That (Also) Almost Happened

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Still smarting over the fact that Kubrick's 'Napoleon' never got made. Though I always felt his choice of Malcolm McClaren would have been a mistake, but who am I to argue with the great man? Personally, I would have had Al Pacino.


The Jurassic Park script sounds like the best idea for "Dinosaurs for Hire" I ever heard!

... Anyone read the comic or play the game? Anyone?

No, but I remember watching The Terrible Thunder Lizards as a kid.

OT: That and the Batman vs. Superman movie actually sounded pretty cool, depending on how they played out. Jeff Goldblum as The Scarecrow sounds really cool for some reason, although maybe it's just because the guy who played him in Batman Begins kind of looked like a young Jeff Goldblum. Anyone ever see Earth Girls Are Easy?

Thank you for reminding me of the awesomeness that was Eeek The Cat and Terrible Thunderlizards.

OT: Michael Bay needs to die in a fire. Painfully, slowly. In a fair and just world, his hands would be cut off, chopped into pieces, and buried next to Hitler. The sooner he vanishes from this world, the better the world will be.

The Jurassic Park reboot sounds like it might've worked.

Michael Bay's TANT... not so much.

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