Movie Defense Force: Event Horizon - You Won't Need Eyes To See

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To be fair, when the film came out, I remember the reviews and the general consensus it received. People HATED this movie, and I remember thinking "what the hell is wrong with you people?" Guess it could be considered pretty niche, but it's encouraging to think that it seems common knowledge that it's a badass flick these days.


This movie really nails suspense and atmosphere, but doesn't match films like John Carpenter's The Thing for me simply because it gives the malicious force a human face at the end. Keeping it in the unknown and inhuman gives me the chills a great deal more than anything else.

Still, it gets nearly everything down perfectly. It lets your imagination run wild instead of spelling things out for you. If they had more time to re-work on the third act I'm certain it would have been a near flawless movie.

One of the ways it could have been improved was to simply keep the root cause of all the horror an enigma, and give the audience clues that makes it NOT wanting to know... Apparently being exposed to the magnetic device for a moment was enough to drive you insane. Maybe it could have been a dimension of absolute serenity and calm. Making you gouge your eyes out and turning your own body inside out, desperate to feel -alive-. Because isn't that a true hell, denying you any and all sensation?

Think.....i need to lay off the 40k novels

Or not. Believe me, even this kind of mania can be not only entertaining, but useful. For example, I just wrote my Master's thesis on 40k. :P

And yes, Event Horizon is totally 40k material.
Never knew it reviewed so badly with critics at the time. Goes to show even those folks are not immune to the occasional blunder... Event Horizon is one of the best horror/thriller flics I've ever watched, and I've watched maaaaaany.

Jim, this format is clearly running out of steam. I like to listen to you talking about movies. You should just face the fact that there is not an infinite number of movies around that are a) well-known enough for people to care, b) considered bad by many and c) not really that bad.

Just retool the show to Jim Sterling's Movie-Hour and send Moviebob a fruit basket and you won't have to face the same question over and over all week.

Would be a shame about that jingle, though, it is really catching.

I kinda get your point and I may agree completely or partially. I don't think Jim needs to do a full on review show. That's not what the show is about really, so I don't think he's going to step on Bob's toes. That maybe be tilting at windmills though, not sure you were going that far. That said I agree maybe the premise should be expanded a bit going from movies the tighter confines of the premise of the show and just being what it basically wants to be anyways. A movie recommendation show for sometimes overlooked or just more niche gems.

Great movie. Not entirely sure why none of Paul WS Anderson's other films show the same degree of effort and skill. I mean, yes, the Resident Evil movies are nice little earners but there's no reason why he couldn't have made them something like as good.

When I first heard about the plot of this movie, I was very interested, but I was completely disillusioned when I found out the director was Paul Anderson.

I finally got around to it and absolutely adored it.

Pretty much everything I was going to mention you did instead.

I fucking love the theory that it's a 40k prequel. It just fits so well. 40k is basically my favorite thing ever, so by extension Event Horizon is as well.

The other thing I really liked about it was Sam Neil. From the beginning, I thought he was going to be the hero and Morpheus was just another redshirt.

I think one of the biggest failings of the movie is that it has Paul Anderson's name attached to it. The RE films are mediocre at their very best and it's too bad their failings get attributed to Event Horizon.

For example, I just wrote my Master's thesis on 40k. :P

Please please please please please elaborate. This sounds amazing.

dalek sec:
Well to be fair, Khorne is more about swinging swords and axes at his foes than mind fucking with them.

My personal take on it was yes it got lost in the Warp but some minor daemon managed to get on board the ship, just a little minor daemon not belonging to the Four.

None of the four are particularly subtle. The game itself isn't to blame, really, because you can't translate subtle horror into an over-the-top war game. A lot of the fluff suggests Event Horizon-like horror, but it gets lost in the nonsense.

Honestly, if you removed the physical evidence of the Chaos Gods and Daemons from the setting and just had implied horrors and Chaos Space Marines going all Sam Neil "don't need eyes to see" on people, Warhammer would be 40,000 times more awesome and scary. But there I go again, dreaming my little dreams.

It'S actually one of my favorite horror movie... It play with the fear of the characters, theyr psyche, and i love that

in the mouth of madness is the only horror move that i love as much as Event Horizon

Just saw this, must've been a little over a month ago, after reading about it (Thanks TvTropes' random button!). I completely loved it. I wish there were more horror movies out there like this, with the confidence to take their time and build up tension properly. Admittedly, I probably like horror stuff more than most.

I saw this movie when I was 8? Maybe 9? Scared the shit out of me. But I've seen it again since, and I don't think it's a great horror movie at all. It's got enough to scare somebody who's easily scared, but I just don't see how people can say it's STILL scaring them as an adult and it's haunting and all of that. It's not a BAD movie, I just don't understand how anyone can say it's their favourite horror movie... But tastes differ and all that.

I always liked Event Horizon. I remember seeing it in theaters with some friends as a teenager. I wasn't big into horror movies, but Event Horizon caught my eye anyway, probably for the same reason things like Alien did. It was horror in a sci-fi setting. Just moving things into the future in space was enough to pique my interest. And I had a blast watching it. It had some genuine scares and wasn't too predictable until late in the film. And you can see its influence in a lot of sci-fi/horror that came in the future.

I never quite understood where the hate came from as far as the critics go. And I wouldn't have thought this was a film that needed much defending either. Still, good to see it highlighted here.

This movie scared the fuck out of me in a way that no other film has since I hit my teenage years (when I was ~11, Sixth Sense scared me, but I grew outta that pretty quick).

Man Jim must be running out of films if he is now 'defending' good movies just because they where not a big success.
*checks Rotten Tomatoes*
What is wrong with people?

Echoing the sentiment in the video, I love Event Horizon. I'm also mildly surprised that so many people, like me, instantaneously seem to think of the 40K universe when they watch it.

there are people that thought Event Horizon was bad? to the burning these heratics!

This movie is indeed one of the best horror movies out there. loved it since the first time i saw it and it just does not get boring.


Blazing Steel:
people just don't expect it to be as scary as it is.

and that's why it gets you...
"Oh look it's Sam Neill, he's a nice guy.... oh god what is he doing!!!!"

Agreed Jim, this is an overlooked classic, an overlooked "I'm not going to sleep for a week" classic!

"What is Dr Grant doing? No, Dr Grant. Stop that. Please, stop it!"

Yeah, when I saw this movie, I just couldn't wrap my head around Dr Grant as a bad guy. Probably doesn't help that Jurassic Park is one of my favorite movies, if not my favorite movie of all time.

Love the hell out of this film. The air duct sequence haunted me for weeks. Lovecraft would approve.

I remember seeing Event Horizon in the theater. It wasn't the kind of movie that hit you in the theater.

It waited until you got home. Then, it hit you what you actually saw - and what you didn't...

Awesome, awesome movie; great horror film. I'm glad so many appreciate it.

Oh buy I've been waiting for this one. Jim I know you're a fan of Event Horizon, but you know what... so am I :)

I've been looking forward to a movie defense force episode on Event Horizon for as while and now that it's finally here you've said everything I wanted to hear and I mean that as a complement :)

The clear allusions to the Hellraiser series, be it the Hooks, the opening mechanism, or the horrible facial mutilation make Even Horizon all the more enjoyable. After watching this review, I viewed the film and loved it.

seriously? it was criticized? i have only good memories of it and watched like nearly 15 times because i enjoyed it so much. its creepy and surely made in such a way that that you just try to figure out where it has been. was it hell? an evil dimension? not even sam neil him self explained it in such detail where it has been.

i would not say its my favorite horror sci fi movie but surely among my top 10 horror film list.

It didn't strike me as a great movie but it was certainly a memorable one.
I had no idea it needs defending because I would never call it a terrible movie on any account.


After re-watching this on netflix after so long im convinced its a warhammer40k film lol set in the early days of warp traval and simply got lost in the warp and the shit was possessed by a warp deamon and then in tern corrupted the science guy to chaos who made the ship. Think.....i need to lay off the 40k novels

Wrong. You go deeper. You need to not just see but understand the infinite shifting miasma of the warp. Your mind will break but it will then be reformed into something glorious! Find the meaning in the pages and the film and the impossible pattern will emerge.

Jim is right. I have always said that Event Horizon is better at being "Hellrasier in Space" than Hellrasier 4 which ACTUALLY WAS "Hellrasier in Space." I will always remember my first viewing of Event Horizon. Took the advanced copy VHS home with me after work (I worked at rental place at the time.) Did some homework, then popped it into the VCR at about midnight. I lived in university dorms in a single room back in those days. My college dorms were a real ghosttown some weekends and that one was a fairly quiet weekend. So when I finished the movie at around 2 AM or so there wasn't the usual amount of activity on the floor (like gathering in the tv lounge, people getting back from the bars... stuff like that) just kind of an empty feeling and an odd (unusual) silence. I opened the door from my room to go down the hall to the bathroom... and as I was walking down the hall my mind was replacing the hallway with the image of the "meat grinder" hallway. To get to the bathroom I had to open a door at the end of the hallway...

It was just super spooky. Luckily the image of one of my friends passed out hunkered next to a vomit filled toilet kind of took me out of that revirie. Thinking to myself "Do You See... DO YOU SEE," was replaced by "oh yeah, it was dollar you-call-it-night at the 7 oh 7."

Everyone I know who has watched this movie agrees that it was a hard R rating away from being an instant classic.

Event Horizon is very R rated. At least in the 90s they didn't try to sanitize their horror films for the purpose of appealing to a wider audience. I saw Event Horizon in theaters when I was 12 years old and didn't really appreciate it then, other than some of the gore, but I caught again a few years ago and realized what a fantastic film it really was. It's a great horror movie with some really chilling moments. It's really the kind of horror I prefer, deeply atmospheric and no obvious monster to over explain.

I'd also agree with the person that said Pandorum would be a good choice. It's not Event Horizon level of great, but it's a really good survival horror flick. Pandorum is Dead Space the Movie. I remember sitting all alone in the theater when it came up. It's a shame that no one bothered to go see it. It's not a classic, but it's well made, well paced with lonely and claustrophobic feeling to it.

...This is horror? Really?
I watched it when I was like 16 and while I found it a bit unnerving it wasn't really that scary. And I'm a rather easily-scared guy.

That's a great movie, on par with the Alien movies. I certainly didn't enjoy it any less. It needs no defense.

Pandorum on the other hand could have used some spotlight. I liked that one a lot as well, but it's not all that well known, I think. Granted - I saw it on TV, and didn't expect anything of it.

So true. If you stop it at the right place, you see that one guy getting anal fisted.

Jimothy Sterling:

"Why does this need defending?" LOOK JUST LET ME HAVE THIS, OKAY!?

alright Jim just this once, you wouldn't want to put Moviebob out of work.

Event Horizon is one of my favorite movies of all time, and a great horror movie, and a great and unique movie of borderline eldritch horror... in space!

I'm surprised there was no reference to Dead Space in this. Other than that I can't really say that the footage shown left me uninterested.

But you've said that Event Horizon is one of your favourite Sci-Fi's before, so it is a favourite horror and a favourite sci-fi rather than a favourite Sci-Fi Horror?

Loved it when it first came out.
Nice to have you talk about your faves, instead of the Jimquisition ;)

Love this movie ever since i saw it in the cinema. I think it gets a lot of stick for its director Paul W S Anderson. I think Event Horizon was the best movie he ever made and if he had made Resident Evil with the same tone, then those movies would be epic.

I'm not one for horror at all. I approached Event Horizon for it's sci-fi angle, but enjoyed it anyway. I think maybe because of the psychological aspect of the scares, and because you are never quite sure where it's going to take you.

I love this movie. One of my top five favorites, personally. Though now, I will be thinking that it's a Warhammer 40k universe movie and the Event Horizon went through the Warp instead of just hell.

TV Tropes WMG is always an absolute blast when it comes to this movie. The webs people make connecting 40K, Doom, Event Horizon, Hellraiser and numerous others is always a fun way to waste an afternoon. It's just more fun to believe that the warp swallowed the ship and that Doom Guy is the one sat on the golden throne. Doesn't hurt that the movie is one of the most effective examples of gore and suspense being creepy rather than tedious.

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