Goodbye is Still Goodbye

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It'll be sad with you gone Russ. It was fun to have you as editor and chief here. But now who will defend us if Kross decides to hijack the forum with the evil plans that I am as certain Kross has! How certain am I? I'm as certain as people were that Titanic wad unsinkable!
Sarcasm if you don't get it.

You did a pretty good job, Russ. Minus game dogs that is. Peace.

Good luck in the future! :3

Not gonna cry. Not gonna fucking cry.

We'll miss what you added to the site. It shall not be forgotten.


Good bye Russ Pitts, may your finger always be at your side, ready to fire whenever you may need it during your next big adventure. I'll always remember the bit of acting you did, the articles you've writen, and the badges you inspired. Have a gooder!

Also, I might have to join twitter just to follow you now.


Adios, dear, sweet space cowboy.


Thank you for playing your part in making the Escapist what it is. I've been reading the Escapist for awhile now (Before I became a member). It's the only place that let's me hear/read about videogames as something significant and worthy of discussion. The Escapist has put 'Videogame journalism' right up there in the things that not only I want to read about, but also in the things that I feel are valuable to read. It sounds a tad silly, but in a place where videogames are dismissed as 'stupid fun' or 'child-play', it means a lot to me.

Thank you Mr Pitts.

That being said, I'm glad Mr Butts is stepping up to the role, he's one of my favourite people on the Escapist. :)

Sorry to see you go........ Good luck on your next venture...

Goodbye Russ, and good luck on your future adventures.

Thanks a ton for what you've done for the Escapist, you will be missed.

D= whhaaaaattttt

it's been good, Mr. Pitts. always hoped to meet the Escapist team at some point in my life, and the ol' EIC was def the first person I thought of

don't be a stranger! (hint hint guest articles)

Thanks for all your hard work Russ. Take care and goodluck !

I've always liked your work and way of thinking. You will be missed, Mr Pitts.


Well, bigger and better things right?

Keep in touch boss. Reviews and podcasts won't be the same without you.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

I see what you did there dolphin....

Well, see ya Russ.

GG, Pitts, gg.

Sad to see you go Mr. Pitts, but it's been a good run. Until we meet again!

Goodbye Russ! We'll miss you dearly!

Goodbye Russ, I wasn't here at the beginning, but I've sure as hell been around to see some of the bigger changes, We'll miss you man.


good bye and good luck on your new advenrtures.

P.S. am i the only one who noticed that we are having Pit(ts) changed to But(ts)

Good luck to you sir. You will be missed.

Farewell, old bean.

Good luck; may the force be with you.

It'll be shame to see you go Russ, but you can be proud as f#*k of what you've accomplished. Thank you for helping make the escapist into something amazing!

goodbye russ pitts I hope you find fourtune wherever you go
(someone in facebook chat may have told the future the other day)

What can I say other than good bye and thanks for good bye.
All fuck it!

See you space cowboy.

Goodbye, and thanks for all the fish.

HGTTG reference ftw. I guess I didn't have to point that out though, I think everyone on this site will know..




Good luck and +1 for activism (such as preserving wildlife etc) :)

Have a fun life.

Sorry to see you leave, you will be missed :(

This is quite sad indeed, but if you want to go, then go :'(
Hopefully Steve will fit into your shoes, so to speak.
And i hope you'll have a great life whatever you do :D!

Also, it was kinda sad seeing the final fingergun.
Oh, it is sad day, as Heavy Weapons Guy said.

Goodbye, Mr. Pitts. You will be missed. /salute

I wish you happiness on your future adventures.

Farewell fair.. uh... prince? Good luck with whatever you plan on doing next

So what will become of the podcast? If your gonna replace Pitts can you get someone who wont condescend and alienate me for my view and/or taste in games?

I wish you all the best in the future, I've discovered this website two years ago and it's only gotten better since.

Thanks for all your work


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