Top 5 with Lisa Foiles: Top 5 Blue Chicks

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I'll take my asari green, thanx. (I still hate how ME3 tossed Shiala aside)

and somehow...Hsein-ko did not make the list???

omg that soraka add on made my day


Thank you Lisa for giving the real reason most Halo fans like Cortana at the end of your top 5.

Wow if she hadn't said cortana I would of SCREAMED.

What a top award for Cortana. A pity she did not live to see it. We shall decorate her tiny flash-drive tombstone with it.

What, she dies? Gee, thanks for the spoiler...

Nice top 5, anyway. Can't think of any missed ones off the top of my head.

Am I the only one who is rather upset at how overtly sexualized they made Cortana in Halo 4?

Quite possibly, yes.

It always struck me as odd that Cortana would use up so much processing power simply to make herself appear sexy and curvaceous. I mean you could probably squeeze another years worth of life out of her if you only turned down those graphical settings a notch or two. Just a thought.

Liara is 6 in human terms, just like a cat is 40 when it does. but things dont work that way. because they are not humans. If they live longer it does not mean they take 150 years to mature. She is already older than most humans ever. 11 year old women being pregnant was the norm in ancient times. thats beucase average age was 30. so in our terms that wound be 25 years old. but our bodies didntm ature differently back then. comparing things to currengt human lifecycle is stupid.

So happy to see Mission in there - she was my favorite character in KOTOR (which I actually just played for the first time last month) She, Zalbar and I tore up the galaxy together and showed Malak what's what. HK-47 stayed in the Ebon Hawk and and rusted.

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