Review: Sonic Unleashed

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Thanks for the review!
I wasn't far away from buying this game,because I really really liked the demo. Yeah it was trial and error basically,but that didn't bother me that much ,because sonic was ... well... sonic! He was fast,he was "cool",he was like he should be. But in the demo,they don't show any "Werehog" parts ,which made me believe that its just 1/8 of the game,a little short part...But now I know otherwise.
Again,thank you for saving me $60!

The game, its awesome. Most of the stuff that reviewers bring up is stuff you don't even have to do to beat the game.

It's made for kids. And I think that's where it fails.

Granted, Sonic games have always been for kids - the first few installments definitely weren't aiming to reach an older audience of any kind.

It's just that...since the late 1990's, I guess game devs have forgotten how to make a good game that appeals to kids and is bearable to others.

Lol, this game is too challenging and fast-paced for most kids to play. It ain't easy

this is one of the worst sonic games ever!!!

Are you serious? This is a HELL of a lot better than 06 and some of the other recent titles.

OK. Now this is getting ridiculous!!!

Why don't you try playing something like Sonic Heroes and see which is better. In Sonic heroes you are slow like hell (takes ages to gain speed and when you stop you start all over again) and enemies are missing you on purpose. The models are like crap. I don't see for developers to make games anymore because whatever they make is crap. And I am not talking just about SONIC UNLEASHED. I am talking about every review and every game. I really like reviews like ZERO PUNCTUATION because they make me laugh of the irony and stuff. That makes you think about the game whether to buy it or not and the person decides and not the reviewer who obviously hates every game that is released after he has got a job here.

To put it simply, reviewer, if you are a fan boy of shooting games you are most likely to give A's to shooting games and big fat F's to platform games and vice versa. Let the platform fan boy review and he will probably research more good things in the game than bad and turn the rating upside down.

First of all, games are made to have fun with and not to easily finish. If the game long to finish is good because you will enjoy it longer and not buy a game for $60 or whatever and finish it in 2-5 days.. will it be money worth spent?! When I personally play a game and DIE in it, i would just say to myself: "Darn, I will not give up that easy" and laugh, enjoy and continue. Take a break and not let the eyes bleed away....

This game has lots of cut scenes which are funny. So, if you one of the types of people who just want to play and cut the "crap", which it isn't, you are showing that you are very impatient and addicted to games (hardcore games) and not a normal person who just want to forget the worries and play a bit. Games like these are made to enjoy and not to judge. If we judge every game instead of just PLAYING it, we will not have FUN. It seems that the reviewer only played couple of levels and made an opinion to everybody who worships the reviewer as GOD and believes in every word he says. TRUST ME, IF YOU LISTEN TO REVIEWERS HERE, YOU WILL PROBABLY HAVE A PC OR CONSOLE WITHOUT ANY GAMES EVER.

To conclude, I see that most of you are over 30's or more. If not, then you are at least acting to be mature and have huge "generation gaps". If you hate new games so much, why don't you install MS DOS on your PC and enjoy command text based MORPG and stop making 3D look bad?

p.s I am not a fan boy of Sonic, I am showing how cruel reviews can be...

Anyway.. In my opinion, a fan-boy criticizes the game more than a non-fan-boy. Why would non-fan-boys care about were-hog if they not hard fans of sonic. Fan-boys, on the other hand, would be more critic. Still, this game is underrated by almost all reviews (if I could call it reviews but just a 1 level play-through)..

Sonic team should top making games. SEGA should focus on Total War. Would that not please EVERYONE?

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