Escape to the Movies: Tim and Eric's Billion Dollar Movie

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I have no opinion about those two guys. I wanted to add my two cents about Bob's thoughts about how those two guys view Middle America.

Most parodies of rural Americana contain an undercurrent of contempt and disregard for what's being held up for satire, frequently slipping over the line into ridicule. But Tim and Eric really get the real places that this stuff is coming from, and even empathize with their often twisted awful characters, characters who scream "HEY! It's really BAD out here! Will somebody please help us!"

That's even worse.

Rather than laughing at a stereotype, Tim and Eric believe in the stereotype. Or at least Bob believes in the stereotype and thinks that Tim and Eric do as well.

Replace "rural Americana" in the quoted section above with, say, "blacks" or "Jews" or "Australians" and tell me how you think it sounds (especially to blacks, Jews, or Australians). Some of us actually live in middle America and are constantly amazed at what some of you who don't live here think about what life here is like.

"Oh those poor suburbanites. How awful it must be to be them. Lucky for them that I empathize with the miserable bastards instead of making fun of them. I know it looks like I'm making fun of them, but trust me, my mockery is born of a deep understanding of their plight." Really. Gee, thanks. It's nice to know you care. How would I ever have known about the pointlessness of my own existence if you hadn't shared your enlightened worldview with me.

Feel free to take your condescension and stuff it where the sun doesn't shine (Seattle, from what I hear). In the meantime, I'll be over here enjoying King of the Hill, which not only has a good time laughing at the suburban stereotypes but is also laced with genuine appreciation for the happy realities of middle America rather than self-imagined sympathy for the non-existent plight of those presumed to be less fortunate, less happy, and less wise than the creators of our mass media.

Thank you random_eddie. Bob, we get it, you're a far left jewish homosexual. Do you really need to slam us with that all the time? It would be really nice to just hear a nice review. It's odd. When I first listened to one of your reviews, I thought, "Gee, someone who actually gets it." Then I started from the very first and decided to move forward. I'm hoping that as I continue to move forward in your reviews, you grow up as a movie critic and actually comment on the movie and not the political stance it takes. This "movie" (for a lack of term other than an extended 15 minute bad episode of Adult Swim) for example, is just pitiful. Yet for some reason, you thought it was "inspiring and enlightening". Just sad.

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