Sovngarde Song

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My only problem with these responses is that you DON'T name names. Because FUCK anonymity, when you're being a dickhead, everyone should know.

Oh, nice...In your trek through Scandinavian folk music, did you happen to discover Hedningarna, Garmarna, or Gjallarhorn? Three of my very favorite bands there. (They're more reinterpretations of folk music than traditional folk music, but it still counts.)

My only problem with these responses is that you DON'T name names. Because FUCK anonymity, when you're being a dickhead, everyone should know.

This, just... this.

I found the metal part of the song to be lacking and not really fitting of the game in question

As music is completely subjective I can happily say that's perfectly fine with me. However, in defence of the metal(-ish) part, I believe personally no other music style better captures and reflects the Viking, Nordic spirit and soul. There's even an entire genre devoted to it.

I think this was my comment, though my memory is known for being a little vague at times.. I've honestly been eagerly anticipating this article to see if it included it, seeing how you similarly responded to it initially. I've got to be honest though, since the time I made that gut reaction comment, I've actually listened to this song several more times. I've come to really quite enjoy the song in its entirety. I guess it was really just different enough to initially put me out of my comfort zone (I don't listen to metal).

Whenever I play Skyrim, the timer I use to remind me to stop playing plays this song. No better way to wrench myself away from a great game than a great piece of music.

pardon me, but your response to the question of whether or not you "play under the influence" kind of offends me to be honest. not that i care if you use drugs or not, but saying that you don't like to be around people who use drugs and then in the same breath saying you have no problem playing after a couple of drinks, well for one it doesn't make sense because alcohol is a drug, which i think a lot of people forget for some reason, and also your statement sort of implies that people who use "drugs" are less pleasant than those who drink, i guess it just seems unfair that you would alienate one group and not another, sorry for the rant loved the song btw

I'm happy to say that I got your album over the holidays, and enjoyed it a lot! Do you have any idea of how often you will officially release albums?

Also, I would love to hear about Wheatley's Song. It is one of my favorites!

Can i just say i have huge respect for Gavin, his music is simply amazing. As a musician myself i sometimes find it difficult to match lyrics to music and conequently end up with folders full of poetry (lol). I purchases the album Level 1 and all of the Singles not present on that album from iTunes. Seriously Gavin you're awesome, i'll be following you and buying your music for as long as you'll allow it!

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