Your Bedroom's Not As Cool As This Kid's Portal Digs

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I felt my heart breaking when he put that cube on that "button" and opened the door... or was it my heart being touch.... can't tell the difference, but the feeling is there, and that room is AWESOME.

This video was a triumph.

"the cake is a lie" written on the walls?
a bloody camera (I know it's not real) attached over the bed?

that's really dark. lucky the kid is too young to realise that. I couldn't sleep in that room.
call me crazy.

What about if the kid does something wrong?

"Go to your room!"

"...alright, it's awesome in there anyway."

GAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH twitching with jealous rage!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he doesnt have the talking plush portal turret ;D hahah that IIII have! so :P

That's pretty awesome, Though PERSONALLY I prefer a dark room w/ UV Lights and the works. Makes for a trippy place to escape to :3

The lava lamps were a great touch. I love the bed...dammit, the whole room is good.

Am I the only one who thinks the wall art might be slightly...odd as a choice for such a young kid's room? >.>

The rest is all niftykeen, but the first time he brought the camera up to the scratchings of a madman on the wall I thought, Really? You want to decorate your kid's room with the scrawled rambling of a depraved prisoner spiraling downward? >.>

Aww that's nice he seems excited about it :)

no frickin way, I was always angry the Xombie cartoons ended, and now we see the guy is even more amazing than that.



...vector. You know, I can't decide whether that name sounds really dumb or really great.

He has both direction and magnitude.



This bedroom is the one I wanted a as a child, Instead I got a pothead hippie brother who missed the sixties and lived in Ireland.

One word:

Yeah. That is amazing! My son also got this kind of bedroom and has awesome incredi beds. Those were a happy kids!

Yeah. That is amazing! My son also got this kind of bedroom and has awesome incredi beds. Those were a happy kids!

The kid will grow up to be a show off and someone will punch him so hard he ends up IN SPACCEEEEE!!

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