Gene Simmons Declares War on Anonymous

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After seeing Gene's side of this, I actually hope Anonymous wins.
Or both feth off to another dimension, never to be seen again.
Along with a load of other people.
Even if I have to open the warp gate by sacrificing myself >.>

I honestly think Anon is in the right here. Face it, the RIAA and friends have been in the wrong when it comes to downloading music, and Simmons just wants more of the same crap they've been pulling that hasn't worked. Simmons is being a complete dick in this. Essentially, he says that raping downloaders is justified for the theft of a few albums. What the Hell? Tear him a new one, Anon.

"Make sure your brand is protected, be litigious, sue anybody - take their homes, their cars, don't let anybody cross that line,"

Yes sue your fanbse. Here is a gigantic doucebag. He has no understanding of filesharing or the total impossibity of actually even trying to do this. You try and sue everyonboy they will just push back and you alienate legit consumers who see a few people being made example of my runining their lives for 1 or 2 downloaded files. It's frankly bullshit and anyone who subscrbes to this philosophy is actively killing the music industry by making the pirates look in the RIGHT by being a massive and agressive dickbag. You can't stop people file-sharing just like you could never stop taping of the radio, to do so in a daconian fashion only makes people say "Well fuck your shit, i don't HAVE to buy anything"

Plus the fact that filesharing is an area on the law where it can be impossible to defend yourself against how the people going after you act. Gaint corporations Vs. individuls is a sencaro where it is almost impossible to get a fair ruling.

As for 'Anonymous'; yeah their weird self-righteous bullshit does get old but i don't think actively sticking your dick in a beehive is a good idea. These people live to rattle up anyone who thinks they can use litigation as a weapon.

Also Gene simmons? Really? Gene Simmons? He's in for a LOT of unsolicited pizza.


I give him a week, tops. You can screw with some of the people in all of the societies, or all of the people in some of the societies, but you can't screw with Anonymous. It'd be like trying to win a fistfight with everything West of Thailand.

Heh. I hope they give it to him straight.

What happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?

Gene could win that firstfight and sleep with all their women before dinner.

Pshaw. Gene Simmons? That man couldn't win a fistfight if he had a gun.

The thing most people need to learn, is that there isn't an 'Anonymous'. You can't ring anonymous headquarters a put in a complaint. Anonymous don't 'do' anything.

Anonymous is nothing more than a label applied to a bunch of people who choose to take some kind of action via the internet and very rarely in real life. So saying 'anonymous are a bunch of self righteous dicks' doesn't really make sense.

Declaring war on anon is very much like the US going into Vietnam. You will lose as you are trying to fight a disparate enemy using traditional tactics. Of course the key difference being that eventually anon will get bored and disappear, and that anon won't do anything which involves leaving the house.

Final comment, Gene Simmonds is a dick, adapt or die, simple as.

The Zango:
You mess with anon, its going to be messy.

They are legion, they do not forgive and they do not forget. Expect us them

OT: I think its pretty stupid to be honest, Gene Simmons is not going to stop the hackers and at the same time, anon isn't going to turn Simmons into the new Jessi slaughter. A waste of time better spent trolling Justin Bieber fans if you ask me.

Who is this anonymous?

I'm 12, what is this?

Anonymous is basically the Ubermencht (I think thats how you spell it) that consists of the users of 4chan, a pretty malicious bunch, one that I personally wouldn't like to be threatening over the net.

It's "Uebermensch" and Anonymous, i.e. /a/v/b/, /b/ much more so than the other two, are the absolute worst on the entire site. Not that there is much of value left on 4chan, but /b/ has and will always be the most obnoxious board not only on 4chan, but on the entire internet.
There is nothing to glorify about a bunch massive amount of kids being let by a few people rallying them.

Why does nobody every learn that taunting and threatening Anonymous never ends well. Operation Payback only started because some bright spark at the RIAA decided to hire a firm to DDoS The Pirate Bay, and the firm they hired boasted about it. Anonymous is only ever a threat when they band together, so why give them a reason to unite?

Who is this anonymous?

Have you ever watched A Clockwork Orange? Like that, only digital.

I'm a really big KISS fan and they're one of my favourite bands. While I understand Gene's viewpoint and can somewhat agree, I think the punishments he's suggesting are ridiculously brutal for what we're talking about and it was a really silly thing for him to say. This has been the problem for every artist going after piracy, they don't have any understanding of WHY people download music, they just see some numbers and act on it prematurely, generalizing the whole thing.

If he hadn't acknowledged Anon then they would've just lost interest, by doing this he's now done the most stupid thing he can possibly do in this situation and it'll be trouble soon. Good going there Demon. He should just let this one slide, I'm still a fan of the guy despite some really dick things he's said/done.

Also, his Bass skills haven't improved in about 30 years and he's made one album in the last 30 years, why the fuck does he even care? He should spend more time making sure his kid doesn't completely steal anymore of peoples Manga's as well, I couldn't believe that situation, one of the worst things I've ever seen in the field of arts, I hope he doesn't get away with that.

Anyways, yeah, that's my view on it.

Good luck to him. I am getting sick of this "Don't mess with Anonymous" fear that so many people seem to feel.

Ironic statement. Considering the whole "We are Anon/Legion, we are many" correlation.

I still think Anon is going to win either way, simply because anon can be everywhere and can be anyone. Just a nameless, faceless individual that band together to form a giant machine that is fueled by hate and baby animals. Once you put a name and/or face on anon, (s)he is no longer the target of Gene's guided rage, thus rendering the "who will win?" arguement moot.

Besides which, who gives a shit about KISS? When was the last time they made a hit? or a Flop? or anything outside of a bullshit gimmicky reality TV show? I've stopped down at my local exchange shops and as games and movies get bought and sold back, the KISS selection keeps getting bigger and cheaper. I still refuse to be paid $100 to take a KISS CD off their hands.

I guess he is...
*puts on sunglasses*
Dressed to /kill


Hehe, had to do that. Now, I really like Kiss but this "sue everyone's asses off"-opinion seems a bit drastic.

Just in reference to all people bitching about music piracy.

Music is dead. Home taping killed it.

(quote stolen from some guy on, but it is awesome)

Anonymous can't lose. To say anonymous is 4chan is flaw. Anonymous is everywhere. Anonymous is your workforce. Anonymous is in your neighborhood. Anonymous has no nationality. Anonymous does not require sustenance. Anonymous is a state of being. Anonymous can not be stopped. Anonymous never began. Anonymous simply is.

Expect us.

Who is this anonymous?

Anonymous are people without names, faces, emotional attachments or anything to lose online. They could be anyone and you'd never know

OT: That guy sounds like a royal prick, gets what he deserves if you ask me

Why is everyone talking like Simmons is going to personally take to the street and hunt down and murder these people? He's an aging "rockstar" (I use that term loosely) whose expertise is pyrotechnics and bad music, not legal-investigation. At most, he's going to cooperate with the FBI. He isn't going to do anything personally. This declaration is a lot like his music. More flash than substance.

well so much for liking simmons, he sounds like a pretty big dick

I was wondering if i was the only one who was thinking that while reading this... I mean, Anonymous is no bucket of roses either, but Gene Simmons just came across sounding like a bit of a wanker...

We've been watching this since it broke.

Encyclopedia Dramatica had this little beaut.

Hint: Everything on that site is NSFW at the least.

Anonymous has won. They've gotten a negative reaction out of Gene fucking Simmons

And I thought they were awesome for getting Oprah to say "Over 9000 penises" on live tv...

Time to sit back relax and have a laugh.
If you're out there JoshUtuber you little plonker this guy has a better chance XD
Or are 4Chan's /b and Anonymous separate??? XD

This old man apparently has no idea who anonymous is. He'll be hell of a dissapointed after not being able to do anything to them.

I want to watch this unfold but it would be like watching a Robot abort a chicken with a dull cocktail stick.

I DESPISE Gene Simmons and his Kiss Kaskets etc and am worried he will bring an end to the highjinks that people like anomynous involve themselves in.

That said I am a bit doubtful about this FBI claim I know they are...THE FBI but these people like to make sure they use a proxy etc to protect themselves

Gene Simmons doesn't take shit. We all know this. He's too big to fuck with. You don't dare fuck with him. If he says he's gonna do something, he's going to do it.

Bring out the pop corn, this is gonna be AWESOME!

Yes, he will be reveling in victory next to Metalica.

I support him, but I feel he needs more luck than anything else. However, he does have enough money to track some IPs and go to town on a few people. And assuming one out of the 10 people he sues succeeds (estimated numbers), that will pay for the other 9 cases and enough to track down 20 more for the next round.




Arec Balrin:

Good luck to him. I am getting sick of this "Don't mess with Anonymous" fear that so many people seem to feel.

You name makes this ironic.

Anonymous didn't invent the word, nor motto. They borrowed it as I did, so I disagree.

In fairness to Balrin, anon is more famously know for using the word than you are, and you show a disliking for the anonymous. So yeah, it is ironic.

True, but as I pointed out, I borrowed it, I am not claiming originality. I also like it for reasons that are completely different from theirs (based upon their attitude and actions that is).

Their ideal seems to be "We are many and you don't know us, so don't mess with us". Which to me, is just plain cowardice. Old school bullying where they can't do it alone or if they risk any consequences.



well so much for liking simmons, he sounds like a pretty big dick

Ya, he's a total dick for vowing to go after people who are engaged in illegal activities, including attacking his own site. He should learn that these crimes don't hurt anybody, and that poor college kids can't afford to buy music so should be given it for free.

Oh wait...

He's a dick for saying that he wants people to lose their homes, lose their lives and put them in jail for downloading a song that's worth $0.99

If they are that stupid to risk going to jail for that then that's their problem not his.

Except for when it's his son doing it, then it's ok?

Unless he finds some way to hire Anonymous I don't see how he can win this battle. As for his comments, I never liked KISS. This certainly doesn't help. Crap is crap, it just becomes a bigger pile when it gets older.

fact is that trolls cant lose they just return to their hibernal state and wait...

And yes Anonyous is and are Troll/s

Tho must admid... they have kicked up some pretty impressive acts of trollism even in real life

Gene Simmons man! I mean, how can anonymous claim to be anything other than petty criminals if they're attacking Gene Simmons. He's like the Chuck Norris of music.

When are these idiots going to realize that they aren't knights in shining armour, they're just making things worse for the little people (which in this case, is you and me). If you don't like the RIAA, then just plain don't fucking buy their records! There's no reason you should steal from them.

If you don't want to pay to watch films, then watch non-commercial films. If you don't want to pay to listen to music, then listen to non-commercial music. There are plenty of both out on the net.

Time to sit back relax and have a laugh.
If you're out there JoshUtuber you little plonker this guy has a better chance XD
Or are 4Chan's /b and Anonymous separate??? XD

/b/ is a hotspot for anonymous. They also inhabit Ebaums world, Encyclopedia Dramatica, and YouTube

I for one am wanting to see how far Simmons will take this.

You sure he didn't get hacked by that kid who declared war on a world full of Justin Beiber-haters.


When are these idiots going to realize that they aren't knights in shining armour

They don't do this to be Knights in Shining Armor. They do it for teh lulz.

The second they get a reaction, they've won.

Whoever loses, everyone else wins.

Because Gene Simmons has surely NEVER done anything illegal!!! XD

The fact that the FBI is involved should be a pretty good indication of the legality of their actions. And if you had the guts to break the law, you'd better be ready to do the time(or pay the fine more likely).

I'm not saying Mr. Simmons statement was nice, just that people are allowed to say shit and you aren't allowed to hack their site for it.

Besides, Anonymous always seemed like a bunch of self righteous dumbasses anyways. They could use a few consequences to put them in their place.

They will have fun prosecuting overseas offenders.

The whole basis of anonymous only works if these people are just that... Anonymous. The "group anonymous" is essentially the whole internet. Every user whose identity is not known. You cant find and sue an anonymous person because once you do find them they lose anonymity. To say you want to take down anonymous seems wrong to me; that implies you want to take away privacy or to reveal everyone's identities somehow.

What Gene Simmons wants to do is target pirates... And even then he's massively overreacting. I mean come on... Who the hell hasn't downloaded a song or 9001 before? And it's not like any of music artists are struggling that we hear of, Gene Simmons probably just thinks that everyone is pirating his music because he isn't getting anymore money since he hasn't released a song in so long.

Its great that he's standing up for himself but this really makes him sound like a dick.

I dont download music as I never really saw the point in risking it when I can just go on Youtube but Simmons should realise not everyone is like him (you know with EVERYTHING he ever wanted) and anyway is he saying hes never done anything wrong (he is an old school rock star after all). Not that im justifying piracy, they should still be punished but fines and social service seem enough to me.


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