Zero Punctuation: Halo 3

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Meh.. Its really fun to play multiplayer, but that's not really enough is it? I mean, you've got people running around claiming it's the best game EVAR, but it really isn't. How could it be if its only marginally entertaining if you don't have online capabilities?

While we're on the subject, Halo was pretty crappy too.

I liked Halo. And its sequels.

But yeah, it's average. A lot of fun, but there are better games.

Overall halo has been good to me, and its appeal doesn't lie in its gameplay but its popularity. One may ask, "how is popularity a plus for any game" I would reply because if I play halo ,and am at least decent at it, then whenever i go to someones house, want to play with a friend, or just screw around, i pick halo. This is because almost everyone who has an xbox, has a halo game therefor making it the common ground at which to socialize and have fun.

and in my opinion that's why its a great game.

Overall a great review, however, there is something I noticed that i didn't like.

Yahtzee says during the review that it is the first Halo game that he has played and that he knew almost nothing of the first two games. I myself did not join into the Halo craze until Halo 2, and would argue that I am not another one of the mindless zombies who plays Halo because everyone else does. When I first played, I knew absolutely nothing of the game. Not even that there where aliens or that the main character is called Master Chief. I was quickly drawn into the flashy, if somewhat corny, graphics of the game.

What truly brought me to enjoy the game, however, is the story. Though I am a fan of Halo, i will admit that the Halo 3 sp quite frankly sucks. The gameplay, challenge, fun, even the AI seems to have dropped off a cliff between the Halo 2 and Halo 3. Additionally, the story is not shown as well in Halo 3 as it was in the first two games. There is a lot more to Halo than there appears however.

For those of you who condem Halo and label it just another generic FPS game, i challenge you to look deeper into the story. I have read the Halo books, and was deligtfully surpised at the quality of the story. The content of these books gives a player a new perspective on the games, giving a bacdground to Master Chief and a better view of the Covenant. What you will find is a very deep and contraversial storyline that threatens the credibility of faith and religion.

I blame the Escapist for ruining most of the enjoyment I got from the game. Really. Ignorance is bliss and all that.

Also, this thread amazes me, I'd almost forgotten what it was like back in the day. Didn't we consider this troll-infested back then? Now I look at it and see a huge collection of well-put together, reasoned, well sized posts. Why is it that as hanging around here made me less of an idiot, the site itself has declined so much in it's poster quality? I encourage everyone to put more work into all your posts from now on to fight this trend, and I will do the same. Let us raise the bar for the new posters, for their own sake as well as our own.

I personally think Yahtzee was a bit harsh on Halo 3 and the series in general. I very much liked the Halo series, and they shouldn't be written off so quickly just because Ben Croshaw doesn't like it. Ben Croshaw doesn't like a LOT of things.

halo 3 was a good game, not average. but i do have to agree that it certainly doesn't desereve all the fanboy 10's and 100%'s that it keeps recieving for some goddamn reason from dumb, biased reviewers. the campaign was pretty good, but yes, short. the multiplayer is very addictive, but it gets rather old after about a week of playing it every now and then, but it for some reason is still addictive despite its gradually dropping enjoyment level with each match. i believe that the underrated half-life 2 and portal games should be recieving all these 10's and 100%'s, because they are fucking amazing...'nuff said! oh and btw, halo 3 deserves a 8.5 at the highest and it shouldn't be the second highest rated game on GT next to for some unknown reason GRAW 2, which got a 9.9 for some ungodly reason. that game sucked a chode!

I personally think he wasn't harsh enough on this game. I am a true Halo lover. I enjoyed the entire concept, and thought the series would do great things. I rank Halo 1 up there with the best games I have ever played. Halo 2 I thought was very good. Not quite as impressive but still pretty damn excellent. Halo 3 was a dreadful let-down. Not bad, just not good. The story was stripped out, the difficulty levels of the game were all over the place (the bugs near the start were the hardest thing in the game), and the dual story telling mechanic of Halo 2 was glossed over. I liked the Arbiter. He basically made Halo 2 worth playing for me.

With each new Halo title bungie focused less and less on the actual game and more and more on multiplayer. This is what killed it for me.

I don't get how Yahtzee complain about not knowing the back story and complains about it suggesting it's somehow inconsistent.

Yet when talking about Half-Life 2 he makes no such complaint about the fact the back story is involved. Neither does he mention the wild inconsistencies between this supposedly mass infiltrated world of oppressive and intelligent aliens which somehow the player manages to escape only to end up in some bizarre zombie infested town before going on to rule over a colony of giant insects.

Then Yahtzee proceeds to complain about not caring about multiplayer, something he did seem to care about in:

Left 4 Dead
Eve Online
Age of Conan
Army of Two
Team Fortress 2
Tabula Rasa

Not everything Halo 3 did has been done before and not all of it has been done better. I thought Halo 3 was quite good. Not great, it had a lot of flaws but everyone just seems to be jumping on the hate bandwagon and I don't know why.

no it mo likely microsoft is going to take over than EA becase some people dont know what a good shooters game is like metriod which master cheafs based off of and if it was a fight betwen master cheaf and samus it samus beucese the humans in the halo seres are still using bullets and the humans in metriod are useing quantum could super lazers


Halo 3 has a serious case of the 'meh'

If Halo 3 was any different from the other two halos besides jumping up and down on the massive robots trying to fid that one small spot at the back it would be worth playing.

Is there anyway to download the Zero Punctuation video's?

The multi-player is good, would be better if they installed better weapons and more maps (free, preferably, so I don't have to spend 20$ more to play a game I already bought). Same goes for single-player, although I still find the single-player campaign poor in comparison to the other great games I've played. Decent single campaign, but I wouldn't play it a second time. Only use it is now for me is to play Team Slayer online (which actually stays fun, and if they improved it, it would have the potential of a good online game, like Quake Wars or UT).

Halo 3 has a serious case of the 'meh'

That it does, sure it has a few new weapons and enemies, but so do expansion packs, over-rated and under-worked. I think they churned this out just to cash in the bucks.

I think most people replying on here would be bitching if this was made by someone else.

I think most people replying on here would be constantly bitching if this was made by someone else.

As in the review or the game itself?

The review

If Halo 3 was any different from the other two halos besides jumping up and down on the massive robots trying to fid that one small spot at the back it would be worth playing.

I found the only difference in Halo 3 was the buttons and the amonut of dicks in the community.

I actually just started playing Halo 2 (my introduction to the series, I guess), and I'm surprised how much fun it is. It's certainly not the best game ever or anything, but every part of the game outside of the Flood sections is pretty much exactly the way it should be. Massive environments, seamless loading, beautiful character models and backgrounds, fun weapons, an interesting story (The Arbiter rules) and some actually decent vehicle sections.

Believe me, I'm surprised. I saw the original Halo being played a while back and thought it looked incredibly bland. I still hate the popularity of Halo as a series, because it has started all of these annoying trends in console FPSing, but I guess this serves as yet ANOTHER reminder to me that I should always play a game before forming an opinion about a game. Even the Flood sections are unplayable. I mean, I still get to be the Arbiter, and that counts for something, I guess. Oh, and it gives me a chance to play with the Plasma Sword.

I just want to hug you for finally saying what I've always thought about what must be the most overrated videogame in the history of the universe.

Wow, looks like people are still chatting on this even though it is 2 years old :D

Anyways, I was dissapointed in Halo 3, as with Halo 2, it didn't add enough to make it a good sequal. I really enjoyed the first, it is probably the best FPS I've ever played.

I love to hear all these people complaining about the singleplayer. While I realize that it could have been better, I do believe the overall focus of this game was the multiplayer. Bungie could have taken the time to make the game eat thunder and shit lightning, but they didn't. I really do believe they balanced it out with the secret skulls. There is so much more you can do with them. While, no, they dont change the gameplay that much, you have to remember that any good game is "on rails" to some degree. If not, then there is no story. And this complaint of the AI and difficulty dropping tremendously can be assuaged by simply playing a higher difficulty (coupled with skulls, this can be enhanced even further).

Now onto the multiplayer. As I read someone else's post, I am forced to agree that any Halo game is a middle ground for all players. At one time or another, everyone has played a Halo game. This is what makes the online great. Even if youre horrible, you can still have fun because you know how to play. The simple controls also contribute to the online. Its damn near universal: R-trigger = shoot; L-trigger = grenade. Everything from there is unnecessary. Its common sense. What real problem is there with the online that hasnt been a user (meaning gamer) error? Not a damn one.

Overall, I think most of the people bashing the game are either hating on it because they want to be seen as different, or they prefer a "more realistic" game, such as COD4. This being a favorite game, I am biased, but I can honestly say I have problems with it (i.e., weapon power [or lack thereof], lack of armors, no perks to certain armor types). While something big is made of all the little things, some little things can be overlooked.

After saying all this, Im sure we can all agree on one thing: Two Worlds is the worst game ever made. Ever.

(Please forgive the lack of apostrophes. I hate using them when typing.)

The criticisms about the campaign he has are valid, although I suspect they are influenced more by his dislike of anything as mainstream as Halo. However, I really don't think it's fair to omit the multiplayer portion of it. Sure, the campaign isn't great. I really could care less when the matchmaking is so solid.

Why are people still posting here?

"Brightly colored dross with the depth of a spoon." Sounds like the Transformers movies.

This is really the one review I disagreed with Yahtzee on. I like Halo. I enjoy playing with buddies and talking shit to people I dont know on XBL and generally having a good time. Its not a 10/10 game by any stretch.

But no shit the story's not going to make a whole lot of sense if, 10 seconds into the review you go "Oh man, the story sucks I have NOOOOOOoooooooOOOOOO idea whats going on. Oh, P.S....I didnt play the 1st two

Brilliant piece of insight. Honestly, this is such a fucking dumb statement I can't even attempt to qualify it with even a lame analogy

I still find this one of my favourite reviews.

Funny review :D

I prefer PC FPSs, though I think it was unfair completely ignoring all the multiplayer aspects.

The campaign is pretty damn fun with 4 people, and I have to say I enjoy the online matchmaking with friends.

just felt like sharing this...=)

Why are people still posting here?

because we enjoy hating halo that much...;D

Personally Halo 3's campaign was too rushed. Enemy AI was too good at times and your allies AI sucked, weapons were cheap and the multiplayer while somewhat good with forge and such, is completly infested with asshole snipers and missle launcher using fags.

my problem with halo is that it offers no gameplay elements that are now or original and worse yet the story (that you dont get from the game) is great but people think the name/faceless space marine thing is good for a main charecter but i say NO YOU FOOL it makes me hate master chef I dont care about him in game any way and mutiplayer is just full of dickwads

HALO 3 IS MAIN STREAM CRAP, i may be the only person with an xbox who refuses to buy this game out of pure hatred for how much worse the halo series got after 1

Agree with this to the fullest, Halo 3 is definitely not perfect its Multiplayer is good but its Single Player Campaign is lacking a lot.

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