LoadingReadyRun: The Story of Beej

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I'd totally throw money at your Kickstarter if I had money to throw at it. Unfortunately I'm poor. :/

I hope that we get a grand finale with the entire gang, though! LRR deserves nothing less than to go out with a fantastic bang.

With that out of the way, I can only imagine the terrible things that will befall Beej once scientist-Paul ropes him into the assistant job again.

Absolutely loved Beej, especially in the opening credits.
It's either a bonus on his or my part that I could even recognize who he was supposed to be.

bad news x2 this episode. it's come the final season, and that season is dlc? bummer.

Yes. I am so glad the saga of memebeej continued to a satisfying conclusion, that's actually some brilliant acting from him as a man desperately trying to overcome that problem.

Why hasn't EscapistMagazine drawn more attention to the Kickstarter? I thought they wouldbe happy to make a blurb about it. They report other less influential kickstarters. Just a thought.

I laughed so hard at those opening credits.

Solid effort from Beej. It has been a good arc.

Regarding the kickstarter, it'll be sad to see the weekly sketches go, but with a stretch goal of potentially more "things on my head" from Paul I wish the kickstarter all the luck in the world.

I've been watching you guys make amusing things on the internet since around the end of season 2. 9 damned years. While I'll have the spare cash to throw at you, I'm not sure I want to. Just on principal.

I realize that this will allow you to turn into the production powerhouse you've been dabbling in and actually make a career in this biz. But the core concept of this being LRRs final season, it hurts. I know it's not like you're retiring. But I'll miss this.

On the other hand, I can get a cool T-Shirt and other stuff...........Ah fuck it. /throws money at monitor

$250,000 CAD and we all get to have Season 1? It's already at $95,269. We can do this!

Beej's monologue at 3:42 is just pure gold.

It's no "Tale of Matt Wiggins"!

So, when can we look forward to "Beej: The True Story"? ;)

final season??? :(

The beej is awesome and i dont want him cured :(

Also you too are misusing kickstarter to gauge interest/fund existing projects?
oh well everyone already did you you may as well get some extra cash while your at it.

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