Sony Could Interrupt Your Games With Ads

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if there will be ads in future consoles does that mean they will be cheaper...but it will defently put the souless in console.

Dear Sony,

Fuck off.


Seriously though, who buys a DVD/Blu-Ray and thinks "well this is great but I wish it had commercials just like TV!" Absolutely fucking no-one.

People can't even stand commercials on TV so why do Sony think we'll tolerate it while watching a DVD which we purchase for the express point of NOT HAVING TO WATCH COMMERCIALS!!!!!

And don't even get me started on games. Just think of the last game you played, think about the most edge-of-your-seat moment and think about it slowing down until a commercial shows. Does that feel right? Does that seem like something you could tolerate?

The correct answer is No, Sony. Perhaps that's their plan though, make people so annoyed that they destroy their consoles and then they have to buy a new one.


You know what? As much as I like Playstation, THIS IS NOT OKAY. Ads on TV? Fine. How else are channels going to get paid from people watching their broadcasts? Same with ads on the internet. But if you start interrupting my Disgaea, BlazBlue or Tales of Graces for some stupid SODA AD, I WILL NEVER PURCHASE A SONY PRODUCT AGAIN, even if it means missing out on new Kingdom Hearts, Persona or Disgaea games. Seriously. I will give up some of my most favourite games in order to send a message to Sony. I've paid for my console, I've paid for my games. If you start interrupting my paid content with advertisements for things that I don't care about, I will flip out. You've gotten your money, now leave me alone.

... It is very difficult to explain how I truly feel without resorting to profanity. I will continue to enjoy using my Playstation 3 for now, but if this is implemented, there will be hell to pay.

If they do that I'll never buy another thing with Sony's name on it again as long as I live.

This sounds great as it will push more people into PC gaming!!!

If it lets me play games for free than I'm all for it!

If this is for paid games then no, I'm not getting a ps4.

I agree 100% ads in game really bother me for some reason. I didn't mind them in games like Crackdown where they were on the billboards,but I'd have to draw the line if it stops my game for an ad. I still refuse to play Wipeout HD because every time I play it I have to watch a damn commercial before I can play.

Oh the fun we would have if this happened during a multiplayer game.
Get into a good dog fight in battlefield, cut to commercial, come back with a stalling plane slamming into a mountain.

Even if the games were free, Sony can go fuck themselves if they add this to any hardware.

Wow I'm kind of surprised nobody seems to have hit on this yet but here goes.

I noticed a lot of you saying you'd rage if they interrupted a game you "paid" for but this would be ok in a "free" game.

The problem is your idea of what the words "free" and "paid" mean are not the same as Sony's idea.

If I buy a used game I may have "paid" for it, but I paid GameStop or Joe next door, I didn't pay Sony so to them my "paid" game is a "free" game... see where I'm going with this?

I can totally see this being the next avenue of attack on the used game market. Right now they are doing the online pass thing for used games with multiplayer but how do you get folks to buy a "pass" for single player used games? Why add ads to used games of course! Want to play without interruption? Well just buy "new" OR buy an "ad pass"!

Hate to say it but I can totally see this happening. The online passes have already set the precedent.

Dear Sony,
Please keep acting like cunts and activity shitty on your user base, it's great!

-Sincerity, Nintendo

Dear Sony,
At Microsoft we may not have the greatest GPUs in our gaming systems compared to you. Now we never will have to.
Sincerely Microsoft

A brilliant example of advertising not even trying to adapt to the 21st century. Seriously, theres so many great new ways to advertise in a video games, and some advertisers still think "we will just put a advertisement video in there at a random point, because thats how TV does it". Apparently no one does anything at those marketing courses.

There is no way a company could be stupid enough to implement this in the way the OP suggests, because it would piss off every single gaming demographic there is. The lifers would rage hard and bombard Sony with complaints and lead boycotts that might actually work for once, and the casuals would either stop gaming and go find something else to do or just see what's new in Farmville.

If this was used in the same way that a lot of apps do, though (i.e. you can download the full game from PSN with ads then pay to have them removed) then I think it would work pretty well, and I actually see that being Sony's idea since the App Store has been a pretty big damn success.

I wonder how the hacker groups are gonna come up with ways to bypass this if it comes out...

Can I?




I'm done now.

OT: That...Really is crappy. Hope they seriously rethink the effectiveness of this idea.

Alternatively: I could interrupt a Sony meeting whilst they suck my dick.

Paid for the game and the console, not paying with ads as well.

Evil Smurf:

Dear Sony,
Please keep acting like cunts and activity shitty on your user base, it's great!

-Sincerity, Nintendo

Dear Sony,
At Microsoft we may not have the greatest GPUs in our gaming systems compared to you. Now we never will have to.
Sincerely Microsoft

Dear Console Gamers,

You know you want to come play with us.


PC Gamers xoxo

Really? Ads to interrupt games? Thanks for letting me know you were this much of a company of jackasses Sony. And to think I was just about to finally cave and buy a PS3 so I can get some good JRPGs (most via the PSN). Now however I honestly can say I despise you Sony more than ever. Hell I now consider EA as having more honor and integrity than you (did I just say something nice about EA? washes mouth out with soap). You can now join EA, and Capcom as companies I am blacklisting and will never give money to again.

You can at least wait for the console to come out before you bad mouth Sony. There's no evidence to suggest that this patent will amount to anything.

Wow, I mean, I know Sony are stupid but are they really that thick?

If this goes ahead they can say goodbye to their consu- HEY TRY NEW GENERIC COLA 9999 CENTS- mer base.

Considering your avatar is also an xbox 360 avatar (which I'm assuming is yours) your opinion on anything Sony related is invalidated due to an obvious pre-existing bias. No matter HOW correct you happen to be.




If you buy the games with ads in them, you are just encouraging them to do it more. Why would you do that? Why would you want to support the developers who insert ads into their games?

If I'm going to have a game I don't pirate it, no exceptions. If I find a game that has something that offends me to the point of not wanting to support the developers I go without, plain and simple.

You said:

My stance is as such: If the ads are in the games, then buy the games to support the developers and then pirate a not-fucked copy.

I am confused because your stance has apparently changed between these two posts.

Personal stance versus what I find acceptable for others to do. I really should have clarified.

I personally will not even pirate a game if I do not have any intentions of buying it, but for people that do buy it I support piracy of a non-fucked version.

That makes more sense, right, I'm operating on minimal sleep right now, so shit makes sense in my head, but I'm having trouble translating it to written word.

Edit: Just to prove my point I posted my reply halfway down in the quote boxes without realizing it....

Edit two: and I've had to fix this post twice since posting it already....

Ads in loading screens? Fine, but stopping my game in the middle of it is a great way to ensure that I never pay for a game ever again.

EDIT: Now that I think on it some more, if it's hardcoded into the hardware I'm never buying the hardware. Not just that, but I'll help anyone I can jailbreak that shit out of their hardware so they don't have to deal with it, this is a terrible idea, and will pretty well just earn the ire of every gamer out there.

Hell, if Sony does this you can garantee that their console will be jail broken and pirates will have a field day with new releases within a week. Though if I am right, then it could be as simple as replacing the RAM or GPU of your console if they become mini-computers next generation.

an I would not blame the pirates one bit.

I paid upwards of $60 for a game, a game that I want to play, but you are going to interrupt my experience to sell me some new deodorizer for my pet hamster?

Get fucked is what I will say, before donating that console to G4TW, Razor1911, or some other cracking community so they can fuck your advertisements over.

Putting ad's in game isn't that big of a deal, but if you STOP me from playing that game, them why the fuck did I buy it in the first place?

If I wanted to see ad's, I would be watching television.

What if I was in the middle of a multiplayer match in CoD: 7: THE FUTURE IS BROWN STILL, and I stop because I have to know how I can bulk buy Bulgarian field rats for the low price of $500 per metric tonne?

Not only would that ruin my experience, but that would cause massive rage for the playerbase.

Sony, you do stupid shit all the time, doing this will cause the next Playstation to be the next Virtua Boy.

*Playing Fallout 3*

Me- "Holy shit, super mutants incoming!"
*Super Mutant squad marches forward* S.M.- "RAAAAAAAAAaaaAAHHHH!!"
Me- Fuck, Fuck- *Goes to inventory, takes out Fat-Man Launcher*
Me- "Take this, bitches!!"
*Fires Fat M-

"Hey, it's Vince, from Sham-wow, you'll be saying "WOW" every time you use it."


"It's a pillow. It's a pet. It's a PILLOW PET!"

In other words, I say No. Shame on Sony for being money-grubbing bastards.

IF and ONLY IF it ends up being "$60 for game without ads, free for game with ads," then it'd be acceptable, because, hey, free game!

Otherwise, I'd tell them where to politely shove their advertisements.

I'm completely fine with in-game ads, though, like in Battlefield and other modern games. There would absolutely be a McDonalds or Burger King right inside Operation Metro's city sections, and to NOT have them breaks realism.

o.o? what ....

*reads again*

are fucking kidding me?


well, guess I'm really not getting a next gen console. oh well, way things have been last few years, no loss there

You best be prepared to make all of my games free from now on, Sony. ... That'd actually be pretty sweet. I do love free stuff, and don't mind inconveniences as much when given things.

Hey jackasses, one of the main reasons we play games over watching TV is that games don't randomly get interrupted by advertising! This idea is pure bullshit.


I'm fucking sick and tired of every single industry shoving ads down our throats. We are QUITE capable of finding out about your products by going to your websites or watching the commercials in-between shows on TV.

This just made me decide I'm not gonna buy the PS4.

In 2017 news Americas Obesity rate has dropped to a record low. Health officials say this is due to the now out of business Sony who in 2012 made what analyst are calling the line in the sand GPU which would interrupt movies, games, or even music at random intervals. Experts say the hardware made media so un-engaging that people decided to just *pause commercial*

(This add brought to you buy Sony's craptacular GPU. Feeling thirsty and want to stay in shape but still indulge try our new Coke -30 now with negative 30 calories)
*resumes new report*

deal with their shitty lives and go outside.

Anyone want to make bets on how long after this goes live that the first PS3 adblockers will come into existence?

So...let me paint this scenario:

I'm playing (Insert favorite FPS game here) and all of a sudden, an ad pops up. Not only would I yell at the screen in unbearable rage, but what happens to my character? Does he turn into a sitting duck? Does he obtain an invisible ad-related shield?

I don't know what people think. Do they think that just because they're advertizing the new Coca Cola Crazy-Yo with 1000 calories I'm suddenly gonna get the urge to buy it? Nope, not really. it certainly doesn't work every time I'm on Youtube. Whenever I'm there and an ad pops up, either I wait until the "Skip ad" button pops up or I'll just go do something else before the REAL reason why I'm there starts.
Look, I love being able to play online for free and all that chiz. So...I suppose if you must add ads at some point, that's fine. But do it in the loading screens, maybe once you switch games, and so on. Not in the middle of the freakin' gameplay!

This whole next gen. of consoles is shaping out to be a monstrosity. I hope these are all just crackpot theories.

Alternatively: I could interrupt a Sony meeting whilst they suck my dick.

Paid for the game and the console, not paying with ads as well.

Evil Smurf:

Dear Sony,
Please keep acting like cunts and activity shitty on your user base, it's great!

-Sincerity, Nintendo

Dear Sony,
At Microsoft we may not have the greatest GPUs in our gaming systems compared to you. Now we never will have to.
Sincerely Microsoft

Dear Console Gamers,

You know you want to come play with us.


PC Gamers xoxo

Dear PC Games:

I truly want to join you but I find it impossible to not be in my living room lying lazily on my couch a couple of feet away from the TV not holding a familiar and comfortable controller in my hands. I'm just wired that way. But I love you platonically.


A disgruntled console gamer

If I'm seriously in the middle of an action packed moment and Sony decides to interrupt me with a freakin ad, I'm not interested in their products or services.

Worse yet, they could do micro transactions to let us skip the ad. EVIL, charging $.20 to skip or whatever.

all of this is still unproven talk people, wait and see for e3 this year to actually see what sony is planning. Rumors can fly around all they want until they are actually confirmed I don't really care.

I wonder if they would make it pop up like in the virtual hud somewhere out of the way, like a dead space transmission. Not too big to be in the way, but big enough to make you notice. Either that or they could put in virtual billboards with ads that move. That would grab my attention enough to maybe want something. If the ads are well placed, and don't hinder gameplay, i'm all for it. But if they are loud and in the way, then i'll probably just stick to my PC and Vita.

I am sooo happy that I am rejoining the pc master race this weekend

Nope not okay for me, if this and the used game block go through I will not be purchasing the console under any circumstances. It's okay in free games because that is one of the ways they make money but for a 60 dollar game I pay for I will not tolerate being advertised to. And if this does somehow infect all gaming I will make it my personal goal to NEVER purchase any product or service advertised

Its seems as though the RD department just comes up with idaes to detract consumers; cant play used games (dont care personally, I buy new) and now this shit.

What next, a boxing glove just pops out and puches you in the face when you turn it on?


Means fuck all to them trying.

You mean, my point in the first place? I'm glad you agree.

That was basically it.

I think this is perfectly fine as long as I can spontaneously pop into any of Sony's employee's homes during their personal time to show them this every 10-15 minutes.

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