Escape to the Movies: Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part Two

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I might see this, but to give the people who created it any money might tell Hollywood that people like this. a piracy I go (at an indeterminate time to avoid legal penalties)

Captch appearently has it's own opinion about this: "by the book" I don't know if it dropped the "u" and wants me to validate the author, or if it is saying that this is how the book was supposed to be. either way a piracy I go.

Call this movie Queen, because the Twilight series finally...

*puts on sunglasses*

...bites the dust.

I'm just Vlad it's over.

OT: That does sound like a lot of fun. A few months from now when it comes out on Netflix/DVD, I'm gonna stock up on liquor, invite some friends over, and have a ball. Also, Bob's description of the battle was one of the funniest things I've heard in a while, solely because of the childlike glee that filled every line.

This topped Lincoln? I know Bob did an article about it but I was still expecting a video for the wide release. As if anyone needs to tell me it's going to be worth seeing...

The dream vampire war did sound pretty awesome. When the Blu-Ray comes out I would just want to see that part and nothing else. They can call it The Twilight Saga: The Only Good Part.

I have to say, I am actually surprised. I genuinely wasn't expecting that response. I mean, I was kind of anticipating another angry review, like the other Twilights got.

I might have to see this now. I mean, it's not enough for me to overcome my embarrassment to see it in the cinema, or buy it from a brick and mortar store. But I may order it from amazon. When it goes cheap. Under an assumed name. When no-one's watching. And I'll tell any friends/family it was for the rifftrax...

Well...I must say I am glad my girlfriend gave me a pass on seeing this, because if I had seen that cougar tackle in the cinema, oh lord. That is the funniest thing I have seen in a long, long time. I am still laughing and its been about ten minutes!

That one cougar-tackle clip just kills me every time. It's hilariously bad.

Man, it really is a shame that they didn't just go "screw it, we're doing our own thing" because that fight scene really sounds like something Monty Oum would make, and I love Monty Oum's fight scenes. But then they just said "ha ha! Screw you guys!" and gave us one of the most offensive things a movie could do.

I think I'll actually watch this one when my sister inevitably makes my parents buy it. It sounds like a riot.

I read Breaking Dawn part 2 and would liken the final chapters of T:BD to an episode Dragon Ball Z wherein Goku and Frieza are on opposite sides of a field and powering up, right before they attack the credits and 'next time on' screen appears. Unlike DBZ however, Twilight 4 never got a sequel and we all get to enjoy blue balls if we wanted Super-Vampire Wars.

I might just have to watch this now...

Not sure if hilarity is worth the ticket price... damn my poor student ass!

I didn't even know they did a Harry Potter Part 7 on this one. Then again, I didn't watch any of them, so how was I to know that the last one was only half the story?
I guess the makers of this movie wanted to try their own fanfic version of it, but only got so far as a dream sequence for it. Still, better than nothing!

wow, they actually go there? It's official: Twilight's own script writers and directors HATE this series. I wish they'd kept the dream ending with an added epilogue of the cast members telling the audience "STOP WATCHING THIS CRAP" just to fuck with idiots

Sooo, apparently one of the writers of the movie script lifted the first major battle scene from the rationalist twilight fic Luminosity and then went with the 'it's all a dream' to retcon the awesome? Pity.

I was expecting bob to go, "this review is just a dream, this is what the movie is actually like..."

First world problems, credits gags with too much text and too little time to read them without pausing the video :(

Yeah, I am so buying the Rifftrax to this when it comes out. Although I may have to watch this without it beforehand just to get the full-on stupidity of it.

Dakota Fanning gets eaten by a wolf? Dakota Fanning... Eaten on the big screen by a wolf? I've been wanting bad things to happen to her since the War of the Worlds remake. I have to see...*It was a dream* NO!

But seriously I might have to go see it just for that one scene.

It's all a dream? [head-desk] That being said I'll wait for a torrent or watch the battle on youtube. I will not give this movie money. Ever.

hazarr the world just got a whole lot less faggotory without twilight

Good god, I nearly did I spit take of coffee all over my laptop.

I think I'm going to let my wife drag me to this just so I can revel in the terribad. Yes, without a fight. No bargaining. I'm not even going to bring a sign declaring my support for TEAM BUFFY. I'm just going to go and buy a huge tub of popcorn and giggle hysterically through the entire thing.

I almost want to see this, but then i would have to suffer through 3rd and 4th so i could appreciate it's awfulness better, i think i'll pass.

Bob, I can't remember the last time you had so much fun reviewing a film. The glee in your voice is close to infectious.

The Great JT:
That ending sounds like something from a bad Vampire: The Masquerade LARP...except for all the fighting, which sounds like it was from the best VTM LARP ever.

Have you ever been in a room with 30 people throwing rock-paper-scissors at each other for 3 1/2 hours whining about their retests the whole time? I have, and it was phenomenally dull. Never again! Think I'll watch the big-budget Hollywood clusterfuck instead.

Gearhead mk2:
...Ladies and gentelemen, I think we've finally found the movie equivalent to Sonic 06.

Sonic 06 wasn't so bad that it was funny though.

OT: Goddamnit Bob, I want to see this movie now, but I refuse to pay a dime for it. Nor would I be caught in a theater watching it... But so bad it's great movies are so hard to find anymore.

When he said that the whole action sequence was a dream, I pretty much died a little on the inside. But alas, if they didn't say it was a dream there would be several, SEVERAL angry blog posts on the internet.

This sounds like the absolute best kind of bad movie. I was laughing my ass off when Bob described the final action scene. It sounds fucking amazing.

Jesus Christ that fight scene sounds awesome. I'm actually willing to spend money to see that, it sounds like the exact kind of balls to the wall insane anime style fight I've always wanted to see in Live Action. Sucker Punch kinda did it, but this sounds like the perfect example of "I can do this because FUCK YOU!" If only ticket price wasn't bullshit, I'd wait for that one scene and then just leave after it ends, not even to the end of the movie.

I'm going to wait for DVD. I'm going to hope the final action scene is placed in such as a way that I may choose the chapter and have it all unfold before me. If so, then I will buy it.

Rent it.

See it with a friend. things we aren't supposed to and get it anyhow. >.>

So somebody appears out of nowhere at the end and resolves everything with a Deus Ex Machina, undermining the entire story? Why am I thinking of a certain character from Mass Effect 3...

I never thought u would like a twilight movie. But I gotta see this train wreck for myself now. Thank u so much bob! This is gonna b a good weekend.

Is he saying this scene is better than that one scene Cabin in the Woods had to offer? Highly suspect, I do believe.

So somebody appears out of nowhere at the end and resolves everything with a Deus Ex Machina, undermining the entire story? Why am I thinking of a certain character from Mass Effect 3...

Please, that was so much worse because Mass Effect actually had a decent story going up till then. Twilight was just the kind of story where a Deus Ex Machina would be used and it wouldn't be considered entirely ruining a good thing. There was nothing good to ruin in the first place.

Actually speaking of stewart. I tried to watch "Snow White and the huntsman" this week because I was told the action was good but the story boring. Understatement HUGE understatement. The entire movie is just stewart and friends muddling around doing nothing interesting for an hour or so then they fight Theron. I skipped around but still couldn't bring myself to finish it. Stewart is the more dull uninteresting person I've ever had to watch on screen.

I just saw that recently too. It was visually rather nice, and I stuck with it largely for that, but man was the acting a mess. It was like they told Charlize Theron to overact enough to make up for the fact that Kristen Stewart has so little range, so both of their performances were terrible. The music was surprisingly good though.

Oh so Bella's child doesn't go to Edward and be like:
You have three choices:

1) Destroy the evil guys
2) Merge with the evil guys
3) Control the evil guys


Thank fuck this one is better than the others. I have had to sit through the first 4 thanks to aquiring a girlfriend and she is dying to see this new one.

And thank God it's over.

Call this movie Queen, because the Twilight series finally...

*puts on sunglasses*

...bites the dust.




i know which film me and my friends are seeing this weekend

mwhahahahaha, the main reason I fucking hated the ending to that series is changed! Sorta.

Well at least there's still a fight of epic scale. May see it just for that.

I watched the vid just to see movie bob's reaction to it.... now excuse me, I need to go wash my brain with bleach

So... what you're saying is... this movie is potentially the best episode of MST3K ever?

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