II

Cities in MotionT
Spiritial successor to Transport Tycoon from Paradox Interactive.

Jagged Alliance 2: Reloaded
Remake of a classic tactical TBS.

Jagged Alliance 3

Sword of the Stars II
Sequel to a great 4X game.

End of Nations
MMORTS from Petroglyph. Their last RTS was Universe at War, which scored 8.0 at IGN.

Frozen Synapse
An indie simultaneous turn-based tactical game.

Spiritual successor to Dungeon Keeper.

The Sims Medieval

Real Warfare 2: Northern Crusades
Continuaton of XIII Century: Death or Glory, which scored 7.2 at IGN./

A Game of Thrones: Genesis
Epic strategy game based on legendary novel series. It's being designed Cyanide, which is the studio that made Blood Bowl videogame adaptation.

Pirates of the Black Cove
Pirates-themed RTS.

Project MyWorld
A virtual recreation of the real world combined with 3D gaming and social media.

Stronghold 3

Anomaly: Warzone Earth
Tactical game that plays like a revers of tower defense genre. It's being made by 11 bit, a new studio formed

Magna Mundi
Commercial follow-up to the best Europa Universalis 3 mod ever made.

Panzer Corps
Spiritual successor to Panzer General.

Indie turn-based tactical game inspired heavily by X-COM.

Blight Of The Immortals
Web based strategy game set in fantasy universe. It's being made by Iron Helmet, a small australian company formed by ex-Irrational Games people who already made Neptune's Pride.

Six Gun Saga
A primarly singleplayer card strategy game from Cryptic Comet, creators of Armageddon Empires and Solium Infernum.

Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II - Retribution
Second add-on to this great RTS.

Battle of Kingdoms
MMO game inspired by Defense of the Ancients, made by creators of DotA Chaos.

Trapped Dead
Commandos-like zombie game

HistWar: Les Grognars
A tactical and strategical game of insane depth by Battlefront

Stronghold Kingdoms
Browser adaptation of Firefly Studios' most well know series.

The Settlers Online
Browser adaptation of classic series.

Dungeon Empires
Browser game inspired by Dungeon Keeper.

Dungeon Overlord
Browser game inspired by Dungeon Keeper.

Cultures Online
Browser version of popular city building series.

World Supremacy
Turn based "conquer the world" grand strategy game from Malfador Machinations, makers of Space Empires series.

Spice Road
a trading and city management game by the people who created Light of Altair (7 from IGN and 7.5 from Out of Eight and )

Men of War: Vietnam
Single centric stand alone expansion to Men of War (great tactics-heavy wargame that scored 8.0 at IGN)

Men of War: Assault Squad
Multi player centric stand alone expansion to Men of War (great tactics-heavy wargame that scored 8.0 at IGN)


Diablo 3

The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings
Sequel to one of best roleplaying games on last few years.

Dead State
Indie zombie RPG from ex-Troika and Obsidian designers.

Drakensang: The River of Time
Prequel to Drakensang

North Star
A space trading/combat RPG with turn-based combat by Kerberos (ex Barking Dog guys
and makers of Homeworld: Cataclysm and Sword of the Stars)

Grim Dawn
Action RPG from ex Iron Lore staff (where they worked on Titan Quest)

Japanese indie RPG from EasyGameStation (makers of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale)

Hack and Slash from Maxix (makers of Sim City, Sims and of course Spore)

Avadon: The Black Fortress
New RPG from makers of Geneforge and Avernum series. This time Spiderweb finally has completely redesigned their graphics system.

Age of Decadence
Hardcore indie RPG

Torchlight II
Sequel to a hack and slash RPG that scored 8.6 at IGN.

The Broken Hourglass
An old-school Baldurs Gate 2-like RPG, done by Planewalker Games-indie team consisting of cRPG modders, lead by Jason Compton (the best BG2 modder, he did wonders to NPC and party members dynamic interaction). The game takes place in Tolmira (sword-and-sorcery setting, which PlaneWalker licensed) has isometric perspective, unlimited party, complex party-to-party interactions, lots of good old-school roleplaying and real-time with pause combat system

A turn-based SF wargame with RPG elements developed by ex-Troika guys using the Source engine

Drakensang: Phileasson's Secret
First add-on to rakensang: The River of Time.

Forged by Chaos
Online action-rpg using CryEngine2

Star Wars: The Old Republic
Star Wars MMORPG from Bioware.

Guild Wars 2
Original Guild Wars scored 9.0 at IGN


Villagers and Heroes
Action-rpg from Mad Otter games, a small indie company made of Dynamix veterans, headed by Damon Slye(co-founder of Dynamix and lead designer of Aces of the Pacific, Aces Over Europe, Red Baron and A-10 Tank Killer) who previously released Ace of Aces on Instant Action

Cyberpunk MMORPG based on novels by Tad Williams, handled by the development studio Real U, formed around a core of ex-Melbourne House talent (as Eurogamer put it" 8-bit heroes of The Hobbit and The Way of the Exploding Fist, and then cult classic Shadowrun, who in later years struggled valiantly with the tide of licences and conversions heaped on them by Atari, sometimes triumphing against the odds (as in PS2 Transformers)" )

Drakensang Online
Cooperative online RPG.

Online cooperative RPG with powerful adventure building tools, from Cryptic (makers of City of Heroes and Champions)

Beautiful MMORPG with action-game like combat, by ex-Lineage devs.

Stellar Dawn
Sci-Fi MMO from makers of Runescape

Rift: Planes of Telara

Crafting-heavy MMO with perma-death from Paradox (makers of series like Europa Universalis and Hearts of Iron)

Untitled Carbine Studios MMORPG
Carbine is a team composed of RPG veterans(including Blizzard ones) like Tim Cain
(one of creators of Fallout and Arcanum) and Jeremy Gaffney (founder of Turbine)


Gray Matter
New adventure game from the empress of the genre: Jane Jansen (creator of Gabriel Knight series)

Black Mirror 3

Vampyre Story 2: A Bat's Tale
Sequel to one of the best adventure games of 2008

New aventure from Deck 13, makers of Ankh series and Jack Keane

Hazard: The Journey Of Life
First person exploration puzzler that's a commercial follow-up to one of best UT3 mods ever made.

The Next Big Thing
New adventure game from Pendulo Studios. The last game from this team (Runaway: A Twist of fate) scored 8.0 at Adventuregamers.

Hand painted post apocalyptic cyberpunk adventure game in glorious 1440×900 resolution

Culpa Innata 2: Chaos Rising
The first one got 7.5 from Gamespot

The Book of Unwritten Tales

The Book of Unwritten Tales: the cattle's chronicle.
Prequel to humoristic adventure game that scored 90% on Adventure-treff, 91% at and 85% from Gamestar, making it one of highest rated adventure games in germany in years)

Dead Mountaineer Hotel
Last-Express like adventure game(meaning non-linear, NPC have AIs, goals, daily routines and walk freely over the gameworld) based on Strugacki Brothers' novel, made by Akella.

Black Sails
Pirate themed adventure game from Deck 13, makers of Ankh series and Jack Keane.

Gemini Rue
SF adventure game that's one of the student prize winners at the 2010 Independent Games Festival

Bracken Tor: The Time of Tooth and Claw
New horror adventure game from Shadow Tor Studios, makers of Barrow Hill, which got 8.0 from Adventuregamers

Edna and Harvey: The Breakout
An english version of one of best german adventure games of 2008 (it gathered 84% average of scores from german sites and magazines, including 83% at Adventure-Treff and 87% at Adventurecorner)

Blackwell Deception
Fourth entry in popular adventure series.

Indie hard-sf adventure.

Dracula: Origin 2
The first one got 7.0 from Adventuregamers


New game from makers of Rhiannon (7.5 from Gamespot)

Shades of Violet: Episode 1 - Tale of the Clockwork Princess
Indie steampunk adventure game

First commercial game from maker the incredible freeware adventure game "What Linus Bruckman Sees When His Eyes Are Closed"

New puzzle game from makers of Void and Pathologic.

New horror adventure game from people who created Scratches, which scored 8.0 at Adventuregamers.

Saturated Dreamers
Indie exploration game from makers or Immortal Defense


Night Sky
NightSky is a nice place to visit. The physics-based gameplay is clever, but the real draws are the beautiful scenery and the ambient electronic soundtrack. It's recognizable at a glance, which isn't something that can be said for every game. - from IGN

Red Orchestra 2: Heroes of Stalingrad
Sequel to 8.5 WWII tactical shooter. What's more, RO2 will singleplayer campaigns for both Russian and German sides.

Indie retro action and sandbox construction game.

Massive online FPS from RED5 Studios (ex Blizzard people) and lead designer of Tribes 1 and 2.

Natural Selection 2
Commercial sequel to one of best mp MODS of all time

Heroes and Generals
Online WW2 FPS from a studio formed by lead designers of Hitman series.

CHIVALRY: Battle for Agatha
First-person medieval online combat game running on Unreal Engine 3.0. It's being developed by a team behind Age of Chivalry mods.

Indie aquatic stealth game running on Unreal Engine 3. The team is filed with people who created the first version of Killing Floor.

Single and multiplayer horror FPS from makers of Zombie Panic! Source mod.

Bounty Arms
Indie platformer running on Unreal Engine 3.0.

The Spire
Indie FPP action-adventure with strong puzzle element built on Unreal Engine 3.0.

Free military FPS from Crytek.

Snapshot is a 2d sidescrolling game in which the player takes on the role of "Pic" The player controls Pic as well as a camera that can take photos of the environment. Photos can capture objects such as boxes, enemies, and other things. The player can then use these photos to move objects around in the world to complete each level. One of finalists for 2009 Independent Games Festival's Excellence in Design Award

Rusty Hearts
Action fighting MMO.

Interesting mix of FPP action and tower defense, running on Unreal Engine 3.0.

Tactical Intervention
New tactical FPS from creator of Counterstrike

Dead meets Lead
Indie zombie action game.

New indie action title from Dejobaan Games, makers of AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!!-A Reckless Disregard for Gravity (82% average at Gamerankings)

Unique puzzle platformer that's expanded and improved follow up to a great freeware game.

Indie heist game that's nominated for 2010 IGFSeumas McNally Grand Prize, developed by Pocketwatch games, makers of Wildlife Tycoon(IGF finalist) and Venture Arctic (Gametunnel's sim game of the year)

Delta Force: Angel Falls

Swarm Racer 3000

Naumachia - Space Warfare
A multiplayer space battle sim in which you can start piloting individual fighters with standard FPS controls (mouse/keyboard) and then when your rank advances it's possible to command capital ships and their fighter squadrons with a dedicated RTS-like interface. Developed by people who previously made Specialist mod for first Half-life

As developer himself put it: "I like to think of it as a true PC fighting game. Dynamic and up-to-the-point, but very strategic, controlled by mouse and with strong character development elements."

Blitz 1941
MMO Tank action game with light simulation elements from the makers of Navy Fields (it was similiar MMO action game with sim elements)

Lone Wolf: Flight from the Dark
Action-adventure based on legendary "Choose your own adventure" gamebook series

Unique puzzle platformer, which was awarded Best Overall Game and Best Visual Design at the Unity Awards 2008.

Freeware spiritual successor to Tribes, created by the team that made the Renegade mod for Tribes, Tribes2 and Tribes: Vengeance

Assault Knights
Indie mech game

Gettysburg Armoured Warfare
A large scale RTS/FPS hybrid set in an alternative universe and featuring persistent armies.

They Hunger: Lost Souls
Original Hunger was THE best single-player mod for Half-life. Now the team returns with commercial follow up based on Source engine

Sugar Rush
Online arena combat game from Klei Entertainment (indie dev responsible for Eets)

Black Sky
Open ended StarControl2 like game

Iron Seed 2
Follow up to forgotten classic (it's not well known now, but back in the days it rivaled Star Control 2 in quality)

Seasons after Fall
Beautiful indie puzzle platformer where you use effects seasonal changes to overcome obstacles.

The Swapper
Very promising and unique puzzle platformer based around the idea of a device that can create copies of yourself with whom you can then swap placesIt features interesting light, shadow and relativeness based game mechanics blended with an ambiguous storyline embedded directly into and told throughout the game.

Battlefield Play4Free
Free to play entry in classic FPS franchise.

Bloodline Champions
Indie arena-based game.

Indie platformer from the makers of Harvest: Massive Encounter.

Swimming Under Clouds
An indie 2-D physics-based puzzle platformer

Sky Legends
Online arcade flying game from the studio that made Snoopy: Flying Ace (console game that scored 9.0 at IGN)

Rising Storm
First add-on to Red Orchestra: Heroes of Stalingrad, made as colaboration with mod teams.

Indie FPS/RPG hybrid running on Source engine. People who work on it previously made great Half-Life mod called Syndicate Black Ops

Ground Branch
Tactical shooter from Blackfoot( which is composed of RainbowSix, Rogue Spear and Ghost Recon leads)


rFactor 2
The first rFactor became the rulling standart of PC racing sims and the most popular modding platform for fans of the genre, not to mention it's engine was the basis for majority of other good PC racing sims of recent years (like GTR 1-2, Race series, Arca simracing or GT Legends)


IL-2 Sturmovik: Cliffs of Dover
Follow-up to one of the greatest flight sims ever made.

DCS: A-10C Warthog

Microsoft Flight
Finally, a new flight sim from Microsoft.

Steel Armor:Blaze of War
Mew tank sim from the makers of Steel Fury (which was one of the best tank games of all time)

Space Shuttle Mission Simulator 2
Sequel to the best sim of it's kind.

World of Tanks
A MMO PvP tank combat game set in World War 2 setting from,akers of Massive Assault (8.4 from IGN) and upcoming Order of War

Battlestar Galactica Online
Space combat MMO

Jet Thunder
Historical air combat sim from Thunder Works

Jumpgate Evolution
A sequel to space sim MMO that got 8.6 from Gamespoit

Black Prophecy
SF space MMO.

Fighter Ops

Indie F-18 Flight Sim.

BlackStar Chronicles
An action MMO described as a mix of the single-player traditions of Wing Commander with the multiplayer feel of Descent. It's being developed by a team of people who previously worked on sadly canceled Privateer Online as well as on Star Wars Galaxies

Infinity: The Quest for Earth
MMO space simulator with huge procedurally generated universe


SpaceChem succeeds as a very interesting puzzle game thanks to innovative mechanics with limited design constraints. You are given the freedom to combine elements and destroy compound bounds as you see fit; the end product is the only set goal, and the efficiency in which you deliver your requirement is up to you. (...)SpaceChem is a fantastic puzzle game great for any fan of the genre. - 8.5 from Out of Eight website

Fourth Introversion game (after Uplink, Darwinia and Defcon)

Arcada Mia's
New puzzle game from the maker of Dangerous High School Girls In Trouble.

By Caffeinated Games, a company founded by the former Lead Tools Engineer of Zipper Interactive (SOCOM fame) Greg Chudecke who prior to Zipper worked on Backyard Skateboarding (Atari) and Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (Black Label Games)

Revenge of the Titans!
Tower defense game from Puppy Games, makers of Droid Assault, Titan Attack and Ultratron.

Fool and his money
Sequel to legendary Fool's Errand.

Pontifex III
Sequel to one of best indie puzzle games ever made


Mass Effect 3


SF FPS from People Can Fly, makers of Painkiller.

Crysis 2

New shooter from id Software

Dragon Age II
Sequel to a great RPG from Bioware that scored 9.2 at IGN.

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Test Driver Unlimited 2
Sequel to a racing game that scored 8.0 at IGN.

Duke Nukem Forever
It looks like it will really happen by Gearbox's (developers of Borderlands) hands.

FPS from Splash Damage, makers of Quake Wars (8.5 from IGN)

Beyond Good and Evil 2

Deus Ex 3

Portal 2

American McGee's Alice II
The first one got 9.4 from IGN

Max Payne 3
Max Payne got 9.3 from IGN, while it's sequel scored 9.4

Dead Space 2
The first one got from IGN

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine PC
Action game from Relic.

Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning
Fantasy RPG from Big Huge Games (makers of Rise of Nations) and lead designer of Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.

Trine 2
Sequel to 8.2 platformer.

Rock of Ages
A head-to-head, real-time tower defense game in which two players alternate between defending and attacking. When attacking you control a big-huge boulder that's rolling towards your opponent's gates. If you're the one on the defense your attempt to slow and divert your boulder by placing towers, fans and units in boulder's path. It's being made by ACE Team, makers of Zeno Clash (which got 8.4 from IGN).

Tomb Raider
Reboot of a classic franchise.

Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
Console version scored 8.0 at IGN.

Columbus 4
Episodic adventure series from Animation Arts, makers of Lost Horizon and Secret Files series.

Jurassic Park: the Game
Episodic action-adventure from Telltale Games (makers of Sam and Max Episodes, Back to the Future and Tales of Monkey Island).

Defenders of Ardania
Tower defense set in Majesty series world.

Hamilton's Great Adventure
A co-op puzzle game from makers of Lead and Gold (7.0 at IGN).

Spiritual successor to Populour created by Eric Chahi, the designer who made Another World (known as Out of this World in USA).

Red Faction: Armageddon
The previous entry in this franchise (Red Faction: Guerrilla) scored 8.0 at IGN.

Dungeon Siege III
THird entry in the popular hack and slash franchise. This time it's being developed by Obsidian Entertainment, known for creating RPGs like Knights of the Old Republic 2 or Neverwinter Nights 2.

Operation Flashpoint: Red River

Orion: Prelude
Commercial follow up to a popular mod.

Top Spin 4
New entry in the best tennis series of all time.

Section 8: Prejudice

Inie action RPG from ex-EALA team members.

Captain Morgane
Semi sequel to adventure game So Blonde, which scored 8.0 from Adventuregamers.

The Haunted: Hell's Reach
Multiplayer horror action game that's a commercial follow-up to a mod that won Make Something Unreal competition.

Kings and Castles
Fantasy RTS from Gas Powered Games, makers of Supreme Commander series (on IGN first one scored 8.9, while the sequel 8.4 got).

The First Templar
Co-op centric action-adventure from Haemimont Games, makers of games like Tropico 3 (8.4 from IGN) or Celtic Kings: Rage of War (8.2 on the same site) and The Punic Wars: A Clash of Two Empires (8.0 from IGN).

Indie platformer which gameplay based on manipulating fluids.

Dungeon Hero
From Firefly studios (makers of great Stronghold series and medicore Stronghold: Legends and CivCity, we'll see how they do here)

Spy-themed action MMO from SOE

The Secret World
A MMO from makers of Age of Conan and Longest Journey franchise

Batman: Arkham Asylum 2
Sequel to action-adventure game that scored 9.3 on IGN

Spec Ops: The Line

Metal Gear Solid: Rising

Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

Driver: San Francisco

The classic series returns.

Solaris Assault Tech
Multiplayer game set in BattleTech universe from people who for the last 12 years modded previous MechWarrior games as MekTek group.

Need For Speed: Shift 2
Sequel to a racer that scored 9.0 from IGN.

The Cursed Crusade
Action game from ATLUS

Gatling Gears

Alien Breed 3: Descent

A Vampyre Story: Year One
Episodic prequel to humoristic adventure game series.

Death to Spies 3
Stealth action game heavily inspired by Hitman and set in Cold War era.The first one scored 8.0 at IGN.

Tropico 4
Another entry in this great city building series. Tropico 3 scored 8.4 from IGN

F.E.A.R. 3
First one scored 9.2 at IGN, while the second got 8.2 on the same site.

Fable 3

DC Universe Online
Superhero MMO from Sony Online Entertainment (Everquest 1-2, Planetside, Star Wars Galaxies)

Battlefield 1943
Downloadable-only MP game in vein of original Battlefield 1942.

Burn Zombie Burn
Indie action game. PlayStation 3 version scored 8.3 at IGN

Sky Gods
A tactical shooter from BlackfootStudios(made by Red Storm veterans), bassicaly this is a smaller game that will provide funding for Ground Branch as well as be a testing ground for the tech and gameplay ideas,

A New Beginning

Postal 3

Project Owlboy
Retro platformer

The Testament of Sherlock Holmes

Skulls of the Shogun
Turn based strategy game from ex-EALA developers.

Off-Road Drive
Off road racing simulator.

Baitiful indie retro platformer.

Toki Arcade
High res remake of the classic arcade game

Source - "Reasons to be a PC Gamer"

As for the Hardware debate. In no way shape and form can your phone, your laptop or your console provide the same high fidelity experience that a modern desktop can.

Desktops have better visuals, audio and overall performance. Heck the basic gaming desktop of today is 2 generations ahead of the console.

If graphics, sound and data storage did not matter, we would all still be playing Space Invaders.

While most of my gaming (and other) needs are satisfied through my PC, spoiler tag, plox?

OT: I raged much for the first two minutes, and then I grudging realized that Bob was right on this one: "Personal Computing" is not limited to that big piece of awesome hardware infront of me. Hell, mobile computing and laptops are more personal than the desktops, because like my body, I can carry them around most places.

Kudos, Bob. Kudos.

Hate if you want but he's right. Within a few years, if it's not portable, it will be gone.

This is an uncomfortable look at the state of the common person today, and an essential part of computers that is sadly dying. Customization. I can live without my laptop or my phone or my consoles if they die, at least until i can replace them, but not so for my desktop. I need to be able to go into the BIOS or into the hardware and right any problems myself. In this age of cloud computing and smaller and smaller devices, the need for a secure storage point for my data is my #1 concern. I actually only built my first desktop a couple months ago, and it was one of the most gratifying things I've ever done. I now know for sure that if something's wrong with my PC, I can open the case and fix or replace the hardware on my own or with minimal assistance.

The fact that these sleek, pocket-sized all-in-ones are gaining in popularity is a good thing, EXCEPT for the fact that for many people, these devices are the ONLY thing. Computers are central to our lives, and the fact that barely any common person out there can fix even the most minor computer problems on their own is just sickening. I hate to sound like I totally missed the satire of the film, but Idiocracy is ringing true to me here, not in the instance of everyone getting dumber (it may seem like it but it's not true), but in the instance of the whole world becoming so automated that we don't bother to learn how to fix it, and are thus doomed when it fails.

Actually, screw that. Go ahead, commoners; keep relying solely on the tablets, smartphones, and laptops, and get ready to cough it up for the techie to fix every little problem you have. I'll stay over here and chuckle as I run a defrag my PC's SSD.

Nah, just kidding. Defragging is bad for SSD's.

Henrik Moeller:
You really should have quit this series 3 or 4 videos ago.

Are you kidding? I love this show.
Sure I completely disagree with most of what Bob just said, and yes I can say that a lot of it really did seem to be made of presumption and even stereotyping, but when Bob talks about something he actually knows then I could watch all day.
That's why MovieBob is awesome.

I'm sorry but this your entire argument made no sense to me, as previously mentioned I WANT somewhere that is a hub that does everything, at a single time fixed price. Not 10s even 100s of smaller, limited pieces of hardware that would cost well in excess of a PC.

I don't see PCs dieing at all, maybe evolving, with gaming laptops cheaper and more powerful now, but they're still there.

I bougt a Laptop specifically to play games on. So, that doesn't count as PC gaming? What is it laptop gaming? I guess. Who knows.

It would be pretty interesting to see a world where PC's and consoles have basically become the same thing. Stronger systems, larger storage space, jumping from a game of CoD directly to the internet. I certainly welcome the change. Don't expect it for a long while, and I certainly don't expect it to happen without PC gamers flipping their collective shit about it, but I welcome it, and look forward to it.

Dude, you can do that now, CoD is on the PC.

I don't care what anyone says. Number Munchers is the shit. Long Live Munchers!

True dat!

I'd love tot agree with you that PC gaming is dead, but then I look at Minecraft and I can't do that.

Yeah I don't have a big flame argument prepared, and I don't care enough to make one. Just minecraft, there it is.

2011 PC Exclusives.


Shogun II: Total War

Might and Magic Heroes VI
New entry in one of the most beloved turn based strategy series of all time.

Age of Empires Online
The rebirth of one of the biggest RTS franchises of all time.

The mod that started the whole genre is now getting a commercial sequel from Valve Software.

Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy
After disappointing affair with modern combat Battlefront returns to what they do best: WWII tactical wargames............

I herewith award you for "best post of the year". Bob has been very wrong for a while now.

@Bob: great movie as always.

@haters: Don't worry, you'll first loose interest in your PC before in order for PC gaming to really die. By that time you won't care.

It was a good episode, I agree, but I still don't agree with its assessment.

Also, why do we always have to seperate every discussion into "Haters" and "Fanboys"? I for one own a pretty decent gaming PC as well as an XBOX and a Wii (which I gave to my parents). I play PC for my fix of strategy and MMORPG games, I play XBOX for RPGs, Sports and Action-Adventure games, and Wii with friends and family.
I also have an iPhone to play games on the go if need to.

Without PC gaming, I could not conquer the world in Europa Universalis or fight epic battles in Shogun 2. Minecraft would not have been made because its creator would never have afforded the equipment to develop a complex program on consoles. Portal would not have been made for similar reasons.

Without consoles, I would miss out on some amazing RPGs, sports games and other games that focus on controller action. I would not have the Suikoden series, Final Fantasy or Fight Night (yeah, jumped a genre there).

So what's your problem? Neither platform will go away. If anything, they will move closer together with digital distribution and matchmaking platforms.

Sure Bob, I'd love a nice big and shiny laptop, and maybe one of those tablet things. Why don't you send me over the cash required for it, and I'll throw away my PC. Oh wait, I'm half-broke most of the time, guess I'm stuck with not being in the hip new wave of the future.

Not all gamers live in the states and have enough cash to own several consoles and a laptop, man. Try keeping that in mind. Otherwise, nice video.

I can see two things that currently set PC gaming apart from both consoles and mobile devices (for the most part), and I doubt that they're going anywhere fast.

1. PC gaming is an open platform. I notice you didn't even make mention of the indie development scene - an omission which can be charitably described as "unfortunate." Anyone can make a game on the PC - heck, I've made about a dozen myself. You don't need to meet arbitrary quality standards, have a development team in the hundreds and a publisher, or pay the platform holder a weighty Danegeld for the "privilege" to coexist on their platform. For all the inane boasting about Xbox Live and PSN, they still have less real innovation, less novelty and fewer quality games on them (that MS and Sony didn't buy, that is) than the PC does. Likewise, the combination of the digital distribution revolution and the middle-market (game developers who focus on niche categories with small teams and low development costs) is bringing to light an entirely new population of talented people, rushing to fill the void left by the profit-hungry publishers and their overfed, unwieldy pet development teams. Yes, the casual market is big and getting bigger, but we of the "hardcore" are not going anywhere.

2. PC gaming is a constantly advancing field. Where consoles, tablets, and mobile architecture are fire-and-forget hardware, launched slightly ahead of the curve every five or seven years, then left to become hopelessly outdated as time goes on, PCs have the luxury of getting better and better over time. This means that developer missteps, poor optimization, and expensive hardware costs are eventually overcome by the passage of time, and the PC gamers who don't have the latest, greatest hardware now can play your game on very high settings at insane resolutions sometime down the road. This is a mixed blessing - it means you have to keep upgrading your hardware as time goes on, if you want to keep up with the system - but the potential benefits are plain to see, as Crysis surpassed the consoles' graphical ceiling 3.5 years ago, and nowadays even an RTS can look better than most console games.

Yes, the PC hardware setup may become irrelevant. Tablets and laptops and other fire-and-forget devices may overtake it completely. But PC gaming will not die, sir, not even in its most traditional form. It will simply move on, with its loyal followers, its independent developers, and its niche audiences, into a new and fertile land.

Just looked the definition of a console on wikipedia
It seems that if you install any other software on the 360 than games then you are essentially making your 360 a PC. And if that day comes, 360 gaming would be dead because of piracy and then DRM and then more piracy because of DRM which means more DRM.
Sooooo, go ahead!
This is the sole reason sony did not wanted people to modify their console in any way.

PC gaming will not die simply because the PC is an open system while consoles are a choke hold on creativity and customer friendliness. I will trade in my PC the Day there is a console that allows me to run whatever OS i want, use whatever input method i want and connect to whatever online service i want.

I bougt a Laptop specifically to play games on. So, that doesn't count as PC gaming? What is it laptop gaming? I guess. Who knows.

I did the same thing. I liked this episode.

Not to mention living room hardwares like the boxee box, the apple tv and Sony Internet TV Blu-ray Disc Player that as Google TV OS embedded and comes with a wireless keyboard.

Google TV with all the Google utilities almost make my PC obsolete since I don't play games on it; Chrome for internet, Gmail for emails, Google Documents for office suite and even some games via their AppStore. I can watch Youtube on it, as well as Netflix and obviously Blu-Rays. All this plus my PS3 and Iphone... and I'm all covered in ways that I found more interesting than using a PC... but that's just me... I can see how it's not for everyone.

My girlfriend uses my computer for photoshop, illustrator and zbrush. It is only use as a working tool and that's all.

Hate if you want but he's right. Within a few years, if it's not portable, it will be gone.



This is the sole reason sony did not wanted people to modify their console in any way.

OtherOS argues otherwise.

[1] This image has been brought to you by March Madness


I herewith award you for "best post of the year". Bob has been very wrong for a while now.

Most of it is copy/pasta but people pay far less attention to a link than they do a huge wall of PC exclusive titles that seemingly has no end as they try and scroll past it.

Basic psychological warfare. If PC gaming is dead, why is the list of exclusives for it so gorram annoyingly long?

I'll permit you a great many 'PC gamers' do perpetuate an unsavory stereotype (But really what group on the intarwabez doesn't have that faction?), and that in the future there will always be that which surpasses the present(I'm there with you waiting for it).

But today, and probably for the next few years (at minimum), I don't think my PC sees the other consoles on my desk as very formidable threats in vying for my time. The Consoles used to be the only games here but I don't see them as comparable currently.
The next console releases will have to polish a few things to come out ahead I think. Better browser, the ability to use the already supported keyboard and mouse in game, both very big steps in replacing my PC.
The largest challenge they face is the "multi-tool" aspect. I want information while playing a game, listening to music, talking to my friends on vent, and installing another game in the background, downloading podcasts, streaming 140 escapist videos, I don't know, everything else short of baking a cake. My PC does it simultaneously. But if I'm serious for a second and drop the hyperbole then I do often listen to music, talk on vent, browse about for random curiosities for a couple minutes with a mere alt+tab while playing DragonAge2 or League of Legends or WoW or Oblivion. With a console they can't do many of those well, let alone simultaneously. Opening the browser closes the game, installing anything closes everything else, opening a game pauses downloads, etc.
That's the key thing they need to fix.

Other then that it's all personal "Where my friends at!?".
Mine are on the PC, they have their PS3s and their xBoxs, but they never ever ever go their to communicate and all of our multiplayer is PC based.
What a console DID have over a PC for me? That's gone with the days of local multiplayer.

Long post short: Hopeful for the future, Console for the Past, PC for the present.

The things Bob says in the first half are seriously unwarranted. Point and click games are seeing a resurgence on the wii? Sure, they are there, but people are playing Telltale games almost exclusively on the PC. All games that are on the consoles play just as well as on the PC (with better tech supporting it on the PC), and if you don't like the mouse and keyboard, you can always use your game pad. The only thing against PC gaming is that it is expensive and intimidating to most.

The second half of the video very interesting, and I can definitely see the classic sense of a home computer go away, just to be replaced by a smaller version of the machine.

PS: This has been written on my laptop, which I use for most of my gaming.

Perhaps Movie Bob is not aware that PC gaming is a BIG FUCKING DEAL in Europe. In this past 3 years three whole franchises (Metro, STALKER and The Witcher, three games that manage to outdo most of AAA productions in their ambiton and execution) have popped up in eastern europe alone and they are all unashamedly PC focused. The ebb and flow of PC and console is a cycle that has been going on for a looong time. Back in the 1980s there was the same split between europe and America (or as america likes to think "The rest of the known world") infact the split was MUCH bigger, take the UK for example. One of our first mass-market consumer electornic devices was the Sinclair Spectrum, a system that became a byworld for awesome bedroom coded games.

The PC audience has diverseified but is had far from dissapeared, instead of a big mainstream audience like the consoles have there are a series of quite seizable niche markets

It still amazes me how long a debate on this subject can go on this forum... especially considering how little knowledge of computer science is generally involved. The PC vs. consoles/mobile devices thing is going to become less and less of an issue as standards are made in the industry and integration happens. The only thing keeping you from playing XBox or Playstation games on your PC right now is copyright. If you have a blu-ray drive in your PC, chances are it could do a better job rendering a PS3 game than your PS3 could, if only it had access to Sony's code... and it most likely will. Soon.


Hate if you want but he's right. Within a few years, if it's not portable, it will be gone.



1) Alienware is a rip off :D

2) On a more serious note, I can't help but wonder why a few people here seem to think PC/Laptop are two different things. Sure one is portable, but they're both computers. The full name of a laptop is a laptop computer- and they fill the same functionality.
Some laptops are already upgradable, and many more will be in future. Laptops ARE PCs, and what they lack in hardware power, they make up for in market presence.
Face it, your mum probably owns one.

[1] This image has been brought to you by March Madness

The way I see it, all those smaller devices are becoming PC's, which isn't a sign that the PC itself is dying.

The only real advantage of consoles over PC's is the unified hardware. They don't need to optimize for different settings because the hardware's set. That, or the developers went down with a bad case of the lazy / were pressured to do a rushed port job (something as simple as frame rates are bogged down. For example: Transformers War For Cybertron needed an external program for unlocking the FPS cap; Dead Space 2 needed to force V-sync through your graphics card's control panel; etc).

Also, that massive list at page 1 didn't allow this thread to render completely for the first time. I didn't even know you could fit that much text in one post!

PC gaming will not die simply because the PC is an open system while consoles are a choke hold on creativity and customer friendliness. I will trade in my PC the Day there is a console that allows me to run whatever OS i want, use whatever input method i want and connect to whatever online service i want.

In other words the day your console becomes a pc.

If I wanted to figure out what to put in place of my tv/computer it'd be a holodeck or similar VR system.

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