Unskippable: Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper

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Actually in the books he does occasionally smoke cigarettes but not that often. I don't think too many people know about that but then again it's such a minor detail that it's not surprising.

I played the game on steam a few months back if you get pats the cheep voices and the 1990s graphics its rather good.

Mostly because it had good puzzles and writing.

The sequel sounds great ;)

oh wow. I'm a homes fan... but i have never felt so bored listening to him talk

Hey! I'm Scott Bakula, and I'm pissed!

As soon as I saw the title of the game being done, I knew the cutscene was going to be horrible. I was not wrong.

As a fan of the Sherlock Holmes TV series that aired on Mystery many many years ago, with Holmes playted by Jeremy Brett, seeing this unbelievably bad portrayal is... nauseating.

Also, to whoever created the game, "X vs Y" is a TERRIBLE pattern to follow when making a title. Even if that's what the game is about, don't use that for the title. It reeks of a bad fanfic author being hired to write the game.

Where are people getting this getting this notion that when a game ends up on the series it's automatically horrible?

The GAMES are not automatically horrible, but by definition the CUTSCENES here are ones Graham and Paul think are bad. A good game can have a bad cutscene, or a good cutscene that someone else THINKS is bad.

Oh great! I was wondering when I'd get an opportunity to post this.

Enjoy your nightmares.

Also, it's the Sun that has the infamous Page 3 girl, not the Star, the Star has boobs throughout. But close enough.

LOL Watson is the Ninja Cat! You know, Watson teleporting around is either a glitch or the designers preferred to save animation time by having him teleport next to the player instead of just walking after him. But that kind of thing could be a really effective scare tactic in a horror game. Having the monster or whatever be in one place and you turn away, and then when you turn back it's gone and then BOOM! it's right next to you. And you run like a frenzied maniac trying to get away but it just keeps popping up next to you.

Or like those mannequins in Bioshock. Maybe there's a creepy ass statue or something and you kinda of look at it, and then later you come back and you're like, hey where'd it go? And then you start seeing it in different places thinking maybe it's just another statue that looks the same. Maybe you could break off part of the statue or whatever, and then you see it again and it's got the same part broken and then you realize HOLY SHIT that thing's been following me...

"The Great SHerlock Holmes, who lives in London, doesn't know where White Chapel is." That made me chuckle.

"The Great SHerlock Holmes, who lives in London, doesn't know where White Chapel is." That made me chuckle.

Especially since its so inaccurate. The first book made a point of saying that Holmes had memorized all of London down to being able to identify where someone has been by the soil on their shoes.

As for the video I will now forever imagine playing a first person game where playing a teleporter who can control others with his mind whenever I play a firs person game now. Although technically I think that might be a second person game.

Oh wow. Sherlock is like every emo, arrogant, self-entitled, ignorant douche I have ever met all rolled into a bad accent! This game is NOT on the Christmas list. :)

Based upon what I think was a third arm (?) with claws, I'm going to guess that JtR was some sort of werewolf and/or supernaturally inclined being. I'd watch it again to check what I saw but just the thought of skipping through Sherlock's whiny drawl makes me feel sick.

Awesome concept poor execution.

all i could think about, the chairs, how do they sit on them comfortably when the back is made of paper. couldn't they have at least bump mapped it or something?

great unskippable though, even if i wasnt paying attention through the 2nd half.

Wow, that game looks dreadful.

Oh great! I was wondering when I'd get an opportunity to post this.

Enjoy your nightmares.

That was awesome. I especially like the brilliant reference to Doctor Who's "Weeping Angels" in the top voted comment for the video:

Don't blink. Don't even blink. Blink and you're dead. He is fast. Faster then you can believe. Don't turn your back, don't turn away, and DON'T BLINK.

...Good luck.

Watch out Angels the Creepy Watson is after your job.


The page three girls are in The Sun, not The Star. I pity the poor guy who paws through the Star looking for topless women.

According to The Star's website, there's totally boobs in The Star... just not... the best?

Well I never! I've only ever seen boobs in the Sun. You learn something new every day! I'd wager the Sun has the better boobs though, it's all anyone seems to buy in my office.

Was this the game with the freaky stalker Watson?

I can never see any sherlock holmes game the same way again... After Watson became, creepy.

Was this the game with the freaky stalker Watson?

Edit: Just saw that above my post when I made it, it's Sherlock Holmes Nemesis you can read more into in in the description of the video I've embedded.

More edit, just saw someone else has already posted that video. Dang...

I played the game on steam a few months back if you get pats the cheep voices and the 1990s graphics its rather good.

Mostly because it had good puzzles and writing.

Well if it is anything like Frogwares earlier Sherlock Holmes game, The Awakened, then it is likely very good. I loved The Awakened, it had a very interesting and at times creepy story (after all, it was about Holmes against a cult of Cthulhu worshippers) and puzzles that actually required thinking. Voice acting was bad at times, but not a deal breaker, and I never had problems with low graphics, especially if the rest of the game works.

Glad that this relatively unknown game from a relatively small German gamestudio gets some attention.

SH: The Awakened was absolutely amazing, creepy as all hell, with an intricate plot and a nice variety of puzzle difficulties.

SH: Arsène Lupin / Nemesis was quite good, not as fun in terms of puzzles and story but you get a virtual, commented tour for free of most London tourist sites (National Gallery, ToL, British Museum).

SH: JtR was sort of an experiment in that it tried to make the game somewhat parallel an actual investigation - I think it was a lot more immersive, but it made the puzzles a lot less challenging or interesting. The historical work was actually top notch, all the leads and red herrings you chase were real events and people.

Oh, and yeah, the graphics are constantly horrible, but they've never made a point of spending much on them, and their customer base has never really cared much about it.

I'm frankly surprised they bothered to port this to the 360. As the confused comments here indicate, there doesn't seem to be a big audience for point-and-click, talk-heavy adventures there.

I did a riff on this about a year or two ago. Can't remember all the jokes, but the bit before he strangles the lady I was like "Wait, what, no, not, ew, don't, stop.... oh, phew, he's only strangling her. For a second there I thought this was going to get icky, but blood and guts is AOK."

the second hand smoke researchers sadly all died of lung cancer before they could report their findings.

There is a reason why the general reading public did not allow Conan Doyle to kill Holmes in The Final Problem .

It was because he had to survive long enough to be brutally murdered by this game.

Anyone else notice that the murder was around 3:30 am on August 31st, and then the conversation between Holmes and Watson was in the morning of September 1st? The Star better get better reporters if it can't get a story out any faster than that. Although, it makes it fairly humorous that the body "Was found last night, still warm" in the red light district. Them wacky 19th century London necrophiliacs.

Just to tell you, the page 3 girl is a gutter press paper called "The Sun".
"The Star" or the "Daily Star" is only porn and football... or even just porn(depending on what footballers have been up to).

But yeah... this game looks dreadful...

Wow! This game looks and sounds like shit. It feels like those first games that came in bundles when you bought the first 1x or 2x CD players and Sound Blaster sound cards back in 1993. Some of them were actually better in casting actors and graphics, believe it or not.

This looks like a review job for the Angry Videogame Nerd. James, are you there?

It's nice to see that some people here are giving this series some due credit. The story and the puzzles in these games blow any gripes about the dodgy interface and the dated graphics out of the water.

SH: The Awakened and SH versus Jack the Ripper are definitely among my Point 'n Click all-time favorites.

The Star was actually an 1880s paper which sensationalised the whitechapel killings,

Which still goes on today only now it sensationalises women's breasts.

Is this series still going on? I remember playing Sherlock Holmes: The Awakened a couple years ago, in which the great detective confronted the cult of Cthulhu, which was a painfully mediocre adventure. Sometimes the premise of a game is so tantalizing that you want it to become great in spite of uninspired writing, awkward controls, poor animation and lame puzzles. It doesn't appear that the series has improved much since then.

In that game Holmes would occasionally ask Watson to solve one of the puzzles, and the player was required to type in Watson's response. The game would freeze at that point, until you entered the correct response. If you were stumped you could not back out from that quiz; everything else was paused until you could answer.

You would explore the game's environments, with Watson following you, but the game did not or could not animate Watson. Watson would simply be standing behind you when you turned around, and he'd remain rooted to whatever spot until you looked around. I could walk backwards focused on Watson until he was very far off, then turn, turn again, and boom! Watson would be standing right next to me.

yeah you guys were doing so well, but this video was a fail, not really funny at all, look unskippable was the first thing i saw before i found out loadingreadyrun, but you guys just arent doing aswell as you used to, i kinder dont feel like watching your vids anymore

Is it wrong that I really want to play that now!

Like in a "so bad, it's good" kinda way?

Looks like a great unintentional comedy!

Is it wrong that I really want to play that now!

Like in a "so bad, it's good" kinda way?

Looks like a great unintentional comedy!

To be fair sherlock holmes maybe the greatest detective to have never lived, but it doesn't mean he knows where every little town is in a huge city like london :P

and i can't believe thats a 360 game >.<

It's hard to be NPC - cameraman could do anything to you... (:

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i disagree with unskippable, the comments are really not funny :(
i am just voicing my 'opinion without being aggressive, regardless of whom it is directed at.'

Of all the things that struck me from this intro, the most jarring is the fact that Sherlock Holmes DOES NOT smoke when he is bored--he shoots cocaine.

The first person Ripper was incredibly awkward. You don't do that to people.

+This game sounds nothing like Sherlock, but it would be hard to do it well. Holmes doesn't like scrounging about from evidence and prefers to make ever accurate but absurd logical leaps from evidence the reader wasn't ever presented with, whilst Watson looks on.

Heck even the PoV is meant to be Watson not Holmes. I don't feel any game could do the detective justice and be a good game

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