Zero Punctuation: Inversion

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I really hated this game. I thought it was going to be a unique gem after the TomSka video but it just became another repugnant shooter. Anyway, thanks for your input Yahtzee.

Wait there was a Tomska video about this game? When was this?

It's called 'First Date'

The fact that I actually got the reference at the end makes me feel old. Thanks Yahtzee.

This is why I watch this show, in order to find out whether or not I'll like the games. Problem is, half the time I just don't buy the games he reviews and just pick up whatever cutesy XBLA game is cheapest. Like for instance, I'm playing Minecraft. And that's about it.

Yeah even with knowing what I want to get from the great Yahtzee I've only got the money to get whats cheapest. Lately its been Crysis Warhead for the $10, Mark of the Ninja on XBLA and free games.

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