EA Heavily Cuts Jobs at Mythic, Tiburon, Black Box and Redwood

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Wiki says: EA reported a $1.08 billion loss for the financial year ending March 2009. Revenue for the same period was up to $4.2 billion, a 15 percent rise from the previous year's $3.6 billion.

Pfft, chances are, the layoffs are just so that EA execs get a big christmas bonus for themselves. =U

Who needs one yatch when you can have to, eh wot?

Well hopefully some of their employees will find a job in another games developer or even start their own.

Nobody has mentioned the fact they bought Playfish for around $300m, what do people think of that?

im happy they cutted on Mythic, because those guys has made a game that i consider the most dissapointing thing ever: Warhammer Online.

well, at least they can put the experience on their C.V


I'm guessing they are cutting from departments and studios that are either overstaffed or underperforming (I'm looking at you, Mythic).

I wouldn't say Mythic were 'under-performing'. Warhammer Online from what I can tell was a good game, its just people are too god damn loyal to WoW for it able to have any success....

Bollocks. I waited 3 years for that game, and when I finally got my hands on it I couldn't play it. I had to find out from a friend that some of the discs sold had a fault and need to be rectified with a patch. Ok - after that I still couldn't play because I would crash-to-desktop every 5 fucking minutes. And before you mention money, time, or expertise in upgrading - some of us don't have copious amounts of those to be wasted everytime a game comes out.

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