Zero Punctuation: Red Faction Armageddon

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here here and hwat and fourth

first you have a game that lets you mop up terrain with a very limited resource of explosives, give or take if i missed a hammer along the way, possible to hide how far your human-hole can go for no reason better than filling me with rage i rightfuly shouldnt have felt upon bastards in some far away land that will probably one day trying to introduce me to remote tissue damage

then you have buildings glued togeather, but not actualy part of some cackly-if-wished minecrafting algorythm, and a fairly realistic happenings of going on i bought years after its make for 20$ simply because i knew it was going to be mindblowing. i may also note not quite sure if its disgruntled miners in favor of bowl noodles, hungrymans, vending goods and fried dough, or communists, but i assure you, it is the first.

then you have gimmicky bullshit rail shooter

edit: bad mood nvm

I want them to actually make Red Faction: Moustache now. Who's with me?

Wait a minute! If the terraforming machine got broken how was everyone still breathing?? 'Cause I saw the trailer for this game and I didn't see anyone running around in space suits.

there is still oxygen but the surface is plagued by violent storms so everyone just lives underground

I was quite surprised with how much i liked this game, it kind of reminded me of what everyone says the original Duke Nukem was like. The plot is a joke, the characters are all cheesy and uninteresting. Darius is a gigantic cynical abusive dick that complains about everything, and the game is sorely missing a soundtrack. On the other hand the combat is really fun, there is about 14 weapons to choose from quite strong and entertaining to use. There is even unlock able cheats to make game play more exciting after you finish a play through. The magic flashlight is really quite necessary i remember playing guerrilla and having to spend several minutes trying to climb a mountain because i accidentally blew up the stairs to my objective. I think the main problem with this game is that THQ tried to make it to serious there's even audio logs you can find if you really want to that try to expand and complicate the story but if anything it should be cut down. Its something you just pop in, mute, and decimate the landscape with a pony that fires lasers out its ass.

The generators have a "not" chip between them and the force field and the force field's input floats high.

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