Square Enix Dusts Off Final Fantasy X for PS3 Remake

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Anyone who bitches about this, yet at the same time says they're looking forward to the SOTC/Ico HD re-release is officially a hypocrite and needs to give up gaming.

What Squenix is doing is no different to what other publishers are doing: Taking a game with easily re-useable assets, and bumping up the textures and resolution. Unlike Final Fantasy 7, the character models in FFX don't look like complete shite. The backgrounds are all 3D, so they can upscale those like they would charatcer models, unlike a VII remake where they'd have to make everything from scratch. In short, FFX lends itself well to an HD upgrade by virtue of looking not too bad already. Plenty of people have yet to play FFX, and Squenix is simply giving them another chance to do so without having to hunt Ebay for a second hand copy and a PS2 to play it on.

People like this


And now you decide to gift the WORLD with a remake that no one asked for or made any indication they wanted.

Square-enix: highest contender for worst game developer ever.

need to go outside and re-engage with the real world every once in a while. Squenix's business decisions do not revolve solely around you and your desires. They are free to do what they want, and if they want to give a new fanbase a chance to play FFX (a game which, lest we forget, is a decade old now), then I fail to see why that is such a terrible thing.

"Oh no, all these kids are going to play the game that I totally loved when I was a kid. Ruined Forever!!!!!"

The ultimate question is: Will it be the same price as the ps2 version when it came out? Or will it be a full 60 bucks like all other ps3 games?

Also, I actually would prefer they not do a remake of this and instead make FFX-3, a game following the story of Braska's pilgrimmage. Where you play as Jecht, go out swimming, get sent to Spira, blah blah blah. I would pay the full 60 for a ps3 game if it was that. This, this I would happily pay around 30 bucks for. But I would definitely buy it.

I don't understand the hatred over this, but whatever.

I know I will be getting it, I've never played FFX so playing this on my PS3 is an added bonus to me.

Does X really need a remake? I suppose if it was considered one of the best games, to re-release it for the current-gen consoles, so fair enough then.

Personally, though, FF isn't my cup of tea. I'm not a particularly big fan of CTB.


Well I'm guessing the chances of a FFIX remake are slim. But then I did like FFX and this remake is better than no remake, unless the remake is detracting from making newer FF titles then the remake would not be great.

Regardless Rikku in PS3 graphics, I can see no downside to that.


Final Fantasy X was - and still is - a good game

No, no it really wasn't. That said, I did like the idea of an rpg in a sort of tropical setting, so maybe they'll use this remake as a chance to polish out a lot of the piss taking stuff like tedious collection quest, shitty minigames, awful character designs (sans Jet), and the almost unrelenting linearity that only lets up near the end for a bunch of sidequests that have almost no in-game hint as to their existence or how exactly to complete them. And maybe I'll become a sorceress queen that conquers the stars.

Im with this guy, FFX was terrible end of, the story was awful, the characters were annoying and the costumes looked like they were parodying anime (WHAT WAS WITH SEYMORE'S HAIR), the last great Final Fantasy was 9 (however twelve was ok).

one of the best scripts

I'm sorry but you're deathly wrong in that reguard, the script in 10 is atrocious to the point of parody and i'm pretty sure we all saw Noah Antwiler rail against it for a good hour and a half at least.
Flmsy characters, unthreatening villains, hilarious poor dubbing.
I'm not often one to jump to this kinda incendary comment but c'mon... the story is kinda mush with water polo holding it together.

Logan Westbrook:
...and a hero that was the dream of a dead civilization - and no, I'm not making that up.

You're seriously spoiling the game's plot twist in the announcement of a remake? I'm sorry, but that's not okay. Not at all.

OT: I'm excited. I still want my VII remake, and honestly the fact that they're moving on to more recent remakes shows just how full of it they are regarding it, but I loved X, and I will certainly be picking this up.

So they're remaking the FF game with the goth chick who had a dress made of belts?
The craziness of the dress is how I tell the FF games apart.

Sony, Im suprised.

When the DS came out besides your PSP, your launch lineup, and subsiquent lineup, got utterly demolished by the backup the DS had. The PSP lineup had a few movies and Spider Man. The DS opened the gates with Super Mario 64. Then procceded to back up its library with superby RPG's and strategies, as well as capture that casual audience. The PSP - we got Birth by Sleep. Last year. And a few other gems that were overlooked because LOL PSP.

It seems like you learned from this lesson well. Not only are you throwing this on the PS3, but your also throwing this out as part of your already extremely strong PS Vita lineup? Hell, the 3DS is remaking N64 classics - your remaking (in my opinion) one of the top 5 greatest games of all times. OOT was good, but not nearly the 300+ hours + multiple walkthroughs FFX has put me through.

Probably the best news I've ever heard. Only could get better if they re-made FF9. Everyone knows that one is the best (only beating 10 out marginally). Screw 7, we want 9

But I have to ask, why remake X and not VII?

Because Square Enix is LAZY. They'd rather expend a minimum of effort re-touching the graphics of a game already fully rendered (a la Ocarina of Time 3DS), instead of making the effort to build a new graphical engine that a re-make for VI or VII deserve (a la Final Fantasy IV DS).

Since they would be charging the same price for the game regardless whether the re-make is of VI, VII, or X, it makes business sense to minimize the effort spent. And cold, un-feeling, dis-passionate "business" is all Square Enix is now capable of. The fire from the Sakaguchi era is long gone, re-making a game that doesn't need a re-make is not going to re-kindle it.

Really? ..... REALLY? 0_o

Don't get me wrong, I loved FFX, but REALLY?

How is it the one FF game getting remade in HD is the one game with the least need for it? smh. Even by today's standards the graphics are still passable. The story and mechanics should be left alone, there was nothing wrong with them. The sidequests and blitzball coud use some tweaks, but that alone is hardly worth an entire remake.

I can see only bad things coming from this. A classic ruining endeavor of Wild Arms: Alter Code F proportions.

I've already played this game (Ps2 version)?
Anyone who got a Ps3 before they decided to drop half features can still play it any time.

Why do people keep rebuying the same games?

Well, at least it was 8 or X-2 that they remade. But then again, we will have an HD version of a game with a whiny punk-ass bitch of a forced protagonist.

One of the best in the series gets a remake, best turn based combat, one of the best scripts, best soundtracks, and a fun sphere grid.

I can get behind that. Way more than I would for VII remade.

Agreed. I'll be buying it.

I'm still waiting for a GOOD game's remake. Like DQ 8 for example!

If they just fix some of the voice acting, I'd be happy.

Y'know, I tend to give FFX a lot of crap, but it really was an amusing game. But I'm kind of disappointed that they have yet to give Final Fantasy IV or even VI full-on current-gen console remakes (as opposed to the handheld remakes of the earlier games that seem to crop up every few years).

As for VII, I'm glad it's not getting a remake. I absolutely hated it. Now, before I'm burned in effigy, I by no means believe it was a BAD game--I believe that, for the most part, if a game is enjoyed by even a small amount of the gaming audience, then what makes it good is relative to the player. And I appreciate what VII did for RPG's in general; it made them more mainstream and accessible to a wider audience, and its success ensured that RPGs got a fairer shake in the future. It simply wasn't my cup of tea.

A remake of VI on the XBox 360 or the Playstation 3, though...THAT would be fantastic.

*holds up a sign reading "In MY opinion and that's all"*

Ummm, why are they doing this? Ok, PS2 graphics can be improved and the lip syncing wasn't great for the PAL version but, umm, why?! It's only PS2 for goodness sake, hardly the graphics of a NES.
FFX was one of the first games I completed all the way through, I still play it (as it happens I'm part way through a replay of it using the advanced sphere grid although I've not been in the same county as my PS2 for a while so that's been on pause), but I wouldn't personally buy it again for the sake of better graphics, I like the graphics in FFX, hyper-realism is over rated (in my opinion).
The best thing about the game was the story and the gameplay and my worry is they're going to remake those bits, and well, potentually mess them up... Also... Please dear goodness, may they treat the music like Mozart and not change a line...

Why can't they remake FFVI or something... I hear that's a good one that's never made it past pixel sprites yet.

Yeah, FFX is one of my favourite games ever...

Is this a Real Remake or is this a HD up-grade is the question. This might a incentive to go back since i got near the end and stopped playing it.

<Looks at User-Name> Some day [sniff] Some day.

It'll be a HD-Upgrade, we can be almost certain of that me thinks.
<Looks at Avatar> We can dream [sniff]

I actually think the game that SQUARE should really remake is not FFX, FF6, nor FF7... it's actually Chrono Trigger, and I think making Chrono in to a full 3D action RPG similar to Kingdom Hearts would actually be REALLY FUN! same old story, but better cut-scenes, screw akira, just get the kingdom hearts artists instead! but none of the ChronoCross shit, just stick with the old plots, just game style and arts change.... as far as FFX vs FFVII goes... they should BOTH be remade, but turn them in to more like FF7CC game play... because really... I don't want the slow ass battle systems anymore... those were made because of tech-limitations... you don't have an excuse not to make FULL ACTION RPG games anymore... imagine fighting bosses the size of a monster from "shadows of colossus" kingdom hearts style (kingdom hearts ONE; no magical winning button)

Awesome! 10 is probably my favorite in the series.

Why did a couple people say they needed to do an update of 4? They released it on both the PSP and DS, not to mention the GBA and Virtual Console...

Yay! I like X. And I'll be able to get all the trophies...unless one of them is get everyone's ultimate weapon, in which case Tidus' can go jump off a cliff. I hate that mini game, and I'm not a big fan of Bliztball either, so goodbye Wakka's.

Can we have a Final Fantasy VIII remake next? And then VII? Pleeeeeaase?

He's not the only one, I assure you...

FFX was indeed a good game, but square should be working on 7, dear god, they'd make billions on a remake of FF7, improved graphics, new side quests, more materia, bigger and badder Weapon bosses

Can't say I'm disappointed, FFX is my second favorite Final Fantasy game, but does it really need a remake so soon? Yeah the graphics aren't up to today's standards, but they're not terrible. FFVII on the other hand (my favorite in the series) could definitely use a graphical update and the addition of voice actors (which they already have and I really like).

I like Final Fantasy X I really do.
However, you lazy bastards at Square Enix need to finish new games, *cough* Final Fantasy XIII Vesus *cough*.
Quit screwing around.

I still own FFX and I will never get a ps3 just for this remake...there aren't enough games I wanna play to justify buying the system...unless they frackin remade 7...if Squenix is paying attention I have a list of ways to improve the game without ruining it...which will make you copious amounts of dosh.

Hey, I like FF as much as the next guy. I really do. I have my vast collection of FF trinkets to prove it. But a FFX remake? Come on, Square Enix! Stop pulling dick moves!

What's with this new trend? Remakes of 2nd gen. games? Sorry, but I would like to think that SOME people out there are not attracted to this. Why? Simple: backwards compatible PS3. Those of us who have said PS3 (And I know it's not everyone, relax) have no use for the MSG, Ico and Shadow of the Colossus, Sly, and now FFX remake. And 2nd. gen. games can still be found at some stores. Just yesterday, I saw Ico running for around 35 bucks. Yeah, I know the remakes are HD and usually have extra stuff and they give you a couple of games at a good price. But again, someone like me who already has those games and loved them and all has no use for remakes like those.

But alright, let's ignore my personal opinion for a moment since it might not be that objective. Still, why FFX? I liked it, yes, but I honestly don't think it was as popular as the PS1 classics. FFVIII is my personal favorite and I would love to see a HD version of it, but I know most FF fans are crazy for a FFVII remake. So where's that, Square Enix? Where's FFIX? At the PS store/XBLA? Well, that's nice! Geez..

FFX was revolutionary in the sense that it introduced new elements to the series, the most important would be voice acting. But I honestly don't think it deserved a remake right above FFVII, and that's saying something because I really didn't like FFVII.
This is how I imagine Square-Enix:

Square Enix: "So we heard that some guys want a FF remaaaaaake!~"
SE: "Yep, you guessed it! You spoke and we listened!"
Fans: "FUCK YEAH! Square Enix, we love y--"
SE: "FFX REMAKE! Yeah, you guys are shy but we know that's what you guys TRULY wanted. So there ya go! /TROLL FACE"
Fans: "... *Facepalm*"

I'm losing my faith in Square Enix. Between FF14 being complete crap, FF13 getting a sequel so soon, the delay of FF Agito, Crystal, whatever and the so-horribly-delayed of KH3, which may never come to exit if SE keeps this up, I have to say that, son, I am disappoint. I just can't fathom how lazy they're being! We all know that a FFVII remake would sell like hot bread in the middle of a deserted island filled with hungry bread-eating zombies! Hey, Square, you like sequels? Alright, how about a FFVIII sequel? or prequel? or FFIX? Or maybe *GASP* even Chrono Trigger?!

Just watch, next year, we're gonna get a FFXII remake...just after a couple of years of being originally released.

YES GOD YES! I am so buying this when it comes :D

I'm ok with this on two conditions:

1: It's the international version they release, with the Dark Aeons and Penance.

2: They do NOT release X-2 afterwards.

/fingers crossed you can play the same version on the PS3 or the Vita.

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I just find it hilarious how Squeenix contradict themselves.
As some of you may recall, Squeenix claimed that they didn't want to do a FF7 remake because "It would cost an astronomical sum" (paraphrased); And yet here they are going ahead and doing exactly that but with another game in the franchise.

Hilarious, and disheartening.

I mean, who in their fucking right mind would want to go back to TIDUS of all ncharacters? The man raped my brain through my ears with his insipid dialogue and constant nasally whining.

Oh wow. This actually excites me.

Btw guys, Blitzball is incredibly easy. Find Shaami in Luca, recruit her, put her in the center position, and proceed to win.

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