Doomsday Arcade: Episode Four

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someone make this into a podcast already

AWESOME. Hahahaha.

This series is sooo good, but where were the puns??? they are legendary. I am looking forward to seeing where the series is going.

Laser Cat > Link

awesome show keep it up!!!
cant wait for more tf2 refrences!!!!

Ok, this episode was pretty good. I was not impressed by the first one at all and still skeptical after the second and third, but his one was definitely good. I think I will start keeping up with this show now.

laser cat for the win

I would actually play Lazar cat

"Why don't you listen - bitch?" best line ever
"That was the ballero of kicking your arse!!"

loved it

What's the room for? XD Lazer Cat looks awesome :)

He said its the what of kicking your ass?

Orange Monkey:
He said its the what of kicking your ass?

Bolero of kicking your ass. A bolero is like a spanish waltz.
It's a reference to Zelda Ocarina of Time's warp song "Bolero of Fire". Although I thought it would be funnier if he called it that, but when he says Fire, actually fire his lasers.

"tell me how do you mount abona?" i think link just got served a piece of ownage pie

Well, as long as people know that, in real life, Link would not lose to Laser Cat, then this is acceptable.

i was doubtful of this series. then i saw laser cat. i now find this series acceptable.

"Mounting Epona!"

Fricking Legendary!!!

Laser Cat has this Optimus Prime voice that kicks ass!

OK That was fucking awesome.

But because you slagged off NZ...This is ONLY JUST acceptable. ONLY JUST. XD

Wow, I am in a laughing fit. LASER CAT! Loving it.
"It says my room is low" HAHAHAHAH

its not working anymore im just getting an error messege

I will from this day forward, live by my lazer-honor! XD

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