Zero Punctuation: The Year in Review - 2008

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Least funny ZP ever as the clips just don't work together and it is quite the sorry excuse for a year in review in which you might have actually shared some insight as to what to play and what to burn from 2008 an in absence of anything useful which i know isn't usually your priority M O vice humorous diatribe is ergo for once and only once i found watching this video a waste of precious multitudes of femptoseconds of my existence and sure hope you return to your original ways in 2009 with that badass ripping laugh factor you seem normally to master.

Edable Giraffe:
2, 9, 10, 25 and 26

Can anyone send me a message with hints to these ones? I'll return the hints to all the others =] Thanks.

Number 2 relates to lepers.

Okay, im not reading 11 pages so im sure someone has already mentioned these points but firstly...just cos Yahtzee is a world famous internet celebrity he's not allowed christmas off like the rest of us 'mere mortals' is he? Fuck off to all you who complained that there's no review...

And secondly why are people moaning at him directly? Yahtzee clearly didnt make this it was the guys at the escapist to fill in the gap...hence no jokes and drawings at the end...i mean duuuh....

a clip show? weak. i would have preferred if there just wasn't a "new" ZP at all.

Where are all the ads? I cant see any.


Edable Giraffe:
2, 9, 10, 25 and 26

Can anyone send me a message with hints to these ones? I'll return the hints to all the others =] Thanks.

Number 2 relates to lepers.

#2 killed me!! I was all over the place trying to find it. I learned many of the other ones simply by looking for #2. But yes, this vegue hint probably won't help. :) Nevertheless, it IS there. Godspeed in your search. ;)

Meh, I guess I can wait 'til next week for an actual review.

So in the retardation that plagues me whenever I'm not having to fill out bubble sheets to prove my intelegence I decided to sign up to work 10 hour on the day after christmas at the fron desk of my dorm... I live an hour away so comute was not the problem.

The problem was amusing myself on my lap top which glitches while running minesweeper. I found my amusment in the contest. I spent a hellalota time on that thing and only reminded myself why people like me are nerd and without a social life... I'm a smarmy douche. That and I spent 6 hours going through all the old ZP's for gits and shiggles.

...Imagen if this was a game review.
What we have is a god of war in which you have many diffrent characters, have to save princess peach by colelcting stars, it is made by capcom, buggy as hell, is a rpg, features guns that some take ages to reload, combats the only thing worth it, and you can beat the stupid out of princess peach while the crowd screams for blood.
...Why do I want to play this?

Can't for next year, I'm sure there will be some great titles to be reviewed.

What a Mashup Yahtzee! Awesome work! I hope you had a good year and have a Happy New Years y'all :3



(rubbing chin with thought)

lolcakes as usual IMHO

Well, that contest was pretty interesting. I got everyone except for two at first, it was pretty simple.

well that was a waste about 80% of us sayit was rubbish
i hope he does another showdown video

Was kind of hoping for something new rather than a retrospective. Would have liked to see "Prince of Persia" review or maybe "Gears 2"

He already did Prince of Persia :)

Meh... it's a recap show. Maybe Yahtzee will release his review of 2008 next week on the 31st :)

The quiz was fun :D

Ugh, 2 and 16 are melting my brain, I've re-watched so many episodes that all I can hear is Yahtzee's voice inside my head. @_@

I get the feeling that Yahtzee didn't actually make this video. This seems more like something that The Escapist whipped up for Yahtzee's day off. If you'll notice, there's no quote at the end of the credits. If Yahtzee had actually made this, he would have put something like, "Bitch about me having a clip show" before the fullyramblotic link. In my opinion, Yahtzee probably had no say in this video whatsoever.

OK, #2 was tough. I was able to figure out all of the others from watching the clips and listening to the jokes. I wound up having to brute force #2, watching every video until I found the right one. BTW, that "leper" clue that's being passed around was useless. Here's a useful hint for the rest of you: the clip is near the beginning of its show. How close? Well, if you commit to watching every episode from 2008, you can find the right one in under an hour. :-)

It's Theru Mancer.

Personally I've never gotten the problem some people have with reading on text based forums.

Also that post was mostly a joke. Apologies to those whom it went zipping over the heads of. One couldn't expect Yahtzee to declare his own "games of the year" because I don't think it really fits his style of review/humor. As for winning one of his sweated on hats, well...

I'm still debating on whether to name this new meat clever that I made a santa hat for Ben or Jack. Perhaps it will tell me it's name after I play a few more games and take it for a walk. :)

(or for the unobservant: Yahtzee isn't that big a celebrity. He gets like 200 comments a week. Amusing to all of us, but it's not like he's Bruce Springstein or something. )


While I was disappointed in a clip show, it did seem pretty cool that the jokes were atleast edited to ALMOST flow into one another.

"*clapclap* OI!"
totally deserved an encore. Thanks.

The quiz is quite silly. It requires you to put in the titles to the games exactly. Punctuation and all. A lot of the answers can be found by searching WikiQuote ( ), which made it a lot easier to find some of the harder reviews referenced. I did have lots of trouble on number 22, until I realized he actually uses the saying twice. The quiz wants the first time he used it. The answer is on episode page 3 not 1.

Ugh, 2 and 16 are melting my brain, I've re-watched so many episodes that all I can hear is Yahtzee's voice inside my head. @_@

Here's a really good hint for number 2:

Think of the hardest video game ever (according to most people). Also violent. Also unfair. It also has it's own Awesome cartoon (egoraptor).

As for 16, it's not a game.

well that sucked dog balls

i just registered myself just to say this weeks ZP was terrible...
now how terrible does that make it..

"All in all [it] feels like one of those clip shows TV Producers use to buy time when all the writers have passed out face down in buckets of cocaine."

-Zero Punctuation: F.E.A.R. Perseus Mandate

Just Saying.

All the jokes were out of context and it lost all the funny

I guess all of us have to do a clip show even I someone who has never made a movie in his life... that was good.

sorry, lame!

blah blah blah it's the holidays and yahtzee has friends and a family so stfu

I don't usualy post in any fourms or anything, I usualy hide in the corner and watch from a distance, preferably behind bulletproof glass, but my friends are making me get out and try new things. So here I go:

I thought that the Clip Show a good. It made me remember a lot of the good times that I had here. That being said, I really thought that when it said The Year in Review that it was going to be more of a general sort of thing, like the E3 or the Console Rundown. Oh well. It was still good though.

yahtzee has friends and a family

Yeah, right. His job is to serve the masses, and we should be here to scold him when he doesn't.

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