Unskippable: Dark Souls

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Let me help you a little with the plot, though I don't know if it actually HELPS.. Well, here we go, my theory about the story:


At the beginning, there were dragons. They were the rulers of world. But as to all things must come and end, so does come the end of the rule of dragons. In the depths of the dark, the Lord souls were found. And the souls, they took form. Nito, Izalith, Gwyn and the furtive pygmy. The Lords challenged the dragons, eventually defeating them. Thus began the age of fire - the age, of Lords and humans.

Nito came to be the ruler of death, judging from the deep chambers of the tomb of the giants. Gwyn became the Lord of sunlight and cinder, and was praised by all. Izalith researched the art of flame, and eventually came to be the mother of the art of pyromancy. Seath achieved the title of duke for his acts in the battle against dragons, and also started researching, for he wanted to achieve immortality like his betrayed brethren. With the title of duke, Seath married the daughter of Gwyn, Gwynevere, who eventually gave birth to Priscilla. And the pygmy, he remained furtive and was not mentioned in the almanacs of history.

But eventually, the flames began to fade, the balance between life and death began to dwindle. Seaths daugther was not accepted in the world of humans, crossbreed as she was, and the poor thing eventually created his own, cold and lonely painted world inside a painting, guarded by numerable men. Gwyn became mad with power, and his loyal knights turned evil towards all things except the Lords. Thus, the undead rose in numbers, and started eradicating entire nations. Izalith, in her temple of fire, tried to duplicate the first flame, but instead, transformed into an malformed, horrendous being. Seath became so passionate with his research, that his mind twisted, and the Dukes archives became a forbidden place of evil experiments.

And as to all things comes to an end, so does to the rule of Lords. The descendant of the pygmy shall rise from amongst undead, and challenge the Lords. And in the legends it is stated, that this unknown hero shall, with the strength of the Lords, defeat Gwyn, Lord of sunlight and cinder - and inherit the fire, so that humanity could be kindled once more, and that men and women may finally become lords of themselves.

Nito is a giant, not a dead human zombie skeleton thing. His skeleton body whatever is the skeleton body whatever of a giant, not a human. He killed other giants after he became the first of the dead and took their bones and made his boney exterior so people wouldn't make fun of him for having no skin. The entire game is an allegory for a teenager's high school years. Seath killed the other dragons 'cause he has no scales and they made fun of him. Also, he doesn't have any legs so they made fun of him for that too. The witch of Izalith was a huge slut and gave birth to so many kids. Everyone called her a slut. Gwyn has a girls name so he set fire to things. It all makes sense really.

I love the "___ is a great band name" and "___ is the name of my ___ cover band" running jokes. Especially when they turn into hipster jokes.

The narrative to Dark Souls (and Demon's Soul) is very cryptic... although given how morbid the game world is, maybe that's a good thing.


A bunch of things wrong with that


Yeah, the story is surprisingly deep. It's just really out of the way.

my friend was playing this game a while back...now he's an undead

or maybe that was just me watching him play it lol

"Wait... How are there skeletons if there aren't people yet-to die... and make skeletons...?"

Laughed my ass off with the "Those!" fallout reference. I had a micro-second of "wait, what" but then it hit me. Very good.
I am a little sad I am the first to say it. Did so few others catch that?

Someone played Fallout 3...

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