Ahead of its Time: The Fall of Max Payne 2

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I don't think max payne was ahead of it's time. Unfortunately, for the game, it wasn't an age-old franchise. It was a game no-one ever heard of, meaning that, instead of taking the risk of paying 40 bucks w/o knowing what you're gonna get, players went for other safe purchases. The fact that it was made by rockstar, which to this point only hit the spot with gta made gamers even more insecure about buying the game. These two factors contributed to max payne not getting "the audience it so richly deserved". In today's market, if a game is neither from a famous all-around company (like lucas arts, or konami) nor an age-old franchise, it has a one-in-a-million chance of being successful (example?: psychonauts).

I can only say Max Payne's Story is one of many storys that I can agree with. The world at most is cruel and painfull. Around every corner there are lost souls each diffrent from one another. They all feel sick and tired in there cold hearted bodies with only the very thought of what my lie ahead in life. So much hate... So much fear....... to tell you all the truth would be to much to handel even though you already know it. Let me be the one to shead some light here saying what keeps us going is our loves and our very instinct for survival. As one of these peole I wish I could end it all, but then I would never of known what it means to live life and die without pain.

Eh, to tell the truth I never played either one. By the time I was old enough to buy them, the gameplay seemed tired, and it never had any real appeal over other games I wanted.

Plus, ya know, the fact that it's called Max Payne of all things didn't help too much.

Although since most people here seem to like it, I may see if I can find it in a bargin bin somewhere.

Try checking Blockbusters for Max Payne 2. Thats where I found mine.

I qued out overnight for this game when it was released, it was also in sale on pc, 20.

Well, I hope someone in the US Armed Forces think its as great as all of you think, because I'm donating my copy to the USO. The story, from what I got of it, was decent. Far better than any FPS or TPS I had played previously, (Which on the PS2 was slim.) Personally, the combat was so-so, a beat em up with guns and bullet time. When I finally died, (about the second level) I, like domicius, realized there was no autosave. I was so bored by that point that I gave up on it and it sat on the shelf till today when I decided to donate it.

So why did it sell badly? Not from being "too adult," but from gameplay as exciting as any non-Rare James Bond games for the N64.

A lot of games sold bad in 2003's holiday season. I don't know why though.

Max Payne, as far as I'm concerned, was more than just a fantastic game, it was a trendsetter. Game Developers started noticing that thick, intense plotlines should be a hell of a lot more integral to the over all experience, and most of the respectable big, high-budget games after MP1 started following suit. Not to say Max Payne was the first game to implement a plotline as immersive as it was, but it was probably the first to really bring it into the limelight as a primary ideal.

Yeah, or maybe it simply told other developers "hey, this bullet-time mechanic is pretty neat!!!"

Are you people serious? My friend and I played through Max Payne 2 on one of the harder difficulties and we were getting frustrated at the terrible A.I. just as much as we were laughing at the horrendous dialogue and writing. Not corny/cheesy? What in the Hell did you people play? "HELLO?! MONA?!" is an inside joke of ours.

Watch the cutscenes: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xTBrgxiWm7A

These are painful to listen to. "The past is a gaping hole. You try to run from it, but the more you run, the deeper, more terrible it grows behind you, its edges yawning at your heels. Your only chance is to turn around and face it. But its like looking down into the grave of your love. Or kissing the mouth of a gun, a bullet trembling in its dark nest, ready to blow your head off." OK, so that was a bit long-winded.

"I was hurt. My crime, what I had done, was like a hungry pit behind me." Max, OK, we get it, the past... it's like a hole that keeps growing. "I had to run, get as far away from it as possible." Or face it, right? "You can't run from your past. You'll end up running in circles." Yeah, so you have to face it! "Until you fall back down to the same hole you were trying to escape from, only the hole's grown deeper." What?! "The past is a puzzle, like a broken mirror, as you piece it together, you cut yourself, your image keeps shifting, and you change with it." AHHHH!!!

I think my favorite part of the game is when Max gets trapped under rubble and you have to snipe enemies that are rushing toward him as Mona. They just run up to a defenseless Max until they're like a foot away before shooting him. The stupidity of the scenario in general had me cracking up the entire time.

People will latch onto anything underrated just to be unique, I guess.

^Those lines you just attempted to belittle were far better than anything you could come up with. And for people saying the story is "cliche"........news flash........ITS SUPPOSE TO BE!!!!!!!! In an article of the game in Game Informer Sam Lake is even quoted saying "for the 2nd game, I actually took some time off and took up some screen writing classes. I also watched alot of films in the film noir genre and studied the classic cliches. The femmed fatal knocking on door in the middle of the night. Endless rain, deciet at every corner etc. So when you play Max Payne 2, you'll notice alot of these classic elements woven into our story".

So why do people see an artistic decision as a "flaw". Sam Lake(a professional writer outside of gaming)intentionally wrote in film noir cliches into the story of MP1 and MP2 to please film noir fans and as respect to the classic genre.

I've completed it 9 times. You don't have to tell me this game rules. I'm itching to play it now, but I lost my disc...and my steam version resuses to boot.

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