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Also, lol wut? I absolutely have the right as a consumer to make and call the Amnesia series whatever I want. I honestly have no idea where you're coming from here.

Neither do I since I didn't say anything of the like.

You said:

You really don't have to right to dictate, as a consumer, what the Amnesia series is and isn't

And I responded to it in as rational a way as possible, since it seems nonsensical to me in the first place. Clearly I'm not dictating it anymore than I can and should be.

What else could you mean by this that I haven't already addressed?

As a fan of the original game and it's Justine spinoff, I've got to say that Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs was quite an excellent experience. A lot of the missing features didn't really bother me because I found the level of immersion go away whenever I had to check on what color Daniel's brain was at any time.

I think what "A Machine for Pigs" does that the original Amnesia did only in fractions was put your character in a setting that was unnerving. As Daniel, the basic plot progression is essentially going through the castle and it's dungeons seeing elements that have already transpired. The only thing you get to decide is whether or not Alexander lives or dies. For what it was, the game was absolutely perfect. What "A Machine for Pigs" does is put throw you in a situation where you're not only responsible for the atrocities you've done to others, but also the atrocities that are to come. When the "Machine" is at full power and sends the pigmen out to the streets of London, they are gathering everyone up to be slaughtered and fed into the machine. Despite all the damage you've tried to cause the machine on the way up, the portions that process humans is still working and for every second it runs, someone is dying. That really struck an emotional nerve because this machine is slaughtering innocent people like pigs, all while playing soothing music in the background, and telling you that this is the right thing to do. And it's not just the pig line either. The pipes disposing of the blood, the pigmen eating/raping corpses and the bodies flowing in large ponds of blood. I never felt that way during the first Amnesia so I think TCR did something right.

My only real criticism was that the "Pig line" wasn't as immersive as I was hoping it would be. If you look at some of the official artwork, it depicts the perspective of the player in one of the blood filled chambers where the limbless bodies on hooks are moving across the ceiling. You were IN THE PIG LINE! I was practically dreading the moment where Mandus had to go through the pig line itself in order to reach the machines that controlled it. Starting at the beginning where you can hear the still living people scream in agony as they're limbs are chopped off, their bodies thrown onto the metal hooks, the line processing them in different ways with every one of them dripping blood on you as they move along the line while you try to make your way out. The thought that these people were alive and whole mere seconds ago would have made this one of the most uncomfortable moments I've ever played in a game. And that soothing music playing in the background would have made it all the more horrifying.

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