Stolen Pixels #37: Part One of Infinity

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I'm afraid with the Blizzard deal, Activision totally has most of you by the balls, how many of you would be willing to tell Activision to fuck off when they control your intake of Diablo and Starcraft.

*puts hand up* I stand up for my right to moan. :)

I don't play Diablo or Starcraft, but stand up and fight and I'll stand up with you.

And I am perfectly comfortable with the campiness of this statement.

This would be funny if it weren't so shockingly true. I mean, people always joke about game execs being money-grubbing idiots who would rather push the same recycled crap year after year rather than try something new, but Activision actually came out and said it.

I can't believe I've read this three times and only just noticed "The Shindling." It was funny before, but that subtitle really makes the whole thing shine! LOL and so forth...



I'm hoping the fact that it is Tim Schaffer, a man that many in the industry have fond memories of, and the fact that it has big names like Jack Black and...well, Ronnie James Dio isn't exactly a big name, but you get the idea..

Woah woah woah... DIO is a HUGE name! I heart that tiny little man and his big sword. Dio is a metal god and anyone who wants to buy this game should know him!

i totally agree..Dio is one of my heroes...and those who do not know who he is shouldn't play this game..instead...they should go listen to a Dio album :)

If it was because they didn't think the game would have sequel potential, why did they hire Tim Schafer?

I know this is like a year old now, but I do find it ironic that all those games have now been released :P

I know this is like a year old now, but I do find it ironic that all those games have now been released :P

Hindsight is fun. I once read one of my old PS2 magazines which was doing a preview of Driver 3, and said it would be "like Stuntman, but not frustrating". Ironic as (to me at least) Driver 3 was one of the most frustrating games I've played.

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