Escape to the Movies: The World's End

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Daniel Tubb:

Purple Dragon:
Just one thing the UK is part of the EU and most people agree we overall benefit from it, we just aren't as committed to it as Germany or France.

Hmmmm, actually the opposite of true I'm afraid.

Yes we are trapped in the EU, but for over a decade every opinion poll has shown a clear majority in favour of leaving the EU and that on balance we DON'T benefit from it. This is a fact, look up the polls for yourself.

In addition alongside Germany we are the only other net contributor to the EU budget, so by very definition we put more in than we get out.

Furthermore in the video bob mentions a rage against conformity. But if your raging against conformity you would rage against the EU, all it does is impose conformity on its subjects regardless of whether they agree or not.

Sorry for the belated reply I was in Turkey with no internet but here it is. I'm not going to argue that we benefit from the subsidies because we probably don't and I do not support them (the Common Agricultural Policy for example needs drastic reform). However I will examine what would occur if we were to leave. One we would not be able to maintain the free trade privileges we currently enjoy, do not think we could retain them, pissed off countries such as France would likely make the EU place punitive restrictions on our businesses (because politics is vindictive like that)as Europe is our biggest market this would hit us hard. Two we exert an influence in the EU that prevents our national interests being threatened, take for example the financial transactions tax which is being blocked essentially entirely due to our efforts. If it were to pass it would damage our banking sector which is heavily involved in banking in EU countries. While the transactions in the UK would not be taxed our dealings in EU countries would be damaged damaging our economy. By being an EU member (and one of the Big Three at that) means we can block this. Finally our influence means we can lend major support to Germany and other EU countries which wish to put in place austerity measures (generally opposed by France and Italy) we are powerful enough to tip the balance in Germany's favour. This benefits us as a credible austerity programme in debt racked countries helps keep the Euro from exploding which would wreck many Euro based economies. This would also further damage our economy (already likely hit by restrictions and new taxes on UK products) as combined they make our biggest market so their implosion would affect us.

As for opinion polls my suspicion is we may chicken out of pulling out as the referendum looms but we shall see. Finally I'm not going to defend EU regulations as may are daft (although some I support).

"This might be the best acting Pegg has ever done. You know going in that Gary is going to be funny, but the main reason is the underlying tragedy of the character is so apparent so early is because he sells the role."

No, it's because they just show it within the first few minutes. You know he's been committed in a psych ward because while in group, you see that everyone doesn't have any shoelaces (they take them away so that you can't strangle yourself/someone else with them, although if they're particularly dickish they'll just take your shoes altogether), and you see several people wearing the hospital wristbands.

And that's something that really bothered me about the film. You see his room in the hospital, and it's full of personal effects (you can't have any in a psych ward because of theft and you can use them as a weapon), and the fact that he just... leaves. The only way you can do that is if you had yourself committed (which he clearly didn't), and only if it's for a reason that would not result in harm to yourself/others, then you can have yourself discharged. Otherwise, it's up to the hospital/someone who has legal rights over you to have you released, and that's only if there's someone on the outside who'd sign some forms saying that they'll help take care of you, which the film made apparent that there wasn't anyone like that for Gary.

While they made sure to get that one small detail right (no shoelaces), they just mucked up the rest of their details on the psych ward.

And yeah, this was easily the weakest of the three films.

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