Pick Your Own Path: Silent Hill

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I've found the four clues which tell you exactly how to get the 1st ending:

btw: Once you have seen the clues you wonder how you could possibly not have see them before. But the first time around I didn't notice them either. They were disguised pretty smartly by giving them a fitting context.

And about the 2nd ending:

I can't believe it was that easy! Or I can, because I was trying so hard that the obvious just didn't register...

About the second ending:

Anyway, thanks for pointing the clues out. It was driving me crazy! Which, I suppose, is the whole point of Silent Hill...

Haha, the fire department picture is actually the fire department close to my boyfriend's home here in Wichita, KS. Very cool.

happens everytime i walk into fog...
internet memes - What Else Could It Be!?

i died of freezing to death in the fog on the first try...
Noooooo! weather channel! why have failed me? *dies*

also nice effect with the static. I almost missed it, but i saved my life until i burned to death after getting sprayed in the face with blood...

@Truehare: You're welcome.
And it's not really obvious. I spent a lot of time searching for it.
The hints to the 2nd ending are much more obvious as the

stands out, it's just not what you would expect to be mentioned that much in such a Silent Hill story. While the hints to the first ending are disguised in a way looking like stuff you always encounter in Silent Hill.

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