Escapist Podcast: 080: Aliens: Colonial Marines And The Best Kind of Water

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I knew who Chubby Checker was.

Also, Colorado has some of the best water. That why so many breweries set up shop here...we get the first shot at runoff water, so it's not heavily chlorinated like it is downstream of here. The breweries don't have to process the water very much before they make great beer.

I do not know who this Chubby person is. I'm Greek but I understand "chubby" to mean something between fit and fat, you're a little overweight when "chubby" describes you.

Now, if that term can be applied as a penis-word, since some penises indeed are somewhat girth-some, then I don't see how this dude can make a case. People can use practically any term to refer to penises. In Greek we call them "birds". :P

I think one definitely wrong answer would be if its hardware locked ...

*mumble*grumble*... fucking nintendo ... *mumble*

Even having a PC doesn't mean you are free from backwards compatibility issues. I have a game from Win98 era I would love to play again (for nostalgia reason, not because it's a good game), but XP couldn't play it, let alone Vista or Win7...

I can get an emulator, but it looks like I need the software to run in the emulator (which just seems to emulate a computer capable of running old Windows). If there's one I can grab for Vista that already set up and ready to run Win98, I haven't found it.

I remember Chubby Checker from a kid's show where they did a lot of old songs. Even had him up doing the twist.

For good games, you always remember good games. I myself always remember consistent good games. Bioware has it's up and downs, but anyone who did Baldur's Gate, Mass Effect and Dragon Age is worth watching.

On the used market with GameStop and such, it really doesn't effect me. I never buy current games used. I always buy new, most being pre-orders.

I dread the day that everything goes digital, but that's because I'm very materialistic. I want my own copy of a game, something I can hold in my hands and know I have it. I've only bought digital when I knew there was absolutely no way I could get a physical copy.

I do buy used games though, but only ones that have totally exited the market, in that they won't be found in an everyday store, just at retro stores, antique stores, and on E-Bay.

Like last month, when I bought around fifteen NES games off of E-Bay.

About the backwards compatibility, will I be able to play XBLA games on the new xbox? Or will they have a new marketplace?

2 cents , games will go download only, cut out middlemen and better impulse buyers

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