Reel Physics: Wanted - Curving Bullets

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And suddenly, my three physics courses are vaguely justified in the span of 11 minutes.

So, I made it 7 minutes and 36 seconds before I had completely lost any clue of what the fuck was going on. That's not bad, I reckon.

Well, a rotating system is not an inertial system!
Therefore if the gun was rotating fast enough, no acceleration would be needed whatsoever.
As the scene from the movie shows him already rotating the gun before the bullet leaves the barrel,
I would suggest that it's actually quite an important factor to account for.

Concerning the ball-shaped bullet:
Using a ball shaped bullet would benefit even more from this, because the bullet would be pressed against
one of the sides of the barrel so friction would give it a twist already (and if we are talking excessive speeds, the
torque produced here might really be worth considering to achieve bullet curving).

Anyway, of course all of this wouldn't change the fact that a human won't be able to curve a bullet with normal guns.

lol, you guys should do an episode with the cat.

interesting episode. never thought that it is actually possible to make a bullet spin. but yes, even with the sexy angelina its impossible to miss her.

My first thought when I saw the guy in the movie use his "technique" was this:

Well that was surprisingly understandable even for me, but I missed/didn't understand one thing - why tilt the bullet by 45 degrees and not some other amount?

Anyways, I didn't see this movie (all these badass skinny female assassins are lame) and I can't comprehend why the moviemakers insert such crappy scenes in movies other than Matrix and such.

And then they run out of cool yet weird stuff to show and sci-fi movies turn out crap.

Was skeptical of the idea, since the bullet curving's been debunked elsewhere, but in the end I liked the mathematical proof, as if to demonstrate that even if the gun was being controlled by super-strong, super-fast, super-precise robot hands, it couldn't curve the bullet as shown in the movie.

As for a cat-related scene - don't know of any offhand, but 'Cats & Dogs' or its sequel (about how pets are really all highly-trained super-spies locked in a shadow war for world domination) might have something that you could use, though debunking the physics of any stunts appearing in a movie featuring talking animals seems like it'd be missing the point. But if you did an episode using that movie, and the episode wasn't awful, and I ever ran into you guys in real life, I might buy you a drink - y'know, to make up for my suggesting that you sit through 'Cats & Dogs.'


How about that scene from RED, where Bruce Willis walks out of the police car spinning around? :p

Just for fun. :3

Now that's a good suggestion. Seconded.

Thirded :)

Too bad Jason lost it when Colby held the cat. Would have been awesome if Colby had been holding it in the final video.

How about that scene from RED, where Bruce Willis walks out of the police car spinning around? :p

Close enough?

I suggested this in the Torque comments! I might be the happiest man alive right now. Thanks Jason Dean, REEL PHYSICS!

One I'd like to see it's the trick shots from the movie Sukiyaki Western Django shown in the following video.

I think this one might be interesting to math with.

I don't remember hardly any of my Physics, but getting a bullet to curve one way, and then curve *BACK*, is impossible.

While the scene is obviously false, you forgot oen thing mentioned in the movie. the bullets had gravings which would increase the bullet lift SIGNIFICANTLY. now obviuosly its impossible to calculate it with simple math, so that wont work for an episode, but it could decrese the distance of curviture A LOT.

my suggestion would be the survivability rate of the game of chicken in Last Action Hero. I know they say a survivability rate in the movie but I suspect it was basically advertising. Also the character saying it is one that messes up physics statements regularly due to his origin in the plot.

Heh...all I get from this is that it's actually "BOOOOM, Headshot" for Angelina Jolie's character.

Did the guy name Matt Hughes,Who Did Curves the Bullet In real life

What Happen About Him,It can't Impossible Matt Hughes Did it

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