Zero Punctuation: Killzone 3

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wooo, more yahtzee hating on the US. *yawn*.

I hate most fps games and got rid of KZ2 because i was underwhelmed.
So naturally this game was a pass before seeing the zp review.

I would have enjoyed this if the review was actually funny, like the black ops review. but what can you say?

Yahtzee, i believe Valkyria Chronicles was probably the funniest review i've ever seen. Please review more JRPG's. Because when a game torments you so blatantly the result always seems to be fucking funny :-P

Hmmm, I thought Yahtzee was a bit more in touch with science fiction and fantasy than that.

To be entirely honest, I think one of the reasons why The British tend to wind up in nazi-like roles, is because they revel in it. It has nothing to do with historical fact, but if you take a look at things like "Warhammer 40k" which is a hugely popular franchise, created by and run out of the UK, you pretty much have a game based around the idea of the oppressive regime of "space nazis" are the good guys. You even have heroes running around with names like "Davion Thule" in the video games, Thule being a referance to "The Brotherhood Of Thule" which was the occult organization Hitler apparently belonged to. It's full of little touches like that. However on the other hand it seems very few people sit down and make complaints about it.

I'll also be honest in saying that "Warhammer 40k" isn't the only British walk in the park with this paticular theme. "The Mutant Chronicles" was another franchise from down there that was never a huge success, but has managed to live on the fringes of nerd culture for a very long time now, it just keeps coming back to life in one form or another. The Brits/European faction in that one is again a big "Ruthless Facism is okay if it's justified by an extreme enough threat and a hostile enough enviroment".

Oh and let's not forget 2100AD and Judge Dredd, while set in the USA it's another UK creation, extremely enduring, and it's gone all over the world, and the authorities are hardly any nicer down in Europe. Again it's one of those things where "being a sadistic oppressive twat is okay if the enviroment is hostile enough".

Then we have "lesser" British works of comics, like "V For Vendetta" which while not as over the top as the movie, still featured a very oppressive (if far more benevolent than usual) future society as the backrdrop, without being entirely judgement of it (the name of the game here was how ambigious it all was). Then of course we have guys like "Warren Ellis" who is praised for his British characters, and almost all of them even as straightforward good guys are brutal and fairly sadistic, oftentimes knocking American "nonsense" like morality and the human treatment of the enemy when it comes to combat. I don't totally disagree with them in certain situations (as some might guess), but it's a notable trend.

So really, saying "OMG, where would you get this idea about the Brits forming an aggressive society of pseudo-nazis, it's so anti-thetical to who we are", is kind of silly when you can just point to piles of British fiction on the subject, a lot of which presents such attitudes in a fairly positive light overall when you consider the big picture.

I don't think Brits are actually a group of evil, totalitarian, jerkwads or anything in reality, I mean there is plenty of American fiction that can be seen the same way. An oppressive American goverment is actually a stock villain nowadays, far more so than using Brits (even if it's not uncommon) which is why I think this desician was made.

Honestly, I don't quite get the outcry, to me it seems like black people using a certain "N word" and then complaining profusely when anyone else does it. Except in this case, I don't think most brits object, and would probably wind up thinking the bad guys in "Killzone" are cool just for that reason. Of course I haven't really gauged overall European reactions. The worst I could think of as a resonable action would be saying that it's pretty derivitive with all the similar stuff.

Just something to consider.

It's not an American game, Yahtzee...

Although I enjoyed KZ3, I must agree that the "cover system" flat out doesn't work. It was the rare occasion that getting into cover actually protected me from gunfire. I like the idea of a cover system in a FPS, but when you still get hit from enemies that are directly between you and said cover (and not from the cover being destructable), there's a problem.

I also think having all the Helgast have the same cockney ascept is a bit silly, but keep in mind that the KZ series was not developed by an american team.

Oh Yahtzee, you adorable curmudgeon. I hope the fact that we all love it so much more when you hate something doesn't turn you into a bitter shell of a man.

...I mean, more than it already has, obviously......

Lt. Vinciti:

Someone points out that FPS controls for the PS3 are bull!

Because they're so much better on the 360? [/fanboi]

Suppose neither compares to PC really.

Weird that he's complaining about R1 shoot since thats the same for COD, though I suspect he plays COD on 360.

The move itself, in my opinion is crap; however the gun attachment is great for this game.

And I refuse to go with this 3D tv fad that companies are trying to convince us is actually worth the money right after most people had to buy new TVs for the whole digital analog thing or the HD craze of early to mid 2000.

You hit the nail on the head with this review yahtzee.

See this is why I hate SONY now. The company itself is run by graphics whores and tech junkies and it makes me puke.

So hold on a second. I get that you're pissed about all the baddies having English accents. But it's developed by a Dutch company, published by a Japanese company, and somehow it's America's fault?

You missed the logic train on this one, Crosshaw.

On one hand I do agree with him on the whole "British=Evil" rant but on the other I do like the Helghast WAY more than the ISA so them all being British like me sort of endears them to me.

P.S. I personally prefer R3 to aim myself.

Yahtzee gets it wrong again. Most PS3 shooters, infact all I've played (COD:W@W, Black Ops, Killzone 2, MAG, Uncharted 2 and so on) use R1/L1 for shooting and aiming, you can also change the controls so R3 isn't aim in the options. Doe's he even bother paying any attention to the games he plays now? In the DCUO review he complained that the targeting system switches targets randomly as he moves the mouse, he clearly didn't pay attention to the part of the tutorial that tells you how to lock targets. It just looks like he's finding any excuse to rag on a game without checking if it's a valid complaint.

One more thing, I'm pretty sure Killzone is made by the Dutch.

HOORAY! Another tiresome brown n' gray cover based FPS with Nazis!

Honestly, why is Killzone so popular? All the games aren't bad and they do have their moments, but as a series, its just average at best. Everything regarding the story and gameplay are a gigantic cavalcade of mind-numbing-by-the-numbers-committee-design blandness. The story is essentially WWII in space, the characters are one note stereotypes, the gameplay is standard and repetitive, and the Helghast armor design is a shameless ripoff of Jin-Roh. Aside from the insultingly good music, there's really nothing about the series that helps it stand out.


I guess you could say that Killzone his Sony's Halo.

Yog Sothoth:
Just as I've always thought: Killzone is nothing more than a poor man's Halo.

Same here, and I've always considered Halo to be a poor man's almost-any-half-descent-FPS-on-PC (I won't get into arguments here, becuase you won't change my position that anyone who says they prefer using a pad to play FPS games is ether a liar or a flipper handed retard that can't live without auto aim). So basically I consider Killzone to be a smelly hobo that pissing in a subway lift.

So hold on a second. I get that you're pissed about all the baddies having English accents. But it's developed by a Dutch company, published by a Japanese company, and somehow it's America's fault?

You missed the logic train on this one, Crosshaw.

It's cool to blame America for things without any actual evidence these days.

Insulting the US is like insulting Call of Duty or Halo. You don't need evidence or logic to your insult! People will agree with you, anyway!

Sorry Yahtzee but EVERY PS3 game (and Playstation console for that matter) has used R1 for shooting! Its just 360's controller where you find its the other way round because it feels right due to the design of the triggers.

...You do know this game was made by the Dutch, not by Americans, yeah?

He does this with any shooter (OF: Dragon, Medal of Honor, Battlefield) where the protagonists are American. I suppose he assumes because that is so, the devs are American? Though he seems pedantic and anal, so I have trouble believing that. I think he just ignores that half of the shooters involving American/USA protagonists are actually developed by Europeans so he can get his USA hate out of his system.

I've never understood why people inclined to shout "PSTRIPLE IS BEST CONSOLE EVAR" always use killzone as an example of why said console is "best evar". At best it's just a generic shooter; sure it looks pretty, but everything looks pretty these days. It's so bland and samey and everything comes off as a sort of checklist addition, "oh, we need rail shooting sequences because insert popular game has them."

Isn't R1 fairly commonly used by PS3 shooters as the "fire" button?

I thought that was actually one of the reasons I tended to avoid them on it. Though it's possible I'm misremembering, because it's been a while since I've played a shooter on the PS3. I just remember trying to shoot and doing everything from "dive into cover" to "throw grenade point blank."

Yes and Halo is a slightly less poor mans sexual endeavours.


...You do know this game was made by the Dutch, not by Americans, yeah?

So the Dutch are taking the piss out of the US of A?

I can get behind that.

Not really its more like they are taking the piss out of the english if 'the cockney english accents being used by the Helghast' that Yahtzee was talking about is something to go by.


So it's revenge on Austin Powers' dad, then?

I just got what you meant. Good one. :D

Also Yathzee please note, We didn't help the USA beat the Germans in WW2, We beat the Germans and the USA jumped in and got shot. Then they went and blew stuff up in an unrelated country.

I had to laugh at the bitching about the 3D tech, because i've been playing with 3D for a while now on my PC (mainly WoW and Left 4 Dead) and i stopped using it for the same sort of reasons described. Things are brought out of the foreground, but it only serves to create this weird puppet-theatre like effect where the middle and backgrounds have different 'layers', leaving you feeling sometimes disoriented when things pop out of the foreground and stand so prominently that everything else feels out of place. Though that's mainly a problem with shooters. I've found Nvidia's 3D Vision to work very well with WoW and integrate the different 'layers far better, as well as actually having a fuller 3d effect to the point of having my sword or whatever actually stick out of the screen slightly as opposed to just bringing everything out of the foreground to exaggerate the difference. (Though you do get that with the character sheet)

Honestly, i don't like motion controls in my FPS games. Actually, i don't like motion controls period. Sure, it worked in Metroid Prime Trilogy, but The Conduit and even Goldeneye? (which is one of my favourite wii games) It feels like it fell flat. It just didn't feel comfortable compared to using a traditional controller with joysticks.

And yes, it is a bit irritating for me as a Brit to be demonised in most mainstream media. It feels like we've been picked on for the villains ever since the original Star Wars! Though i suppose it probably goes back even further than that...

I've heard tell it's just because of our accent. It's so condescending and authoritative compared to the laid back American accent.

...You do know this game was made by the Dutch, not by Americans, yeah?

same thing I was thinking during the opening rant

Funniest episode in a while, haven't playing the game, which only makes it funnier as my imagination works along the video. Gonna go watch it again (which i may or may not do with every zp video ...)

why yes i would like to see your bugbear collection

wooo, more yahtzee hating on the US. *yawn*.

Everyone hates on the US nowadays, you guys must really suck or something.

Having just played it yesterday with a friend, I have to agree that it isn't anything special. The default control scheme is really annoying as it seems like they switched up meleeing and aiming, but that could be remedied by switching it to the "Alternative" control scheme.

And yeah, the I.S.A. military seems pretty annoying. While there are times when the soldiers disobey orders and don't really get punished right then and there, there are also times when I could help but get angry at them for obeying their superiors incredibly stupid orders ("Fighting, we can't have our soldiers doing that. Everyone retreat!").

Oh and crouching in grass makes you invisible apparently. Unless you yell out "I'm not even crouching!" They they notice you. (All that was based on experience).

Why so early, is it cuz of MM?
Nice vid, that control scheme seems moronic though.

Was that a "Lather and Nothing Else" reference during the credits?

what struck me as odd in this review was that yahtzee was pissed at America...wasn't killzone made in the Netherlands?

So the Move is shit for aiming? No wonder devs haven't been supporting it.

It was made by the Dutch? Now it's just downright bizzare. Still, it's obvious it was made for the American market, perhaps the Dutch wrote it as satire, which was promptly lost on the American actors/localizers?

Anyway, the baddies were just too likeable, I felt sad having to kill them :'(


Relocated to the Netherlands since 1985.

Also, nice review.

The first minute of this is every British person's view of Killzone and America in general.

And I'm not even joking!

i notice he didnt mention the much more fun multiplayer section of the game. i am surprised!

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