Escape to the Movies: Thor

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itf cho:
Well, I saw the film this weekend, and with the exception of Bob's comment of Natalie Portman playing a "Plane-jane scientist" - Natalie Portman is never gonna look like a plane-jane anything, without a lot of effort

No kidding. I mean seriously:


There are goddesses in Greek Mythology that are more 'Plain Jane' then Natalie Portman.

The only gripe I have about the movie is Natalie Portman's makeup; she's a bit too well done-up for 'plain jane', let alone an obsessive (yes, obsessive; she wanted to drive into the eye of a wormhole) astrophysicist. For the act that took part during the first day she should have had fifteen minutes to do her own makeup with a kit that was bought at wal-mart instead of having a makeup artist, then have a makeup artist remake that look for the various takes in that act. Second day onward when she's taking a shine to Thor then she can have a makeup artist do his/her work. Of course I also thought Sam could have stood to be a bit fatter in the first transformers movie, or at least have a clip of him on the track team or something - he wasn't weedy, he was fit, and that didn't really fit his character.

That's a pretty minor gripe, a bigger one would be that Loki flounders a bit near the end when Thor reappears. I personally think I could have done better, but then the movie would have gone on a lot longer. Someone asked me to tell them what I thought of it without spoiling anything, so I told her I think they needed to have a pair of every set, since every other actor is playing their part so hard they're practically chewing the scenery. At least it kept the talky bits entertaining (instead of excrutiating), and the comedy relief character was unobtrusive.

So yeah, saw the movie, it's awesome. Hawkeye's cameo was cool, it went over my family's heads, but the stinger at the very end... Didn't really surprise me all that much.

So Loki's alive? I thought as much. And what's that square thing Nick Fury wants the guy to look at?

I really enjoyed this movie. It made me laugh, it looked amazing (especially the Bifrost, man I wanna travel through space and time like that), the characters were likeable and the action was cool but didn't get in the way of the story.

What I liked most about it was Loki, though, instead of his brother. I've always had a thing for the bad guys and he wasn't even a bad guy as such, just a really messed up dude with a lot of reason to feel betrayed. I was seriously rooting for him, even though I know he's also got a really evil side to him, but this movie felt like his origin story, more than Thor's. 'Loki was once alright, if a little selfish, then some sh*t went down with his family and he decided to become the bad guy once and for all'. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it. I don't know if it's considered spoilers since it's out everywhere on the internet,

It's always nice to be able to tell when Bob decided he was going to like a movie before seeing it. This movie was as bad as the Ironman films.

I have a friend that hated this movie but thought that Priest was the best movie hes ever seen...someone please help me find reason behind his thinking

I'm sorry, I just stopped watching when you said Natalie Portman was the dressed down, plain Jane girl in this. You can't take someone beautiful, put glasses on her and her hair in a ponytail (I'm speaking in general here), and call her the ugly girl, or even plain. It doesn't work that way.

Overall, the movie was fun for about two hours until it was over. Then I found myself asking why I bothered to watch it. There were no surprises, no real character development, no great action scenes or any special effects I couldn't have seen by playing Robot Unicorn Attack. Even after the credits, nothing interesting happened, Samuel L Jackson just once again strapped on his eyepatch and told the audience once again that all these superheroes will be joining to take your money very soon. It's getting boring and played out.

I disagree with this. I feel like Thor's script was just screaming cut content and plot while flashing the over-the-top fantasy stuff riding on the humor and success established by Iron Man.

In my opinion, Iron Man wasn't good... but this movie (Thor) is just great. And I actually really like how seemingly unrefined and cheesy some parts of it are (ie the romance). I feel that it is balanced out by the great 'shakespearean' acting (odin and loki in my opinion were played amazingly well). This way, it doesn't feel intellectualy numb (like the majority of today's cinema) but at the same time doesn't carry through some underlined invasive message, nor does it chew through the fantasy with pseudoscience (again - a dominant tendancy).
One "bad" thing was that it felt as if it was too short :<

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