Game of Thrones Season 3 Details Surface

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More seasons=more buffer time for Mr Martin to finish the final two books.

Damnit man I need Winds of Winter NOW!!!

For anyone interested, here is the cast list for the third season if you haven't already seen it:

Spoilers from the book and so forth...

Woops, post messed up sorry... I'm gonna try again.

EDIT: All is fixed, this be a regular double post!

I am a huge fan of this series, but I have not read the books. I assume that splitting a book into two seasons is a good thing?

Meh. Took me several episodes just to get a handle on the current set of people.


Sexy Devil:

I have a question: Will they actually be following the plot or will they retcon anything even remotely interesting in favor more pointless dialogue/back-story and exposition?

Can we have a battle that actually FEELS like a battle next season?

How many TV shows have you seen that actually have battles that feel like battles? There is literally not enough money; those big-as-shit motion pictures get like $50-100 million (and sometimes more) for around 2 hours of movie. Meanwhile Game of Thrones has $70 million for 10 hours. The options are pretty much to make every other episode of the season shit in favour of making one episode absolutely sexy, or they've just got to use their limited resources and some very tactical camera work.

Complaints like these annoy me, I don't know how anybody can unironically expect a Lord of the Rings-scale battle from a TV show.

I'm not asking for the bloody siege of Minas Tirith from a t.v. show but it annoy ME when they don't even try. Both the the Battle of Green Fork and the Assault on Kings landing were cop-outs: Tyrion got knocked-unconscious and missed the whole thing and they never showed more than five of Stannis' ships at once. All they would have needed to show was the mountain clansmen running around swinging their axes around for 5 minutes and a kid's show staring a talking dog managed that. And would it have been so hard to do maybe a few CGI wide angle pans of Stannis' fleet as they sailed towards the keep? And don't even get me started on how they changed them from the book.

I hope it's better than the second season. It's not bad, but compared to the first season, it's just slow and draggy. That is why I have not kept up on it. I am two episodes behind so I figured I would just wait till the season concluded to finish it.

Can't wait ... I am current;y a quarter in the book so far... gotta say it is awesome. I just hope they don't make as many changes as they did last season

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