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"I will make a man out of you... if it's the last thing you do..."


When 'Brian Blessed-meets-Burger-King' tells you to protect your face, you do it!

I really like retro guy. He seems trustworthy.

I want to see more of RPG Master, thought I didn't like what he said about Final Fantasy XIII, but then again, I'm part of the small group of people that think that game was good and isn't afraid to say it. Oh, alto the Terror Master.

But... Puzzle, RTS, RPG, Terror, Platform, FPS, Retro, Fighting... Am I missing someone? Because I don't think we have seen 11 masters.

was the creature caster master guy fired?
and then they just moved to the next guy on the film festival list?

Sperium 3000:
But... Puzzle, RTS, RPG, Terror, Platform, FPS, Retro, Fighting... Am I missing someone? Because I don't think we have seen 11 masters.

The 11 are:

{Edit} Double post. Sorry. So, I might as well make it productive...

There's also a 12th main character that will be introduced in Episode 1.

Sperium 3000:

But... Puzzle, RTS, RPG, Terror, Platform, FPS, Retro, Fighting... Am I missing someone? Because I don't think we have seen 11 masters.

Racing, MMO and Sports

Ya know. I felt like a certain amount of the "cheesiness" of the retro master fit the character. I enjoyed it all for what it was. Looking forward to the next installment.

kind of.. not good, RPG master saved it at the end

Besides seeming a little too low budget (nice bright orange tip on a gun you have there) and the Retro guy laying the cheese on pretty thick, it was pretty good.

I would have changed the guns for BB guns atleast, they look real while being alot safer than a real gun.

Makes sense that Retro Master as cheesy acting skills, because retro games are all about that. Also, wouldn't make sense to have a Shooter/Shooting Master insteado of FPS? Because not every shooter is in first person, you know.

Certainly my cup of tea, and I hope to hear more from the RPG master, we seem to be on the same Wave Length... "It should have never happened, but here we are, screwed."

well for the first person shooters first job my guess would be
getting a total nOOb to LEAD his targets with certain weapons!
or teaching a nOOb to use the Commo-Rose correctly(like enemy boat spotted on dry land ROFL!)

when i play bf2142 and i try to shoot down a transport with a pilum the first thing i do is predict two/three possabale paths with red lines drawn in my mind!

the next thing is harder judge the speed and rate of assent/decent

then pick a point on the red line to get the kill make adjustments on the go and fire so the shell arrives when the enemy is also arriving at that point
its a simular deal with using tanks to shoot down transports

Pilot had me laughing pretty good. I'm excited for the next 4 episodes (if I read an earlier post correctly).

Not sure what to make of the Retro master quite yet, as wacky would make sense that a lot of the old school games were indeed silly. But once he really sits into his character/I can grasp what kind of character he is, I think this series will be pretty solid.

I'm hyped :) Good stuff!

Ha, I liked it. Really, I am pretty full up on opinion pieces. I mean, we have so many intelligent, sarcastic, cynical, witty, inspiring, and sometimes depressing articles/videos concerning what is happening to gaming today, where the industry is headed, what games where crap and which ones where 'must have'....I could go for some light, nerdy humor. Thumbs up.

Kinda funny but also kinda dumb. I'm interested to see what they have to offer in future episodes.

Before a lazy Sunday let me watch it I thought it was a real life serious people teaching others to play games, but that was awesome. Can't wait for the next one.

"Where is your helm? Why have you not equipped it? *Kicks sand in face*

That black dude was hillarious! He made the whole episode for me :D
He should have been the combat trainer tho....why did you guys have to put that weird white guy X_X He looks like he gets his ass kicked alot not the other way around X_X

I actually felt worse for watching this.

atleast with jimquisition i thought he was trying.

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