LoadingReadyRun: The Break

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I spy a spoonerism...hooray! Hehe..." So, did you guys break up?" "Yeah. Banshee wailed for the relationship's death and everything." Nice. More Banshee love in the future? Yeah, I'd be alright with that.

...Who wails if the banshee has a breakup?


...Who wails if the banshee has a breakup?

Death. A regular wail just does not cut it for someone who hears it all the time.

Those chains on the banshees body seem oddly unnatural...or rather even more unnatural than a wailing banshee. Those chains seemed tacked on and unmoving. Green screen?

That was great, some people just require a supernatural punch in the gut to realize what's happened.

I have to ask if Cameron looking at the camera, and breaking the 4th wall, was intentional?

Poor Matt, he never gets the girl // Althou this video did take a really weird turn there with the introduction of the banshee // Way to keep us on tour toes guys, always mixing it up, I like it // Really good effects on it too


Paul's hair reminds me of a quail

Wow, either that Banshee's really hit rock bottom or that relationship was really awesome. To go for Alexander the Great to that?

Wait isn't The Banshee traditionally female? To the extent that "bean" literally means woman. Yes I'm calling you out on Irish mythology.

Who's to say it wasn't female? Sure Paul played it, but maybe it was a very masculine banshee?

Interesting idea, but a little too much set-up for not nearly enough payoff. Cam pulling the cork out half-heartedly with his teeth was cool and Paul was disturbingly perfect for his description, but...yeah. Denial and the various stories you tell yourself about how you and whoever haven't really broken up or how they didn't really blow you off are just more sad than funny.

I've got to agree with this, unfortunately, I found this more sad than funny.

Possibly the best video the LRR crew has ever made (and I have seen nearly everything)!

The Break

Sometimes you need some extra convincing before you'll accept the truth.

Watch Video

Is that a bottle of the Glenlivet I spy (at the end)? Damn fine taste, sirs and madams!

Heh, Susan said sorry like a Canadian. And then John did.

The Banshee as a relationship counselor both terrifies and amuses me.

"The Banshee Sees A Lack Of Communication. The Banshee Recalls The Wailing Agonies Of A Thousand Nightmares. The Banshee Suggests Open Hones-" *ding*

"..."The Banshee's Time Is Up. Please Make An Appointment With The Banshee's Secretary."

I dunno... this seems more of a proclamation than counseling, doesn't it? I'd like to explore whether or not the banshee gets in on the other end of that gig:

"If Any Mortal Among Ye See Fit that This Couple Should Not Be Wed, Let Him Speak Now, And His Voice Be Devoured By The Wail Which Knows No Peace."

"Into The Clawing Void, You've Breathed Your Wretched Question. The Void Has Heard You, And Wails Back: Lisa Likes You. Yes, That Way."

It's disturbing how well Paul played the banshee. Also... Cameron's "We spoke the language of love" line... absolutely priceless.

Heh, Susan said sorry like a Canadian. And then John did.

Yeah, we're soh-ry about that.


Also was Paul the banshee? Voice and otherwise?

Paul was the physical banshee, and half of the voice.

He usually looks so calm and friendly, it's amazing what a pair of doom booties can do to a guy.

Probably explains the hair too.

the music in the beginning made me think it was another commodore hustle episode lol, it was pretty good, but my only problem was the guy not matt or paul the other one, he just isn't that good of an actor, granted he seems cool but yeah

Wait, I'm confused. So, they're on a break, right?

Well...that was unexpected

The banshee segment was awesome! How did you do that?

I would send the hounds after the girl who dumped Matt Wubbins.

Also Paul makes a good agent of doom. I could see him playing a Grim Reaper in a future sketch.

The Banshee - kicking denial in the crotch for over two millennia.

HAHAHAHA wow oh man I lost it the moment the Banshee got to "I wail for the death of your relationship with-"

amazing stuff :] perfect for Valentine's Day

Cam was perfect in this episode.

I liked everyone, but Cameron really sold the video.

"We spoke the language of love." 'gigglesnort'


Ah, Jameson. It cures what ails you. Unless what ails you is alcoholism.

Those chains on the banshees body seem oddly unnatural...or rather even more unnatural than a wailing banshee. Those chains seemed tacked on and unmoving. Green screen?

Nope; prop chains. Go watch the Loading Time video. They usually cover most/all of the behind the scene stuff.

That Banshee must be really desperate for work, that or its career is in the same place as Robin Williams.

That was a good episode. I wasn't sure who wrote it at first, since you can usually tell who wrote what by their style. And "Doom Booties" still gets me.

The funniest thing about this video was that guys inability to stop looking at the camera...also, his apparent cameraphobia, judging by his facial expression.

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