Escapist Podcast: 090: Nintendo Bails on E3 and Dragon's Crown's Breasts

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Ok, so the "Three Dwarves" picture was presented by its author as the punchline of a joke, but I feel like I'm the only person around that considers it beautiful in its own. I mean, I'm not even sexually attracted to its subject matter (that being burly males), but I still consider it to be very well done.

Hell, now that I think about it I could say the very same about the sorceress design.

Susan Arendt:

Well, first off, I felt very annoyed how frank and upbeat you guys were

Um...why? Most people consider being honest and positive to be good qualities.

Well I'm not most people!

*falcon punches a unicorn*

I'm kidding of course I'd never falcon punch a unicorn.

But on topic of big boobied ladies in games and so on.

I've never felt more weird and out of place than when I read these discussions. It never once jumped out at me as a kid and very rarely does now. Similarly in Soul Calibur I used to play Voldo a >lot<. It wasn't until like the fourth game that a friend said "How can you play him? He's dressed like a freak." and I realized that yeah I guess he is kinda in a thong with a ball gag isn't he...

I do think that everyone should be able to find entertainment that they relate to, but I don't think that all the entertainment that doesn't apply to them is the problem. Japanese Mega Boobs are not stopping any company from making a game with a realistic female protagonist.

It's pretty easy to do it, even if you are lazy. For instance seeing as most men in games are as empty as Bella from Twilight, just make a game with a male protagonist and at the end change the model to be a lady. Congratulations.

The amount of male characters with any kind of substance to them is remarkably thin, I think most game teams just have poor character development teams working behind them.

"Quantum Conundrum", obviously. It's about as close as you can get to having an actual poem in the title. But I also quite like Yahtzee's interpretation of "Just Cause 2". And I have to say, I agree with Greg on "Half-Life". It always looked like that title was supposed to be a double entendre for something, but how "being half alive" or "having half a life" factors into the actual game remains a mystery.

RE: Which Console

As a child I started out very devout to Nintendo, when i moved to college I purchased an X-box 360, now that i am living on my own, while I may still be playing games on my 360, but I find myself playing more games on my Computer. Between the mods that I can download, the lower price, Steam, and not needing to purchase a Gold Membership in order to play on line; the computer is the best to own in my opinion.

If money wasn't an issue, I'd probably get a PS3, but when the games I'm looking forward to are all coming out on the PC, why bother?

For me its going to come down to the exclusives, why buy a game system that can double as a computer when my computer is right there? Until i get enough reasons to buy a console, I'm just going to spend that money upgrading my computer.

When it comes to titles, I'm quite taken with "Stealth Bastard: Tactical Espionage Arsehole" because I'm juvenile.

They can most certainly fix the D-Pad on the Xbox controller! Love the controller, but for anyone who plays fighting games, it's not usuallly the top choice for playing those on.

I'm sorry but I feel somewhat thrown by the following post causing someone to be banned.

The Escapist Staff:
090: Nintendo Bails on E3 and Dragon's Crown's Breasts

This week, the Escapist crew discusses the fast approaching Electronic Entertainment Expo (aka E3) and Nintendo's recent decision to cancel its big press event. We also discuss some of the recent controversy around Dragon's Crown and the lack of diverse female characters in videogames.

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How can you talk for over an hour and say nothing? Omg popularity contests! Can't win races you aren't in. WiiU is failure (but its profitable...), but we won't talk about past Sony and MS failures, and the controversy over the backwards compatibility (lack of), the online only, possible used game lock down, etc. Nintendo games are fun! But I won't buy them because they're 'take it or leave it.' Umm, do you game? JOURNALISM! Oh, I'm sorry, I definitely pay attention to the NYT for gaming news /not. Blah blah blah Japanese games are weird, why can't they have modern feminist ideals like 'Merican games!? boooooooobies! wat? who cares about the artwork, what's the gameplay like? did you have fun? or did you just spend your entire weekend complaining about how big one of the chick's boobs are? Is it possible for one moment for you to stop trying to make everything into a victim.

I loved the back and forth on sexy. You want a wider range of sexy, but when you boil it down, you just want sexy men, but not quite so overtly sexy women, and to hell with stylization. It doesn't matter if the artwork fits the rest, you just want moderately 'sexy' women (as defined on a case by case basis by a select group of women). Fine, just as soon as I get to ban the entire PNR and Romance genres and all the bare shirted men in media too.

A wider range. The heck does that even mean? You put small breasted women on covers and suddenly cries of 'pedo' gets shouted. Older women, and you get the whole 'why are all women old wrinkled and evil' - old hag trope thrown in your face. Bland and generic, and suddenly cries of why do all the women look the same.

Too all you easily offended women and apologizing white knight throw-rug men, please butt out of the artistic range conversation if you don't participate.

@entire Escapist Staff in this podcast: If you truly want a "wider range of sexy" then you clearly aren't looking hard enough. Take off the AAA blinders and go looking around.

Yeah, he's being a dick, he could come across a nicer way. Still, I see a lot, a LOT of valid critiques in there. They're presented in a somewhat adolescent and hurtful way and I dunno if this was like the final warning or something which caused the permanent ban but it just....sits wrong with me. It feels like a ban just due to you disliking the way he made his correct points or because you feel you're shown to be wrong.

I was of the thought that you're better than to ban someone just cause they gave you the excuse to do so with the way they express their valid points rather than just tackle whatever actual validity therein. It just sits wrong with me for for this to end up in a ban. It feels like taking the easy way out.

I guess I'd have been happier if you first responded and then banned the guy. Hmm...would perhaps putting the same points in polite and constructive terms generate a reply? If so, I can do that!

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