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What I took away from this: People consider family guy bad and futurama good?

I think I've watched pretty much every futurama and never particularly loved it

It's clear to me now, I really don't read enough internet nonsense to be "in touch"

I just want to respond with the episodes you said were some of the best of later day Family Guy. Though North by North Quahog and Petergeist were good, the rest I find practically unwatchable. Road to Germany was trying to be novel in the whole Stewie/Brian going on a road trip yes but there was a point in the episode where it was a blatant calling out of the McCain campaign (since the episode originally aired in 2008 when we were actually supposed to care about the guy) comparing them to Nazis by having one of the Nazi's Stewie and Brian find having a McCain/Palin button. Though I'm wasn't and not a supporter of him in anyway and I might have found it edgy when I was 13 when the episode aired, looking back now, I find it really culturally irrelevant and dated whatever political view might stand.

Next one, Brian & Stewie was just awful. It was basically the episode that made me stop watching Family Guy regularly. (Considering, with a few exceptions, I hadn't enjoyed it since the 100th episode special) I remember the hype about this one being that it was going to really flesh out the characters and have none of the usual tropes that Family Guy is synonymous with and I was curiously intrigued. But what showed was little more than a really bad take on The Breakfast Club and that's being nice. Sure The Breakfast Club still somewhat holds up to Gen-Xers, mostly for it 80's nostalgia and teens talking about their family issues but Brian & Stewie had none of that. From what I can remember, it was them admitting that they loved each other and Brian cleaning out Stewie diapers and poop before they get really weary and realize that the door was open the entire time. Ignoring that that kind of an ending is an unfathomable cop-out, the entire episode just was a poor excuse to try and add more depth to the characters resulting in making them even more unlikeable than before. Three Kings was passable at best but not memorable in the least say unlike Petergeist or North by North Quahog. To be honest I never have seen ...And Then There Were Fewer so I can't discuss its faults rather than assuming that it has some.

And for Partial Terms of Endearment, just pathetic. Yes you could say that they tried to be edgy dealing with a really hot button topic but they way they did it just seemed that they really were going for shock value and leaving funny out of the episode or trying to bring the Family Guy formula of cut-aways, obscure pop-culture references and college aged stoner/gross-out humor to a topic that it really doesn't mesh or mesh well with. (see politics & Family Guy as well) Also it must be added that the episode never or has never aired on TV where most people watch Family Guy (in rerun form) thus limiting the effect it can have. Yea sure it did ultimately did take a stand on the issue, an stand that I personally agree with, but the way they did it was really vain to say the least. They had the serious Lois monologue at the end which was leaving it ambiguous, which I was surprised with and thought that they were actually going to leave it up to the viewers to come to their own conclusions on the route they took which I thought would have been the best way to handle the ending since people of both sides could fantasize about the option they took as seeing eye to eye with the personal philosophy about the matter at hand. But they did decide to stick firm to their stand which others could see as noble as standing up for what they believe in and not giving into pressure, but the way they said it was unforgivable and cowardly to say the best. Just having Peter blurt out after the monologue saying they aborted it at the very end was probably the worst way they could have dealt with the issue. It showed a sign of cowardice towards the issue since throughout the episode, they didn't take a decisive side and the point was to try and show both sides of the issue but the stand they showed at the very end had no previous backing (say for Family Guy being a usually left/liberal show) from the episode and it seems that they were so scared of saying their stance throughout the episode that they decided to blurt it out at the very end leaving no logical steps in how they came to their conclusion.

Now there are some good post 100th episode episodes I like (such as Tales of A Third Grade Nothing, Episode 420 in some respects, and Road to the Multiverse along with their take on the original Star Wars Trilogy) and I think that the previously stated Family Guy formula (cut-aways, pop culture references, & raunchy/crass humor) works best for parodying movies and character development in their original molds [see the first 3 seasons] and the formula can work when they do try to go for controversial topics [see You May Now Kiss The Guy Who ...Uh Receives, Hell Comes to Quahog, Prick Up Your Ears, Boys Do Cry, and Episode 420 in some respects again]. But I do think that the first 5 seasons were the best and do now wish they would have gracefully ended the show with the 100th episode rather than seeing it morph into what it's become now, say for the few previously mentioned exceptions, and I don't say that as a guy who experienced the first 3 seasons as a 18 year old frat boy but as an 11 year old when I first watched it. Even when I was watching the 6th-8th seasons live going through puberty, I couldn't help but notice that much of the original Family Guy formula was thrown out and the parts that remained were ramped up extensively to make it more bloated without realizing that the parts of the original formula the writers threw out where what made it work in the first place and the ramped up remains couldn't tread water without a serious overhaul that lost what Family Guy originally was.

I also see the characters changes as negative. Peter being deemed mentally retarded, which they tried to downplay for the 4th and 5th season until they remembered they said that when they were scripting most of season 6 and onward to this very day. Lois as the subtly violent housewife to the raunchy housewife who, if she were really as smart as she comes off in later seasons, would leave Peter in a heartbeat. Chris as relatively unchanged. (which is for the best) Meg as a somewhat smart uglyish looking individual that can be relateable to just a punching bag. Stewie from a smart, calculated little genius (yes the matricide did eventually get old and they put that to rest in the 100th episode) to a constant gay joke, losing much of his original genius. And Brian who started out as the smartest of the dumb bunch but has morphed into a left/liberal douchebag (not to say that liberals are douchebags but Brian's specific characteristics/mannerisms fueled by his latent rampant left ego) who could be seen as a rallying point to liberals and a parody and joke/accusation to right/conservatives. But the overarching character development of the show is time for another rant and I'm just about out of fuel now. Thank you anyone who read this entire thing and if you want, respond. I'm always game for discussing Family Guy. Cheers.

I liked Family Guy, it fit in really well with Adult Swim, but I guess I was oversaturated with it.

Bobs' Burgers is the only funny thing left on Sunday nights, with the Simpsons' deterioration, American Dad's descent into vulgarity for the sake of vulgarity, Cleveland's mediocrity, and Family Guy's being... Family Guy. So while My respect has dipped, it's not gone.

*j/k. I'm not that guy.

What a world we live in. A world where people have to justify their like of a show like Family Guy. I'll say what I always say in this situation: If you don't like it, it's clearly not meant to appeal to you. It's that easy. I like things that I subjectively should not like. We all have something like that. I also feel that there was this large pushback for the popularity when "bro culture" got a firm grasp on this show and touted it's funny and smart writing.

The promos for your book piss me off way more then you being a fan of Family Guy.

The promos for his book which he doesn't mention until after the entire episode and the credits have finished?

Why don't you just stop the video when you're done watching it instead of letting the video keep going so you can act pissed about the ad you know will be at the end of it? You know, like a sensible person.

On topic: Family Guy's okay. The first couple of seasons are pretty terrible, but once the show hits its stride it has semi-consistently funny moments. I haven't watched it in ages because I just got tired of it, but then, I don't really watch shows like this (Futurama, South Park, etc.) in general these days. Just kinda not something that holds my interest.


The promos for your book piss me off way more then you being a fan of Family Guy.

The promos for his book which he doesn't mention until after the entire episode and the credits have finished?

Why don't you just stop the video when you're done watching it instead of letting the video keep going so you can act pissed about the ad you know will be at the end of it? You know, like a sensible person.

I do, unless he says stay tuned after the show for a special announcement (like he did a few weeks ago on Escape to the movies) and it turns ou to be the same fucking promo I'd been seeing for the past to weeks here.

Personally I find most episodes of Family Guy will make me laugh a couple of times, but rarely stay with me. In all fairness, though, this might be because the structure of the show and its reliance on cutaway gags and oddball flights of fancy gives it more the feel of a sketch show than a sitcom. I've seen episodes that completely ignore said structure, though, so perhaps it's time I got back into the habit of watching it regularly.

Glad to see Bob's Burgers getting some love. Of all the recent animated comedy contenders, I feel like it's the one that most deserves to be celebrated. It was always hilarious, and that last season in particular felt like they'd struck the perfect balance of strange but relatable, tangential but focused, weird but coherent and yes, still hilarious. I'd rank it up there with any sitcom you care to name.

Still haven't watched any Adventure Time, though, so maybe it's time I did just that.

I actually haven't caught wind of this greater sense of hatred for the show that Bob mentions, but then again I tend to not dwell on the opinions of others or go out of my way to know everyone's online.

I think Family Guy now is fine, there are greater episodes, but for the most part is fine. I actually enjoy American Dad much more and have enjoyed the newer episodes than it's brethren. As for other animated TV, South Park is also still great but the Simpsons I made peace with and said good bye long time ago.

Family Guy regularly outshines all other animated comedies mentioned in this video. The Simpsons will always be a classic, but the writing in recent seasons has been really subpar. South Park seems to wax and wane in quality, being outrageously hilarious some episodes while being overly cynical or bitchy other episodes. The Cleveland Show was just dull and boring far too deserved to be canceled. American Dad could potentially be better than Family Guy, but too many storylines and jokes fall flat. However, American Dad's characters are usually a bit more interesting than the cast of Family Guy. I've always found Futurama just good but rarely great. I've not seen enough of Bob's Burgers to comment, this may change in the near future as so many people seem to love it.

I'm a little disappointed that Archer was not even mentioned. I would consider it the best animated comedy on television. Any show that features radical Nova Scotian separatists (voiced by the Trailer Park Boys no less) who have blown up a Tim Hortons is pretty fucking awesome. Seriously though, the characters, the jokes, the storylines, the animation itself, have been consistently top-notch for four seasons.

The internet says that McFarlane is satan? What? He's bringing back Cosmos with Neil deGrasse Tyson, how is he not considered a hero for that alone?

Mention of Bob's burgers, which is a great show, but no mention of Archer? Man I adore Archer. I can't get enough of it.

Family guy is funny, but I feel like too many people feel like it's humor speaks to the common denominator, and thus they want to claim to be above it. Family guy can be hit or miss, but it isn't worth feeling guilty over enjoying it just because the internet says so.

First, the cutaway humor that McFarlane uses IS ALL ABOUT PACE! (...) It was a god damn joke from a god damned joke show, and even the creators of the show said so. Do I think either Matt or Trey seriously meant that Family Guy was very random? Yes, because it is. Random DOES NOT MEAN BAD!!!

There's no need to go all militant here. Many people who don't like the show, myself included, have perfectly fine reasons going for them, not just because South Park said so. Rambling about matinee-jokes doesn't help your point any.

I do want to point out that the "random" style of comedy people seem to like (and not just talking about FG here, there are way worse offenders on the air) is just slapping references and semi-jokes on a next-to-nonexistent plot. It seems to amount to nothing more than trying to get a chuckle out of people familiar with the source material, and I could do without. To me the cutaways like used in FG are breaking the flow of the story and seem to only be there to insert interchangable gags, about as entertaining as the average commercial break.

Alright Bob... I won't come at you, but I will simply throw my two cents into the pot. Personally, I am not a fan of Family Guy. I used to be, but not anymore. I'm also not a fan of American Dad or Cleveland Show either. The reason why is rather simple. I am not a fan of Seth's personal brand of humor.

To be fair, I hadn't really thought about the characters as actual characters until watching this Big Picture; and I must admit that after hearing what you have to say, I'll own the fact that I might have been a bit too critical of the show. That being said, I'm still not a fan. I was never a fan of Beavis and Butthead either, which I know sounds like blasphemy. But that is a whole other topic.

What I don't like about Seth McFarlene's creations is the delivery of his humor. I HATE jokes that go on for far too long (i.e. the skinned knee bit). I understand that the point of that kind of a joke is that it's supposed to be funny BECAUSE it goes on for far too long. But I just don't find it funny. I also don't like jokes or pop culture references just being there for the sake of the joke. To me, there are too many non-sequitur moments, and they usually go on for too long for my taste. I feel like all too often, the "plot" of the episode is just a vehicle for these prolonged moments, rather than being an amusing by-product or happenstance of said plot. And I personally just don't go for that kind of setup.

This is all just my personal opinion of course. I don't care if other people like or love Family Guy, it's just not for me, and I don't enjoy watching it.

Eh. I'm not gonna come at you, bro, but I can say that the early episodes of Family Guy have cast a less appealing shadow over the rest of it. American Dad is already better in most ways than Family Guy, but it's the way McFarlane handles some of his topics that gives me pause. I don't mind it as a comedy piece, but any time it's trying to say something, I feel like I'm both being preached at and chastised, even if I'm of the same opinion of the "good" result in the show. But it's not bad, just...abrasive. And it did certainly get better, as almost every show has as the actors and writers found their footing.

I'm sort of half and half on Family Guy. I fell out of watching it a while ago, it was decent enough for me early on but it just got way too juvenile and violent for me. Not to say I can't handle my fair share of violence and fart jokes, it's just that it got a bit much for me and just made me roll my eyes at how predictable and crass it was.

I dunno, I think I dislike it for the same reasons you like it. Over and over again, Stewie is "lol, gay", Meg transcends being a doormat to being a literal punching bag, Lois is "lol, cray cray", Peter is "lol, retard", and Chris is Chris. It's extremely repetitive and boring, and after a while it just grinds on me. Basically, image sums up to an extent my feelings on Family Guy.

Wait, people compare this to Jersey Shore? Seriously? I mean, Family Guy is nothing special and I lost interest in it years ago, but Jersey Shore?
Come on, at least Family Guy has real writers working for it. Nothing with real writers could possibly be as bad as Jersey Shore.

Doesn't suprise me that MovieBob like Brian. As I'm myself an Atheist, I HATE Brain. I hate everything about him. His damn smugness, That is he is always correct, his damn hypocrisy with more. Fuck Brain.

[I do, unless he says stay tuned after the show for a special announcement (like he did a few weeks ago on Escape to the movies) and it turns ou to be the same fucking promo I'd been seeing for the past to weeks here.

Yeah, that caught me the first time. After that, though, I realized if it were REALLY a "special announcement" of the sort that he knows his audience really wants to hear, that's usually the kind of thing he puts before the show rather than after.

I do not like Family Guy but think Brain is a well done character although he feels out of place with the rest of the show.

I recently just watched all of family guy in reverse order. It started out as, I couldn't be bothered to figure out which episodes I had seen tireless reruns of so I just started at the latest... then I had nothing better to do and went down to episode one.

The show was definitely worse at the beginning- I love the newer episodes- hilarious and entertaining. At some point around season 3 I only kept watching for the sake completion. I will say that I dislike Brian's new persona to the extent that I might think his bland "father knows best" persona of season one was preferable, however I can't deny that the best episodes tend to be the ones centered around he and stewie. So I guess I just dislike episodes *about* brian (finding love, going to college, etc), but think he makes a fantastic team with stewie.

Regarding Futurama, it definitely isn't a holy grail of any kind. Let it be known that I really love the show- it's intelligent, funny, and very subtle. Its appeal isn't something that would be immediately perceptible. At least that was true of the earlier seasons- I don't catalog in which season I think each show starts to decline, but I can tell you that the decline is largely related to the huge change in Bender's character. I can't really describe what he used to be, but now he's just a generic jerk with predictable, unfunny commentary, only occasionally remembering that he has some half assed emotional development when it's built into the ep's plot.

Last season definitely had *something* wrong with it even if I can't articulate what it was. The inconsistency of Fry and Leela's relationship is particularly annoying though- it's as if the writers are trying to have their cake and eat it too. While they're technically "together", one of two things happens in each episode: 1) Leela is on the verge of breaking up with Fry and treating him like she treated him when they weren't an item. 2) The episode plays out with no reference to their relationship at all, as if they weren't dating. At least two of my friends think that "futurama isn't as good now that Fry and Leela are together, like what happened with The Office". Except for all intents and purposes, they aren't even together. Seems like the writers are trying to please two different crowds and failing at both.

This final season isn't *bad* so far, but it feels like tribute after tribute to all the memes the show has generated (self aware in a bad way), and I wouldn't recommend any of the episodes to someone just getting into the show. A good time to end I think.


But Bob's Burgers? Does it somehow magically turn into not shit after the first season? I just don't see the appeal there. The only source of humour seems to be people talking loudly at the same time.

Pretty much yeah. There is an episode where he drives a cab in the first season and the style of humour seems to click. If you can track down that episode and watch it. It will give a good idea of why people like it. I mean there is still people shouting but it has gotten far less obnoxious. If I was showing it to anyone for the first time. I would just skip right to that episode.

This is appropriate, since I've actually just gotten back into Family Guy recently. A lot of it's really dumb comedy, but that's still funny and perfect for when you don't really have any head in you to watch something smart and just want to relax and kill some time. My favourite episodes are the Brian and Stewie high concept episodes like the 'Road to...' specials or things like 'Yug Ylimaf' and 'Back to the Pilot'.

Also, apart from a few select turds like 'Not All Dogs Go to Heaven', it's not that bad as far as left-wing soapboxing goes. These days Brian is portrayed just as pathetically as the rest of the families, only with an extra dosage of arrogant pretentiousness.

You still like Family Guy? Hey, it's your opinion and I respect that. (I still think Peter Griffin is a complete and utter asshole, though...)

As you might have guessed, I have a bit of a... complex relationship with Family Guy. I liked the pre-cancellation episodes and some of the post-cancellation episodes... but then they started using gross-out humor and mean-spirited jokes that turned me sour on the whole thing.

I do confess I love the Star Wars parodies, and some of the "Road to..." episodes (the best of which is without a doubt "Road to the Pilot", which is a funny sendoff of the very first episode - plus I love their take on the whole cutaway gag thing - plus a surprisingly ( though possibly unintentional) dilemma.

...Not sure how the Simpsons/Family Guy crossover is going to work out, though...

MovieBob takes us into one of his favorite television shows.

Just wanted to give you a little support on this one, Bob.

The Simpsons wore on me. So did South Park (even though I enjoy watching new episodes of South Park, and I love the Coon episodes).

Family Guy... doesn't. I enjoy it's snark and parody - particularly the self reflection and self parody that it gets into.

And I quite agree that seeing the characters go off the rails is one of its best aspects. Dial M for Meg putting her into a place of power is absolutely wonderful and hilarious.

I haven't given much look at the spin-offs. American Dad just... didn't click for me. However, after your comments this episode, I believe I'd like to dive into the Cleveland Show and see what that cast has to offer.


I enjoy family guy. I don't go out of my way to watch it... but if a friend is watching it on a device near me, or it's on TV when I am watching TV; I watch it.

Struggle to understand the backlash against FG. Since coming back it's been frequently hilarious. SM has always said it's just about making people laugh. If you don't like the cut-aways then it's not the show for you but I for one find that the randomness makes me laugh way more easily than a standard sitcom would.

And, like him or loathe him, MacFarlane is just ridiculously talented. It's criminal how much talent he has for writing, animation, singing, voices, business management. The list just goes on. It's insane.

I actually don't like much of it past Season 3, but that's just me. I think Family Guy dropped off about the same time that American Dad started to pick up oddly enough. Though I wonder, what're your thoughts on Venture Bros.? Have you ever had the chance to see it? Despite being a pseudo cult hit, many people (myself included) consider it the current kingpin of western animation.

I'm pretty sure he likes it. He's used screenshots from the show from time to time in episodes of The Big Picture.

I'll try not to judge you Bob. It's hard, but I'll try.

What makes me chafe about the family guy is how every episode I've suffered through has been lowest common denominator crap. Yeah, there might be an amusing moment, but I've never seen one episode that I'd considered really good. Or rather the first episode I saw I thought was not horrible, but then the second episode had the same non sequitur crap. If it were the exception, and not the rule, it would be much more amusing.

Mostly though, I find the characters really irritating.

For my money Archer is the best animated series we have right now. Everything Adam Reed does just gets better and better with each passing season. Plus the ambiguous time period the show plays with is the perfect mix of good ol' fashion Cold War spy game with a dose of modern technology thrown in. The characters are amazing. I can't wait for the next season for some more Pam Poovey, I.S.I.S. agent of badass.

I second this notion. I see far less love for Archer on the interwebs than i thought i would. If peoples haven't seen it, i recommend it.

and on another note:

awww shitsnacks.

Mention of Bob's burgers, which is a great show, but no mention of Archer? Man I adore Archer. I can't get enough of it.

Seconded! The Archer/Bob's Burgers crossover in the Archer season opener was amazeballs. Who doesn't love McGuirk's voice? And let us not forget the three 2011 episodes of Archer episode with H. John Benjamin AND Patrick Warburton (as Rip Ripley) in the same conversations!

I've always felt that this show serves us best by bringing forward something lesser known or often misunderstood and giving us a perspective that helps us to better appreciate it. That being said Family Guy has not gotten better as time has gone on, it has only ripened as a medium through which we see a quirky TV family gradually growing more and more cynical, dysfunctional and heartless, which is pretty much the same reaction people would have if they were forced to put up with Peter Griffin's shit every day. Perhaps unsurprisingly this is the same reaction many nurses feel having to live with aggressively difficult special needs patients.

So forgive me for saying so but jumping on your soapbox now, five years after it would have mattered to tout how much the show has somehow matured into something worth watching every week, seems really weak. I never loved the show, I've stopped hating it, and I've stopped caring about it or anything MacFarlane puts out, and at best I want these characters suffer horribly because I'm sick of them getting away with grotesque acts that they deserve to be punished for, but don't because that kind of unaccountability is supposed to be a punchline we laugh at instead of a painful truth that desperately needs addressing in the real world. And no, Peter punching Lois in the face and her just taking it are not satirical and poignant looks at the deploring realities of domestic violence, that's Seth saying "Now play a Tiny Turner song so we can remember how Ike hit her! It'll be hilarious!" Turning around and making an episode about the men killing an abusive husband only demonstrates that those kind of issues aren't funny and don't belong on an animated TV show.

If you want to bring this kind of thing to "The Big Picture" maybe it would be better to choose shows that have a place in the current zeitgeist. Family Guy is too recent to be nostalgic and too old to be relevant. Instead of poking fun at how Adventure Time or Futurama are these "untouchable" shows even as you pretend to be brave for admitting you like a show people have long since stopped caring about--like calling yourself a Pokemon fan a year after its original fanbase became adults--you can stand up and say "Fuck it, Futurama needed work and I'm sick of Adventure Time being called deep and philosophical when really it's just a laundry list of dramatic cliches stolen from shows like The Walking Dead but given to us through the non-offensive medium of a squiggly cartoon show."

I've never watched an episode of Family Guy. I've only ever seen clips on YouTube that people have shown me. And Bob thinks his confession is controversial...

If you've ever wondered if "Bob's ship had left the dock"... This is proof.

How do I define "proof"?

Start... watching Bob's Burgers? Is that a joke? Is that some kind awful... sick... twisted joke? I can't believe he said that to me. I can't ,fucking, believe he said that to me.

Edit: One episode was enough to turn me off of the show. Perhaps my opinion isn't valid according to some. Oh well.

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