Name Game: The Cosplay Dilemma Part 2

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Actions speak louder than lulz...never were true-er words spoken.

You're turning 20? :P You're only 4 (soon to be 3) years older than me! And happy birthday!

Wow, Elisa is only 20? I'm not that old (shut up I'm not!), but now I feel like I'd just be the creepy old man if I ever met her.

Anyway, great comic, but if I were in Lando's shoes I'd tell Jack to stuff it. Not my/his fault that Jack is a moron.

awwww. I would wear any costume she makes.

20 is a fun age. Now you can say "Damn Teenagers" and get away with it.

Happy birthday! Now please stop making me feel old.

Happy 20th~
The last panel is hilarious!

happy birthday

and your comic blows me away week but week, you are talented (art and jokes combined!)

A funny, 20 year old who draws comics... if I dressed like the sunflower from PvsZ would you go out with me?


I dislike the whole "if you were comfortable with yourself, you would do what other people tell you to do instead of being yourself" argument.

Wait a second- I'm a year older than Leels??
In my world people who achieve things are never younger than me. That is a terrifying concept.
I must go out and do something impressive at once...

I like this, also happy birthday.

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