Kane & Lynch & Enough of the Bullshit

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Honestly I have never relied on Gamespot for my game purchasing reviews, more for their previews and trailers. I prefer to go to Gamefaqs and read the highest and lowest scoring reviews and try to decide if its the sort of game I would like. However now that Gamespot's credibility is somewhat tarnished and they own (or at least advertise on) Gamefaqs, do you think it can still be trusted? When I checked yesterday I noticed a real lack of reviews, especially poor reviews, on Kane and Lynch.

Russ Pitts:
Kane & Lynch & Enough of the Bullshit

The burning questions are: 1) Did Gamespot's deal with Eidos include an expectation of editorial coverage, or of a certain kind of editorial coverage, and 2) Was Gerstmann fired specifically for his negative review. If the answer to either of these questions is "yes," we're all screwed. We kind of already are screwed merely because even if the deal didn't go down this way, it's so plausible that it did.

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This is definitely the kind of thing people need to know. Questions like this come up and need to be answered, and sadly they do not.

This is just so going to rot. It's already lost its momentum. Too bad, we were approaching climax, but it fizzed out.
Maybe with the massive wave of Gamespotters leaving, something new might happen... but I don't think so.
Dang, this really does not deliver.
My popcorn has a bittersweet taste.

I particularly like the tags they gave the article about Jeff's booting on Gamespot


The cause-and-effect tree of all this, neatly explained:

1. Videogames nowadays almost exclusively cater to, and are thus too tied to, gamers, causing:

2. Potentional readers/visitors to game sites/pubs to be exclusively gamers, and thus:

3. Ad revenue would then be dependant on the likes and dislikes of gamers, so:

4. A marketing guru would astute that ads in this medium can only be created for and driven to gamers, or young boys to 35 year olds at best, and as a result:

5. The bulk of ads for a videogame publication comes from the same people creating and publishing games, which means:

6. Piss them off, and they will stop sending ads, and thus the majority of your revenue is gone, so:

7. "Game journalism" is really a bunch of fat bobos too scared to piss off the money men involved and lose their jobs (save for Jeff apparently), because of the cause-and-effect of the above.

Funny thing is, things like the Wii are opening the industry to more people aside from gamers,
which means more diversity in the group of people who have interests in games,
which means more diverse ad revenue,
which means the pubs can't hold gaming news media hostage with ad money as there will be more sponsors aside from them interested.

Another funny thing: Plenty of gamers out there accusing Wii of "abandoning" gamers and catering too much to casuals/non-gamers. And then bitch about the recent Gamespot debacle. Oh the hilarious irony, hardee-fucking-har.

Seriously, I don't get why people hate this game so hard. I watched the Gerstman video review, and the first thought that came to my mind was how unprofessional he sounded. He seemed to drone on and on, harping on the same topic. And when I read reactions from people who say "these questions need to be answered" and "this is important," it makes me scoff. Reality check: it's not as if this started a war or blew a CIA operative's cover...it was a ranting review about a decent, if somewhat flawed, video game.

review is so true and pure. good work.

I canot respect anybody who has a gamespot account(as a rule of thumb). Sorry but if they stop even you from reviewing a game, it becomes personal and them taking away someting you pay for.

But you said it better than I could.

The worry I have over this is, people will forget. That is someting that scares me.

Edit: On reflection I might be a little too harsh.

For me, the thing to royaly piss me off, was how little the special edition comes with, A MUSIC CD AND 4 POSTCARDS!!!! The games not revoloutionary but i LOVED the online, well I would, if i wasn't on xbox live, and everytime I got revenge on a traitor, they swore at me.

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