Trailers: Mass Effect 3 - Take Back Earth Trailer

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I have to agree.

What I liked about the first Mass Effect is that it at least paid half-hearted lip service to Clarke/Asimov style scifi, interwoven in the usual space opera bling, but after the first game I can't help but to get the feeling that somebody is on a mission to root out any such things to only leave the Michael Bay elements remaining.

I realise that this is a minority opinion, but there you go.

As for the extended version of the trailer; It feels rather unfocused -- flash cuts from several previous teasers, just the profitable "visceral" and "compelling" stuff, I suppose, which taken out of context adds nothing but padding.

I'm with you there, even though I never played ME 1 (PS3 gamer). With ME2, I found that the narrative quality ranged from a good Star Trek TNG episode to generic action in space, and it seems that they're focusing on the latter in this next one, though the demo's female Krogan gave me hope. The rights debacle emerging from female objectifaction for the sake of survival could be a really good plot thread.


I rather thought the Reapers were attacking everywhere. They simply take out Earth first to eliminate the wild card. Remember, humanity has been a galactic power for less than 40 years. Compare that to the hundreds, if not thousands of years the Reapers' have had to observe the Asari, Krogan, Salariens, ect. They are interested in humanity because they're new and introduce new, irritating variables into Reaper plans. Easy solution? Wipe them out and the plan proceeds as scheduled with no messy new calculations.

Eh, that's how I'm interpreting it anyway.

why havent they developed mobile suits? why does noone in the future ever think of developing mobile suits if faced by chtutulu?

Halo 3's trailer was like this. And Resistance 3. And Gears of War 3.

This pattern is worrying. Maybe its indicative of an infectious disease among game developers.

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