Shadowrun Returns Review

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As a newcomer to shadowrun lore, i found the game a nice introduction that left me wanting for more, the game has its faults (which i will give examples of below) but i had an rpg itch to scratch and it was satisfied adequately, am looking forward to seeing what content users can create.

Im gonna +1 that playing a decker sucks in the default campaign. Hearing about how one can specialize into playing as a hacker uber skilled in matrix stuff made me rather excited to play that class...And then you hardly ever use your decker skills.

The ONE mission you do use it, I was led to believe it would be a matrix heavy mission so also took the decker the game provides you with, reasoning that with 2 uber matrix users on the team i'd ace it.
And then it turns out there's only 1 terminal available so only 1 decker can use it whilst rest of your team holds on constantly respawning waves of guards... So frustrating having to play that section with a suboptimal team and getting killed, making me restart the whole lengthy level over and over again...

Little things like that negatively affected my enjoyment i gotta say :/

About linearity.. Well truth be told at character creation i had the idea of a charismatic decker who sweet talks people, so i had a fair few etiquettes hoping it would come into play and enable some nice rping...
It didn't, all the etiquettes seem to do is let you lie convincingly to a person belonging to a particular affiliation.
So was somewhat underwhelmed in the rping department.

Ranting aside, enjoyed my playthrough despite some frustrations but were it just for the vanilla campaign i'd have felt ripped off. As it stands i view the bundled campaign as an appetizer and it will be user made content that is the main course.

Shadowrun Returns Review

This is the game Shadowrun fans have been waiting for.

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Is there a demo available? My laptop is quite antiquated.

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