Trailers: Team Fortress 2: Meet the Medic

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That label said Loch ness hamster

"And that's how I lost my medical license!"

Not what you want to hear from the guy that just tore out your heart.

It was more "The Origin of the √úbercharge" than Meet the Medic if you ask me. I hoped we got to see a bit more into the Medic's personality and backstory because he seemed to be just a mad doctor without any real depth.

Though now all that's left is for someone to find a way to sync this to My Little Pony clips of Fluttershy, like they've done with all the others...

Kind of fits, doesn't it? With Fluttershy being an animal lover and that the Medic have pet birds. I bet it's a coincidence though, but Valve do know their internet...

Anybody notice that the first rocket that hits the heavy explodes. But the rest bounce off?

I still wan't a meet the pyro, but this will do for now... VALVE!!!

I find it hilarious for the fact that the Heavies heart is "not" in his body.
And yet the doctor still tells him a joke. That made my day. ha

"That's how i lost my medical license"

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