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Yeah, everyone knows that messed up style is the best

P.S. Also, why there isn't Sam Raimi style in the end?

This new feature will also include achievements for for example the positions you have used, the amount of positions you have used in a single session, the amount of times you've had sex and your partner's enjoyment level.

The Random One:
The real question, though, is: is it accurate enough to recognize self-love?

Take another look at the list - just above the bronie erotic roleplay :P

Tally and Jer making out? Seems a bit risque for LRR.

The web group that brought us "underpantaloons" and "fun with condoms".

Alright. NOT that risque.

This was the second sex scene in a LRR sketch involving Tally and Jer. The other one is in Sigma Theta Delta.

Graham's expression on the phone was superb. It really nailed the joke.

I want that picture. But I'm not sure what to use it for.

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