Feed Dump: Lemon Flavored Goodness

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This video makes me want to go re-download that 'androidtuma' (or something like that)app on my phone again... basically they took the levan polka song, broke it into 1-2 syllable bits, and assigned each bit to a button. Assemble your own Finnish gibberish as performed by a Japanese computer program! (I keep downloading it right before cons becuase it makes for a fun conversation piece, then immedately delete it again after becuase I don't ever use it otherwise!)

This is the best Trio for Feed Dump.

I will be mad when you change it next week.

Can't believe Alex was actually trying to sing the leekspin song, rofl

Levan's Polka for the win! Whether its the Miko, Holly Dolly, Leekspin, or original, they're all fantastic :)

I bet the next episode will do "Alex reacts" with Paul.

Lemon Flavored Goodness

This week, Feed Dump brings you Thunderdome, lemon incest and professional gluttony.

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For you, Alex.

yay, miku!!! awesome! great episode. and we need to hear more of Kathleen's accent

"I don't know what you two are doing but you don't get to do it anymore."

Best quote on the internet so far methinks

Feed Dump is like hot chocolate flavored java poured directly into my brain-hole!

i loved everything about this episode. never stop.

So THAT'S why the turtle crossed the road.

I can't wait for the first album of Dromedary Pit (feat. Lemon Incest).

"I don't know what you two are doing, but you don't get to anymore."

After my second time watching this, it is obvious that they are tripping on the lemon incest.

does lemon pledge taste like lemon insest I must go find out.

Tim Mazzola:
I now love Alex forever for saying "yukkuri shiteitte ne"

I know! *Points at avatar.*

Alex takes it easy!

(Also, a billion points for "skullfuck the lemons and sell the drippings in a can".)

I am guessing the Baboon was the NJ baboon that escaped from sixflags and waleked up to a guy mowing his lawn and tried to stop him by grabbing the handle (I can't make it funny I'm Sure Graham et al could)

Well, if the guy was mowing early in the morning I say carry on, my wayward baboon.

My favorite part of the article I read was:

She said all of Great Adventure's (150) baboons are vaccinated, fenced in and implanted with microchips beneath their skin, but they are not counted daily because they sleep outside in the Monkey Jungle preserve.

How the hell would you count 150 baboons anyway? "One, two, thre- damn. One, two- STOP MOVING DAMMIT! Ah, hell, it looks about right. Call it 150."

I prefer this take on the baboon story which comments on the baboons burgeoning Twitter account. Seems his rampaging exploits needed to be tweeted and garnered him some NJ followers:-

In other monkey related nonsense this has been tickling me all week thus far:-

For anyone unaware of why every bizarre story from around the world isn't in this week's Feed Dump every week, the team are heavily reliant on people emailing them about the stories. Seriously. They have lives beyond trawling the web for your entertainment! Email them if you want something included. That's why the whole opening sequence about the inbox overflowing, etc.

Russian is the only accent I can do too. However, I can't do it intentionally. I have to start with another accent, and it just turns into Russian. My intentional Russian accents turn into Irish accents.


I don't know if it's how sleep-deprived I am, how I'm procrastinating on a big ass presentation I have to give tomorrow, or that it's almost 1 in the morning, but this was one of the funniest non-Zero Punctuation videos I've seen in a long time on this site.


oh my gosh the Russian accent scene...
and "meanwhile, hungry people everywhere..."

wow , that's probably the best episode in the series to date !

"Alex Reacts" segment was hilarious , and Kathleen was so adorable , I would've gave her a big hug just for that ! ^^

keep it coming , guys.

wow... "you fat, you fired" I was laughing so hard.... nicely delivered...


I don't mean to be a troll but why are you using the american spelling of the word "flavour"?

This is actually the first thing I though upon seeing the title of the episode.

Well, we may be Canadian, but The Escapist is an American website, so for the title of an episode I decided to go with the American spelling.

Thanks for the clarification!

And a reply from Graham is way better than some silly princess.:p She probably doesn't have nearly as many interesting hats!

Alex and Kathleen's antics are an endless source of amusement. Easily one of the best episodes to date.

Now please excuse me while I find out what Miku is...

That was the most hilarious thing ive seen in a long time. Thanks Kathleen you just made my morning.

Kathleen is the first person who I actually know of who cares about the English Royal Family. This is made worse by the fact that I'm English.

Haha, that was great! What's sad is that I knew who Kathleen was talking about with the eating thing, and I only watched the guy once. It was such an interesting broadcast that I still remember it. Also, I think I remember hearing the guy out ate a bear, but I might be thinking of something else. Also, squishy bread.

Didn't know that Alex was into Miku.. Or that Kathleen was so into Kate. Curse your obsession with Kate! Now we'll never hear the baboon story. D:

Kathleen is the first person who I actually know of who cares about the English Royal Family. This is made worse by the fact that I'm English.

Canadians are historically defined as those Americans who like Britain (or France). Back in the 18th century they were all like Kathleen. :)

Alex likes Vocaloid!

Oh Alex, how could you like vocaloids? Just as Graham says, you shouldn't be allowed to do that anymore...whatever that was. If you guys want a better lemon flavored energy drink have a

This is the best episode so far! I wanna watch it again!


Best episode EVAAAR!

I...... love this show.
Oh I am so fired in Russia.

This series is outstandingly hilarious, I hope to see it run for a long, long time. Great work, keep it up.


Great show folks :) <3d the Kame-ish, Miku-y, Lemony-incestuous goodness. Good wholesome lolz. Keep em rollin!

I occasionally have the same reaction to Kathleen that she has to Kate.

So I watched this and then went to look up what the hell a Miku was...Now I weep for the soul of mankind.

So baboons next week?
Loved it guys this is my fave out of all your shows now

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