Jimquisition: Accountability

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Okay this is strange. I find myself actually....enjoying his videos.

Very surprising.

Another fantastic episode, jim! Keep up the great work!

Holy shit, Jim actually has a really well-thought-out and well-delivered point.

I've occasionally watched Jimquisition when Yahtzee doesn't provide enough bile for the week, but this was actually really interesting.

Go Jim!

I must admit, like mold between the fat rolls of a morbidly obese man with poor bathing habits, he's beginning to grow on me.

His first couple videos made me grind my teeth. Now I can't tell if he's changing his persona or if I'm just beginning to enjoy it more since it's become obvious that he isn't nearly as much of a self-important arrogant prick as he presents himself in his videos.

EDIT: sweet, 200th post! ...only took me a few years.

i do admit i missed ya jim. thanks for the thought food.

Dayumn, I'm really tired of passwords getting all over the place.

Will only sign up to Jimquisition Plus if it comes with a wallpaper of Mr. Sterling naked on a couch.

I loved how you used a picture of the Glukkons from Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus to represent the publishers. Good vid Jim. You just get better and better.

This is the best Jimquisition yet. The part about the First Templar was priceless, and the topic was spot on.

Man...I miss the old jimquisition none escapist you have neutered your self jim to appeal to the masses here.

Really starting to like this bloke, although couldn't help but notice there was no mention of the The Escapist's Publisher's Club.

Afraid to bite the hand that feeds, Jim?

easily his best episode yet

The escapist servers went down? Was it an attack or just a normal failure?

I agree on a lot of points he made here, but used-games and pirating are obviously not a good thing. With used games, I don't mean you selling a game you don't want anymore over ebay or something like that, but GameStop.

Gamestop is making millions and millions of dollars by ripping both consumers and developers off. I am wondering why developers still do business with this company. They are good for no one, but the shareholders of GameStop.

DRM to stop pirating is generally a bad thing. It only affects the paying customers since it is not rare that pirates actually get their game before it is even out in retail-stores. The DLC solution is a terrible one. The joy I could draw from Dragon Age Origins was greatly diminished by the two hours I had to spend creating online accounts, searching forums for trouble guides and talking with Bioware Employees. Every time I started the game I first had to dive into several directories on my pc to allow the game to load the DLC. If I forgot to do this, I wouldn't be able to play on my character since it had DLC save-files.

If you want to force people to register online you better have some advantages tied to it and make sure it isn't much of a hassle. Good examples of this would be SC2, allowing you to enter your account anywhere on the world and continue playing the campaign on entirely different PC's as long as it has SC2 installed. The blocking of LAN was a dick-move though.

BEst episodes so far. Keep it up, or at least don't increase the smug humor.

Valid points once again, all these haters are giving you power as well. Just keep on making excellent videos with good points, also, I really want to kiss you.

Goddamn it. I really want to hate you Jim. I really do. I want to hate this overblown, poorly acted, bullshit persona of yours, but I can't. But you are quite the intelligent chap pie. I still hate you, but I can't ignore the truth of your message. Well said.

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