Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Cutest Redheads

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That's more like a brunette mix with redhead, although that's my fave.

At any rate, I feel pretty left out on these vids seeing as I very, very rarely know ANY of the characters. Could be because I've never owned any console... ever.

Also, when I first saw pokemon I was like "wait, where do they get their meat? Their milk? [insert any other reality based question here]" and thought that the whole premise of catching, fighting and training "monsters" in the wildersness and then fight it out in a gym (shouldn't it be the other way around?) was, weird.

At any rate, may I request some more PC attention? Just a leeeeeetle bit?

This is the Lisa Foiles from the other universe!

You know.. Olivia in Fringe..? Anyone?

Awesome intro once again. There are a lot of redheads in my family on both my motherside and my fatherside and both of my sisters are ginger, but I'm blond.

You look better in darker hair. I'm curious as to your real hair color.

Also, why can Chrono get no love?

I love the new hair Lisa. Now I can watch without having to turn the brightness down on my comp to watch :). Good Top 5. Keep it up!

I like non-blond Lisa better than blond Lisa. But that's because I like non-blond hair better than blond hair. ;)

Dunno why but there is always something about the humour in these videos that makes me chuckle. Probably because it pleases my inner child greatly.

Right. I need me some NERF guns. NAOW. Anyhoos. Suikoden looks pretty epic. Loving the evil Count ACTUALLY playing the organ! :D Also, nice hair Lisa. :D Silly Redhead.

1. Your hair is barely red, real red hair would be hot, but yours is almost brown.

2. Please go back to blonde >:(

That looks more brown than red to me.

I am a little colourblind, though.

I am a cute redhead! :D

This could just be me playing Valkyria Chronicles recently, but I think Rosie could have a taken a spot here

Definitely like the new look and just turning around and pulling the nerf-gun out of your purse got me.

Also, this.

The intro was stupid. This show is stupid. I'll keep watching though, because I do love me some top 5's.

Their are a lot of classes in the Disgaea games that are cute, so check them for another cute list.
I mean, just look at the mage. Or the the Nekomata, if you go that way.
And for hot pink hairs.... the succubus. YES.
Or Etna. And Flonne is a pretty cute blonde. And Laharl's pretty badass. Mao too. And Adell.
And Raspberyl pretty cute. Plenair too.
And Almaz is pretty awesome. And Gig.
........... Trust me on this one.

hot, gamer, funny, gingerhead woman..
am i the only one having the crazy-hots for her

for me she's on par with zhang xin yu which is my idol

anyways, '..made her pigtails looked like...pigtails (pigtail img)' funny shit, i thought she was gonna say tornados or something.

WTB : Top 5 video games sex scenes (if there hasnt been one, im new here^^)

Maybe I'm colour blind, but to me Lisa's and Claire Redfield's hair looks brown...

You are clearly not colorblind because you are asking. I am colorblind, so I don't even try. You could tell me that her hair was blue and I would be mildly surprised but probably believe you :)

Where is hk-47, we were promised him over a month ago.
Waaaay cuter than some of those and technically a redhead

Lisa, on behalf of all things awesome: keep the red hair.

so...why was the dude from kingdom hearts going to be a joke? the title doesnt indicate that its restricted purely to girls, so unless youre just trying to pander to male gamers, why is the idea of a cute male redhead just absurd? also, why cant you have things in your list meant as jokes? its not like you make these videos so people will really start to think. they are just goofy diversions made purely for entertainment

Silly string FTW!

Lisa really love your new color, it suit you better than blonde

just when you thought lisa could not get and more Beautiful she throws this in the mix :)

Malon should have been there in my opinion.


I'm probably late, so if someone else mentioned her sorry. I am a bit too busy to check all 4 pages.

...But she was Brunette...That ain't ginger!

"Not that there's anything wrong with showing off curves and skin"
I hope this translates into a bikini next episode.


As annoying as I found Vanille at times I was surprised too that she wasn't on the list, I thought she would be on, if not Lightning.

OT: Suikoden was actually mentioned? Yeah that was out of left field, and I actually kinda forgot about her. I need to replay that game again, it's been a while.

What, no Mitsuru? Someone is begging for an execution.

I think Lisa goods good with the red hair. I think she looked good with blonde hair too, but the red is different enough to still be good. Nice top five, I never realized that there were actually that many red heads. XD

Wut!? Misty got #5 and Aika and Blaze Fielding got the Boot?


nom, nom, redhead

You look far, far better as a redhead. Bottle blondes always look tacky. Now if only we could get you to grow out that fringe...
And thank fuck you finally cut back on the blush.

Anyway I misheard the title so at first thought it was "top 5 Hottest redheads" and was like "Misty, Kairi... dude! These are kids!"

Really, no Vanille?

Lisa I am disappoint.

rage out comment

Lisa is cute with any hair color, but... She is drop dead sexy as a redhead!

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