Modern Warfare 2 Best-Seller of All Time?

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now THATS what i call big-headed

Keane Ng:


Keane Ng:
I will buy ten copies if Captain Price is alive in it.

The blokes like 90 years old. Let him up will you?

I can't, he's my hero.

He has a moustache!

As long as it's a good game like CoD4, i don't care what they name and what the expectations are, and why do people say the only people who play Call of Duty 4 are a bunch of 13 year olds who's balls haven't dropped? I mean, i've been playing FPS' since doom, i love GRAW, Rainbow six, ArmA 1 and 2, Flashpoint 1 and 2, Quake, UT series, Counter Strike and every other FPS,I guess i can't blame anybody for thinking the FPS market has become too kiddish and adrenaline oriented instead of focusing on good gameplay, but Call of Duty has always taken a cinematic approach to war with big set-pieces and moments that give you a rush, i guess it's not as deep as other shooters, but, damn, the online kicks ass!

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